My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 671

Chuck was speechless!
Of course he dare not!
“If you dare, then I dare, then do you dare?” The boss behind the scene suddenly approached.
Chuck was stunned.
The woman in front of her is the standard face of a beautiful American woman. She is particularly beautiful and has excellent temperament.
Years did not leave any marks on her face.
“Dare not,” Chuck shook his head.
“I knew you didn’t dare, coward.” The boss behind the background snorted, “Marry me, you want to play whatever you want, don’t you dare?”
“Sister, are you funny that I am so funny?” Chuck was speechless.
People are real Bai Fumei, diamond women, how can they fall in love with themselves? ?
“Interesting, especially interesting.” The boss behind the scene poked Chuck’s forehead. “Little fool, I don’t see you like it? Otherwise, I’ll let you be my little lover?”
“Ah…” Chuck was forced. impossible?
“What do you like about me?” Chuck didn’t understand.
“Your boldness,” the boss behind the scene remembers, when Chuck countered her.
“I’m very timid,” Chuck said weakly.
“No, you’re timid?? Why didn’t I believe it? Then when you first saw me, you still teased me? It was you who teased me first, you know?” the boss behind the scene hummed.
Chuck was speechless again, “Sister, I was forced to do so at that time, you are like that, I can only look like that.”
“What’s that, like this? I ask you, do you like me?” the boss said.
Chuck dumb.
“I ask you, do you like me?” The boss behind the scene was particularly serious.
“Don’t like it, not like it,” Chuck shook his head.
Chuck didn’t even think about that kind of thing! !
“You, are you serious?” The behind-the-scenes boss stunned, and aggrieved appeared in his heart.
“Really, I treat you as my sister, so listen to you,” Chuck said truthfully, otherwise Chuck wouldn’t even mention the matter of marriage.
“Hug me.” The boss ordered behind the scenes.
Chuckmu was obedient and hugged her.
“Do you feel my heart beating?” the boss snorted.
“Feel, my heartbeat is normal.” Chuck nodded.
Behind the scenes, the boss patted Chuck’s forehead. “Fool, you, I let you hug me, you really only listen to your heartbeat? Are you mad at me??”
She was really angry and funny, and even lost. Does Chuck really dislike herself? Not at all?
Chuck was speechless, “You made me listen to my heartbeat!”
“So obedient? Then I let you do something else, will you obey?” The boss behind the tone aggrieved.
Chuck shuddered, “Sister, tell me the matter, I asked you just now, you haven’t finished answering it! If you can’t solve this matter, will you end?”
“No knot, no knot, no knot.” The boss behind the scene was angry.
Chuck can only be speechless!
When the boss behind the scene was angry, he was suddenly surprised, “You, are you in this situation? Hurry and tell me! Hurry, you don’t like me, you believe me,”
Chuck said, what Dad said.
The boss behind the scenes was surprised to the extreme. She struggled for a minute and said with a bit of pain, “Knot, I will get married.”
Chuck sighed.
“Your mother Karen li has hidden strength. This can be seen when the Ouke family was wiped out recently, but what about hidden strength? Your mother Karen li has only developed for more than 20 years. What do you say about her? Maybe compared with a secret family that has been passed down for thousands of years and survived for dozens of generations, and still stands?” said the behind-the-scenes boss.
Chuck knows that, so the wanderer will be so unscrupulous.
So, dad sees this result, so he will tell himself what he just did? ?
“Keep leaning on me,” the boss behind the scene said softly.
Chuck leaned on her.
“Don’t make a decision first. It doesn’t matter if you don’t marry me. I just teased you, but I don’t want you to marry that man, if you bully you?” The boss behind the scene was really annoyed.
In this case, she would choose to get married, because in addition to herself, there are still dear family members in the world.
Chuck hasn’t decided yet. I still have to ask my mother about this, but my dad said it again. Don’t tell my mother.
Chuck is tangled.
