My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 675

You Tianle smiled slightly, this woman, he has been getting it for a long time, what do men like?
All men understand.
“I should go back, or he would wake up,” the woman said blushing.
“You all said that he was drinking, how could it be so easy to wake up, even if he wakes up, he will not doubt you, because in the eyes of my cousin, you are a standard wife and mother, How could he think of you, your good wife and mother, who have already been acquired by me?” You Tianle laughed.
The woman blushed and gave You Tianle a fierce look. “It’s your bastard who made me look like this, and you are my little friend.”
Women can’t help but get angry.
Although his husband is also a descendant of Youjia, he is naturally not satisfied with women.
The reason why this woman is married is for money.
But after marriage, You Tianle is sweet talker, where can she bear it? ?
Within days, you fell under the sweet words of You Tianle.
She is helpless!
Because You Tianle will please women.
“Haha!” You Tianle laughed.
“Right, that Logan, do you still miss her?” the woman asked.
“Think, of course I think, I want her to die!!” You Tianle has a grudge!
His hatred for Logan is deep and deep!
If he were to catch Logan, he would do everything possible to torture Logan! !
“What do you want her to do? I’m by your side, do you still want her?” The woman jealous.
“Haha, don’t want her, miss you!” You Tianle smiled slightly.
However, at this time, the door was suddenly kicked open!
You Tianle immediately irritated, “What are you doing? Don’t you know I’m in there? Don’t get away… Ah, you bastard, what are you doing with your mobile phone?”
When You Tianle was furious, she suddenly saw Chuck kicking the door and rushed in with her mobile phone.
He was irritated, and then was shocked!
He is a fool and knows what Chuck is for at this time!
The woman was so scared that her face was white and she kept screaming!
I was busy covering my body with a quilt, but Chuckchong came too suddenly, and I had already taken pictures of two people lying in bed, enough.
Snapped! !
Chuck slapped You Tianle in the face! ?
You Tianle screamed, this slap, Chuck played too hard, he was furious, “Chuck, do you dare to shoot me??”
Chuck shrugged up and put away his phone. This time it was really worthwhile. He really grabbed You Tianle’s handle.
His eyes at this time, if there was any panic that could not be covered!
Yes! !
You Tianle is really panicked!
Because this was originally a sneaky thing, he found excitement because of this, but if this kind of thing is known by the people of the home, it will be so miserable!
Not only can you not have the right to inherit Youjia, you may even be driven out by Youjia!
Because don’t talk about traveling home, it is something that no family will allow! !
Friends and wives should not be bullied, let alone his cousin’s wife? ?
“Chuck, don’t you want to die, give me your phone, give me!” You Tianle rushed like a mad dog, Chuck’s fighting strength improved again, and he kicked him on the ground with one leg.
You Tianle covered her stomach and screamed that she was going to faint!
“Ah, Chuck, you give me your phone!” You Tianle’s painful face was all pale and panic.
“Dare you dare to be fooled?” Chuck shrugged.
“Me, Chuck, how much do you want, I give you, I just need a mobile phone!” You Tianle said hoarsely.
This phone is related to your future!
“I want money, but I don’t want your money,” Chuck shook his head.
A glance at the scared woman on the bed, the woman was afraid, “Don’t look at me, mobile phone, please give me your mobile phone,”
The woman crawled out of the quilt with fear and climbed to Chuck to plead.
She was a lucky woman. When Yu Tianle’s cousin went out for the first time, she took a fancy and then got married.
She knew the strength of Youjia and what the shooting just meant. She would be executed by the people of Youjia! !
She was scared, scared.
“Please, please.” The woman cried.
Chuck frowned, “Putting on clothes, I am not targeting you!”
Chuck aimed at You Tianle, but the woman didn’t obey the woman’s way and was caught.
“Don’t, I’m scared. I beg you to give me your phone. Anything you want me to do, you can just mention it!” The woman cried and wept, terrified.
She can think of how miserable she will be in the end.
Youjia will torture her to death! !
“Anything will do? Ha ha, that person, why didn’t you have such a good consciousness?” Chuck shrugged.
You Tianle stared at Chuck in horror, “What do you want to do?”
“What do I want to do, you should know? Ask for it!” Chuck said.
“You are delusional!!!” You Tianle got up.
Chuck’s thoughts he knew that it was nothing more than trying to let himself and not let the homes deal with Karen li. He could not do this, nor could he do it alone.
At this time, the master of the house, Ba Tian, is still alive!
“Parody, then you continue, I won’t disturb you, but ah, people who will visit you will appreciate the video just now, high-definition! Do you think I am good to you?” Chuck shrugged.
“You and she!” You Tianle was so angry that he rushed to fight Chuck, but how could Chuck let him hit it?
Punching him on the stomach with a punch, You Tianle knelt down and wailed in pain.
“Huh, you are too ignorant, then okay, you continue,” Chuck turned to go out.
The boss behind the scenes hated staring at You Tianle. This kind of thing can be done. It is conceivable that this is a person like Ouyang Fei who has no bottom line! !
“No, Tianle, you promised him, the video just now went out, I will die. Tianle, woo…” The woman begged to cry.
She was really scared.
“Huh, he dare to send out, as long as dare to send, I will die him!” You Tianle exasperated.
“Well, you seem to have made the wrong order, the video is sent out, it seems that you are the first to die!” Chuck scorned.
You Tianle twitched her face, yeah, as long as it was seen by the people in the family, even if the other people in the family let themselves go, but the cousin was green, he will definitely kill himself desperately!
The more I think, the more I am afraid You Tianle is more afraid, “Chuck, you can give me your mobile phone, and I promise you!”
“Hehe, here for you? Are you stupid of me?” This is the handle. If it is given to him, what handle is it!
Of course, Chuck will not give it, “You tell me first, what do you plan to do!”
“My grandpa is seriously ill and still saving him.” You Tianle said in fear.
“That Yubatian is sick?” Chuck was stunned. He didn’t know yet. Karen li injected Yubatian with something.
“Yes, my grandfather is not in good condition. The people in the family are waiting for grandpa to wake up, and then let grandpa give orders to your family in person!”
Chuck understands, it’s no wonder, that the original home has been calm for a few days, because Youba Tian is sick, this disease is well! !
“I answered everything you asked me to answer. What did you want me to do before you gave me your phone?” You Tianle was extremely anxious!
With this handle, still in the hands of this garbage Chuck, he would have trouble sleeping and sleeping! !
“Well, it’s not difficult, as long as you listen to me, I will give you the mobile phone video,”
Chuck shrugged.
It seems that we have to think long!
The boss behind the scene said, “Little lover, if you want to find him, you will need a sum of money first.”
Youjia has a lot of money, but there are also a number of them. If you can get a part of it, the strength of the Youjia will still have a little impact.
“One stroke? Sister, do you think my appetite is so small?” Chuck shook his head. You Tianle was just one of the descendants of the family. How much money could you have?
It must have minimal impact on the entire home, so it might as well not be.
“Little guy, do you still want to swallow the whole house?” The behind-the-scenes boss was surprised, so surprised!
Unexpectedly, Chuck’s appetite is so big!
“Yes, I want to be the richest person in the world! Of course I have to eat the wandering house! It is he who provokes me!” Chuck promised!
Behind the scenes, the boss turned his eyes, “Little lover, you surprised me again!”
“Eat my home? Huh, you have a big appetite, but your belly is not that big!” You Tianle couldn’t help but ridicule!

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