My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 674

Black Rose’s expression is angry!
The boss behind the scene understood, was he right? !
But she questioned in an instant, but Black Rose was the first female killer, very cruel, very alert, but how could such a black rose be photographed by Ouyang Fei? ? how did you do that?
Black rose voluntary?
This is not possible. The boss behind the scene knows that Black Rose is particularly conservative in this respect. So the reason why Ouyang Fei was able to take it is definitely when Black Rose did not know, such as being injured? ?
Fell asleep?
It’s possible to get drunk.
Bai Mi has a sparse end. I didn’t expect a vigilant woman like Black Rose to be so overcast!
The boss behind the scene sighed with emotion, Black Rose was not vigilant. Even if Ouyang Fei touched himself, could he photograph himself? ?
The boss behind the scene sneered, impossible! !
Ouyang Fei, the little girl, dare to play this kind of flowery intestines in front of yourself? ?
In a moment of doubt, the boss behind the scene was also angry at the same time. I didn’t expect Ouyang Fei to actually do such a thing and shoot a woman. How is this a person without a bottom line to do? !
Behind the scenes, the boss began to hate Ouyang Fei. Before that, Ouyang Fei had potential, but now?
Behind the scenes, the boss is thinking: Will this Ouyang Fei get addicted to taking photos of black roses? Have you ever thought about taking pictures of yourself and threatening them? ?
Definitely thought about it, but want to shoot me? dream!
“Yes,” Black Rose admits coldly, “Then will you let me kill Ouyang Fei now?”
“No! Ouyang Fei is the killer that I cultivated, not to mention, she improves quickly, she has no bottom line, you may not be able to kill her now!” The boss behind the scene said directly.
In the killer industry, people who have no bottom line will live longer, because people like Ouyang Fei will do everything in order to survive.
“You don’t let me kill her, you are not afraid that she took your picture?” Black Rose said straightly.
After all, Ouyang Fei has been in contact with the boss behind the scene for so long. You must know that Ouyang Fei took photos of black roses at that time, but it took only a few days to do it!
For so long, with Ouyang Fei’s bold personality, it is estimated that it is likely to succeed.
Chuck looked at the behind-the-scenes boss, too. Did the bitch Ouyang Fei secretly took a picture of the behind-the-scenes boss without the knowledge of the behind-the-scenes boss?
It’s just that the boss behind the scene, like the black rose at the time, didn’t even notice it?
“She shot me? Unless she wants to die!” The boss behind the scene said coldly.
“I didn’t think about it then, but she did it,” Black Rose said blankly.
Yes, she saved Ouyang Fei at that time, is it intimate for Ouyang Fei? ?
I never thought that Ouyang Fei would actually do such a thing.
The boss behind the scene did not change color, “I am different from you,”
Black Rose was silent for three seconds, “Yes, you are better than me, and I hope you don’t encounter such a thing, because for that kind of thing, for a woman, the harm is always indelible!”
Chuck was stunned.
The boss behind the scene didn’t say much, just glanced at the black rose.
“Black Rose, I won’t mention it anymore, and I will forget this matter, you can rest assured.”
Chuck is particularly serious.
She thought about the fact that she shot and shot herself for the photo.
Obviously, this injury is great for Black Rose! !
She didn’t care, she wasn’t injured, how could she shoot herself?
Black Rose was stunned, Chuck said so, and his sincere eyes made her heart beat in an instant, inexplicably accelerated. this is. . So touched!
Chuck actually said such things, she was unexpected!
Black Rose.
Chucksong said comfortably, “Actually, the photo has been destroyed, you can slowly forget about it.”
“Well, I will slowly forget.” Black Rose’s voice was not as cold as before.
She didn’t understand it by herself. Just now she wanted to kill someone. Now, she is so calm, what’s wrong with herself?
Chuck didn’t say much, “If you don’t go anymore.”
Worried about Black Rose’s “touch scene injury.”
To catch You Tianle’s handle, then you have to take evidence.
“No, I have to go. It’s my job to protect you. I won’t allow myself to fail again. As long as you forget that thing, I will also slowly forget it.” Black Rose shook his head. How to say, his own picture is only Ouyang Fei and Chuck have seen it.
Ouyang Fei is a woman, but Chuck is a man, which is different.
After all, Chuck was the first man to see her.
The mustard in the heart of the black rose is huge!
Chuck forgot, she was able to follow.
“Well, I will forget, believe me.” Chuck looked serious.
“Sister, can you go in now?” Chuck couldn’t wait.
The woman had been in for a while, and now she is trying to find a way to take it. That is the best. You can definitely take a picture with a handle.
“Okay, Black Rose, can you evade those people?” the boss asked behind the scenes.
You Tianle a few bodyguards, you have to lead them away.
“Yes,” Black Rose passed immediately.
Chuck, the boss was waiting behind the scenes. Three minutes later, Black Rose’s phone came and Chuck answered, “Leave it off, at most three minutes, you go in!”
The phone hung up as if someone was chasing the black rose.
Chuck couldn’t wait any longer and quickly entered with the boss behind the scenes.
Chuck’s vigilant inspection, this place is heavily guarded, but the boss behind the scene is also a killer boss, certainly has his own set, with Chuck, actually slipped in.
I found the door of You Tianle’s room, but there were still two people at the door! !
The look is sober, at first glance is the best master.
Chuck considered, this situation, rushed directly over, maybe not!
Must think of other ways!
Alas, if the mother has come here, then it is simple. Solving these two people with the strength of the mother, not to mention a breeze, will not delay too much time.
Speaking of which, my own strength is too bad!
“Little guy, let you see, I am not a vegetarian, look, you are waiting.” The boss behind the scene swayed his long legs and walked over.
“Sister!!!” Chuck was considering it was too late to catch her. What did she want to do?
Back, the back of the boss behind the scene is beautiful, she is a beautiful woman to the extreme, with a perfect figure, and it really appeared, attracting the eyes of these two men.
Men like to look at women, not to mention, are the big beauties like bosses behind the scenes with their own arrogant temperament? ?
Who can calm down? ?
The boss behind the scene did not say a word, just walked in front of the two men, she took out the cigarette, the two men hesitated, one of them said, “Do you want fire, beauty?”
“Yes, do you have?” The boss behind the scene showed charming.
Really, her charm is so attractive!
The voice reveals a charming feeling.
The man pulled out the fire and approached. The boss squinted behind the scenes. The cigarette in his hand came together. The man felt dry.
But suddenly, behind the scenes, the boss fingered the man, and the man fell on the ground like an electric shock. Another man was startled, and an angry punch came at the behind-the-scenes boss! !
Behind the scenes, a ball was shot in the hands of the boss. There was an electricity, compressed electricity, like a power bank. When he touched the man, he twitched and fell on the ground.
Actually, just solve the two people!
Chuck looked shocked, she was so powerful?
In fact, the boss behind the scene is not very powerful himself, he has no special skills, how can he create a killer organization, but also want the killer organization to be so big? ?
Chuck came, still shocked.
“What else to watch? Haven’t you kicked in yet?” the boss snorted behind the scene and put away the charming.
“Sister, you are amazing!” Chuck said wholeheartedly.
“I’ve gone to more powerful places, but you don’t understand it. Okay, go in!” The behind-thescenes boss also knows that this time is not a good time to speak, so let’s make a quick decision! Otherwise, it will not be fun to wait for those who will be led by the black rose to come back.
Chuck shrugged, took out his mobile phone, opened the shooting, used a lot of effort, kicked the door, bang! !
The door was kicked open, and Chuck rushed in with the phone he was shooting!

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