“Relax, I will help you, who calls you my little lover?” The behind-the-scenes boss beautiful eyes shot out!
She founded the killer organization, she is not so simple.
“No, it will hurt you,” Chuck hurriedly refused.
Youjia’s strength is too strong, the boss behind the scenes can’t bear it, why should she pull her into the water?
“Disobedient, isn’t it?” said the boss behind the scenes.
Chuck is speechless. This is not a question of being obedient.
“Don’t underestimate me, I’m still playing my best. You said that You Tianle from Youjia, actually… I have a killer, I have contacted him before, knowing something about him, so I understand what I’m going to do. ? Grab him, then the home will not continue.” The boss said behind the scenes.
This should be considered a coincidence. You Tianle especially likes women. Therefore, she seems to have had a killer before by You Tianle. However, this killer has not been favored by You Tianle for a long time.
Temporarily disconnected, but the killer knew that Yu Tianle would go to some places normally.
Then take the initiative to seize You Tianle, then take the initiative, it may be another situation.
“You know?” Chuck was shocked.
“Look at you, you really look down on me, forget it, because you are my little lover, I tell you, the three secret families in the world, in fact, I accidentally put a spy inside, It’s just that they didn’t get their reuse, only got a little bit of news, only recently went in…” the boss said.
Chuck was shocked, yes, the boss behind the scene is the boss of the killer organization, what is the killer organization doing? In addition to murder, the greatest ability is to collect all kinds of information?
Being able to collect a little information about the secret family is not a surprise.
But, behind the scenes, the boss did this. Which one of the three families did she put this traitor into? ?
The boss behind the scenes is so courageous that he is not afraid of being discovered. Is the person in the secret family looking for her trouble?
“Don’t tell other people, otherwise, I can’t spare you, hurry, hug me.” The boss instructed again.
Chuckzhao did it.
“How much does my heart beat?”
“It’s normal, hey…” Chuck touched his forehead hit by the boss behind the scenes.
“I let you listen to your heartbeat? You are so mad at me…” The boss behind the scene was angry.
Chuckwei looked at her wrongly.
It’s really reasonable to talk to a woman. I can’t explain it. At least the boss behind the scene is the most unreasonable person Chuck has ever seen.
“It hurts you? Who called you silly?” said the boss behind the scene, angry and angry.
But she couldn’t break out again, she really had a headache.
Chuck shook his head, “No pain,”
“Okay, I will pay close attention to any movements of Youjia, rest assured.” The boss behind the scene smiled slightly.
Chuck was entangled, did this pull her into the water?
“Don’t you drink?”
“Don’t drink,” Chuck shook his head, and the boss’s eyes behind the scenes were not good intentions.
“That won’t work, you have to be obedient,” the boss behind the scene poured a glass of wine to Chuck, “Shall we have a drink?”
Chuck trembles, “Farewell?”
“Humph, coward!” When the boss behind the scene was angry, she suddenly received a call, and her face changed in less than thirty seconds.
She put down her phone and her eyes flickered. “It’s a coincidence that Cao Cao, Cao Cao is here. It’s a coincidence. There is news. Now it’s up to you!”
Chuck was pleasantly surprised. You heard about You Tianle?
“You Tianle is out. Are you going to catch him? The opportunity is rare. Instead of waiting for him to find you, we might as well go directly to him.”
Chuck considered, even if You Tianle came out, there were many first-class combat masters around her, right?
Unless, sneak attack!
Then it may be possible.
But the probability of this success is too small.
“Relax, follow me, I won’t make you okay, will you?” asked the boss behind the scene with a slight smile.
In fact, Chuck couldn’t go, she was relieved, but she still wanted to ask Chuck’s opinion.
“Go!!” Chuck thought about it, and the boss behind the scene was comfortable, and it was better to take the initiative to attack instead of sitting still. This has a great chance.
Chuck wants to call his mother. If the mother is also present, it is not difficult to catch You Tianle! !

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