My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 673

Wan Ziwen determined his thoughts!
Even if Chuck didn’t ask for herself last time, her desire for control made her want Chuck to ask her more. Chuck already had a big place in her heart! !
She can’t deny it herself. She thinks that she is the first one who is tempted by a man, she really likes it!
Therefore, after Chuck, he will definitely be his own man!
You Tianle only has more envy and jealousy!
Wan Ziwen’s firm eyes make him jealous. Can Chuck’s rubbish really be favored by Wan Ziwen?
You know, You Tianle is the young man of the secret family. The woman he can’t handle, actually fell in love with a rubbish far worse than himself! !
Compared with himself, Chuck is shit! ?
You Tianle grief and indignation!
“Wan Ziwen, have you thought about it? If you want Chuck to be your man, wouldn’t your dad agree?” You Tianle said coldly.
Wan Ziwen’s father, I will definitely not agree!
“This is my business, you don’t need to care!” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
You Tianle is annoyed, but Wanjia is really more powerful than his Youjia. Even if he is angry, he has no choice. Now is not the time to turn his face!
“It’s your business,” You Tianle compromised. This Wanzi text is not ordinary horror!
Wan Ziwen’s aura, but the aura of the future hidden family of ten thousand heads, so You Tianle can’t bear it.
“Just know it! Also! See me today, don’t let Chuck know, if Chuck knows, what are the consequences, do not need me to elaborate with you!” Wan Ziwen beautiful eyes flashed coldly! !
I have to say, Wan Ziwen’s aura is really powerful!
Even You Tianle’s expression changed, he was irritated, but he couldn’t come out, “Well, I won’t let him know, but I don’t want Chuck’s life, his mother Karen li’s life, you shouldn’t interfere anymore?”
“Karen li, whatever you want, I don’t like her. It’s better that everyone around Chuck is dead.
That’s best!” Wan Ziwen said indifferently.
The cold Yu Youle felt the hair in her heart after hearing this sentence.
Wan Ziwen is too cruel!
“Yes, then you don’t interfere too much, I listen to you,” You Tianle shrugged.
“My words are over, think for yourself!”
Wan Ziwen swayed his long legs and walked out, but at the door, she suddenly turned her head and said, “Chuck, it’s not as simple as you think!”
This sentence is meaningful, but in the eyes of You Tianle it is satire!
Sure enough, Xishi appeared in the eyes of lovers! !
Chuck’s rubbish turned into excellent in Wan Ziwen’s mouth!
Chuck was lucky.
Wan Ziwen left, and You Tianle was silent and cold here.
He thought of some ways!
You can torture Chuck first!
However, just now You Tianle saw the superb Wan Ziwen, plus he didn’t get Logan last time, he couldn’t describe it.
He took out his mobile phone to call someone and connected.
“What are you doing? He just fell asleep, I’m inconvenient to answer the phone.” The voice in the phone is so careful.
“Come here! I’ll wait for you!”
“I can’t pass it. He just fell asleep and drank,” the woman’s voice was still cautious, as if she were sneaking.
“Come here! I miss you, come here.” You Tianle said, this voice is the command!
“Miss me? You almost got married last time, do you still miss me?” The woman’s voice revealed great dissatisfaction.
“Aren’t you also married?” You Tianle shrugged and smiled strangely.
“Yes, I am married, so don’t hook me up!”
“Okay, I have something to say, I miss you, come here!”
“Okay, okay, where are you?”
“I’m here……”

Chuck, the boss behind the scene has already arrived at this place. Chuck looked at this place in astonishment. It was really luxurious, and Chuck believed it. The boss behind the scene really knew where You Tianle was.
“You Tianle, I like playing too much, especially women. I hate such men,” the boss said.
“Sister, don’t you often play too, man??” Chuck muttered.
What is a woman like a boss behind the scenes?
Various types of amorous feelings.
“Little guy, still talking to me? I haven’t really played with it. I feel sick when those men touch me,” the boss snorted.
Yes, although she still let the man be with Ouyang Fei last time, but she herself said that if she really wanted the man to touch her, she would immediately turn her face!
It’s the same as seeing Chuck for the first time.
“Okay, I misunderstood you.” Chuck was speechless.
“Knowing you misunderstood? Guilty?” The boss behind the scene smiled charmingly.
“Ah, guilt.”
“You can rest assured that you are now my little lover, so I will keep you as a jade for you, rest assured,” the boss behind the scene smiled slightly.
Chuck is even more speechless, what does it all mean?
Don’t say it.
“Sister, can you go in?”
Chuck can’t wait, it’s better to be able to catch some of You Tianle’s handles. That’s equivalent to putting another spy at You Jia, then there is a breakthrough!
“What’s the hurry? You Tianle’s bodyguards are so powerful. You can’t go in rashly. You have to wait. When he comes out, look for opportunities to enter.” The boss behind the scene certainly has experience in this area.
Chuck nodded, but behind the scenes the boss suddenly blew out, took out a telescope and looked at it for a few seconds, “Yo, is there such a thing?”
“What’s the matter?” Chuck asked.
“Look for yourself.” The boss behind the scene gave Chuck the telescope.
Chuck took a look and found that a car came and stopped in a place, and came down a beautiful woman with a very good figure, wearing sunglasses and a mask, sneaky.
“Who is this beauty?” Chuck had never seen it, but the telescope could see the woman’s figure, perfect to the extreme? !
Must be a great beauty?
This is beyond doubt!
“If I said that you are the wife of You Tianle’s cousin, would you be surprised?” The boss behind the scene said in disgust.
“Well, delicious but dumplings?” Chuck is really speechless, You Tianle is okay? ?
What a scumbag!
Rabbits know that if you don’t eat the grass beside the nest, You Tianle not only ate but also the grass of relatives.
This is also a fragmented view, and Chuck hates such things.
“Yes, this is the sentence.” The boss said.
Chucksi wanted to go, this should be regarded as a handle of You Tianle, right? Knowing this is really better than catching him.
“It seems that we came well this time, and happened to encounter such a thing,” the boss behind the scene smiled slightly, but quickly took it seriously.
Yes, if you let the people of Youjia know, then You Tianle, don’t say anything about inheriting Youjia, may be called by everyone in Youjia!
This is really a big handle! !
Chuck was excited and immediately called Black Rose to say this, and Black Rose came quietly.
There is also disgust on Black Rose’s face. The concept of Black Rose is particularly positive.
She really feels disgusted about this kind of thing.
“Then we will go in later, let’s take pictures directly regardless of the three, seventy-one and twenty-one! Take their photos as a handle!!” Chuck said.
He also wanted to see how funny this You Tianle look was in horror!
Black Rose frowned, and when it came to taking photos, she thought of the past when Ouyang Fei hurt her and took her photos!
This is her pain!
It was found that Black Rose’s face was not very good, and of course Chuck thought of the black rose being photographed, so he kindly said, “What’s wrong?”
Black Rose was angry, “Dare you mention it again, I will kill you with one shot!!!”
The boss behind the scenes was not happy, “Hey, black rose, why are you fierce against him?”
“No, Chuck, forget that,” Black Rose was indifferent.
Chuck nodded, but smiled bitterly in his heart, how could this thing be forgotten? After all, Black Rose’s figure is so good, it is simply perfect.
How could this be forgotten? You can never forget a man!
“Chuck, what are you thinking?” Black Rose saw Chuck’s disgusted expression and actually got a point. . Memories, and even aftertaste, she was angry all of a sudden!
“I didn’t think about anything,” Chuck shook his head hurriedly, and the black rose was soaring.
“Oh, I know, I know,” the boss behind the scene is a smart woman. Just now Chuck mentioned that taking photos, the black rose turned over, then…
“It turns out that Ouyang Fei took your picture, so you want to kill her, right?”

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