My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 676

Of course, You Tianle laughed. Youjia is a hidden family, second only to the world’s first family with 10,000 families. How can you be a trash to eat?
You can kill him with a bite! !
Still want to eat all?
I really don’t know if it’s thick and thick ?
“My stomach is big, you will know, but now, you still don’t understand your situation!” Chuck was very meaningful.
You Tianle was immediately irritated. Of course he knew what Chuck meant, and he panicked about it!
“Chuck, what do you want me to do, just say it! But don’t blame me for not reminding you, I can’t eat you at home!” You Tianle got up on her own.
The woman with him was already crying. Chuck’s words really scared her. She didn’t want to die! !
“I will tell you!” Chuck shrugged! however! ?
You Tianle suddenly came up, “Will you tell me? Ha ha ha! You really gave me a surprise this time. The two losses I ate in your life in your life are in your hands, but there will be no third time… 啧啧, You seem to forget, this is my place!!”
He sneered and ridiculed!
Because he heard footsteps outside the door!
Ha ha!
My own person is back, but among the family, a few better bodyguards are back now!
What if Chuck took the picture?
Just grab your own bodyguard!
The only thing You Tianle regrets is that she can’t kill Chuck now, because Wan Ziwen said that Chuck’s life must be kept!
He was really jealous! !
Logan, whom he fancy, actually went with Chuck, and Wan Ziwen, who he first fancy, actually liked Chuck!
What good is this garbage? !
“Your place?” Chuck was stunned.
“Haha, have you forgotten, have you overwritten? My bodyguard is back, now it’s time for you to ask for mercy!” You Tianle laughed!
Brush brush!
Three people rushed in outside the door!
Yes, just a few bodyguards who went out to chase the black rose, three came back.
The three men stared at each other and glared at Chuck and the boss behind the scenes! !
You Tianle was beaten, and their consequences will not be good. Fortunately, they are back now, otherwise?
Chuck drew the behind-the-scenes boss behind him, and did not expect these people to come back so quickly, it seems that Black Rose has done his best!
In this situation, what Chuck can do is to take the boss behind the scene and leave peacefully.
Anyway, the things you want are already in hand. By then, You Tianle will come and beg for yourself! !
Behind the scene, the boss was shocked, suddenly pulled by Chuck, so protected by Chuck, standing behind Chuck, there was actually a sense of security!
She hasn’t felt this way for a long time.
She was kind of surprised.
Yeah, the boss behind the scene suddenly felt like he hadn’t been protected by a man for a long time. This feeling was tried again, also. . It’s still pretty good, as if first love. .
“Sister, I took you out!” Chuck said.
“Well, if you don’t take me out, I’ll take you to take me out, too.” In a trance, the boss behind the scene had a sweet feeling.
He must still care about himself! !
“Huh, you can’t go this time, you three, get me back his mobile phone for me! Then…slap me in the face until I am satisfied,” You Tianle said.
He looked at the boss behind his eyes, “As for her, hey! Let’s do it first!”
“Yes, young master!”
The three men stared at Chuck, their fists blasted like hammers!
Three fists! !
Where did Chuck dare to neglect?
There is no point in hiding strength. He knows that his strength has improved. He is considered a master of fighting, but he also knows that he is unlikely to be an opponent of this master. One may be possible, but the three together, then hang. Now!
However, Chuck also knew that he didn’t have to be afraid. In his own hands, there were still a few bombs. It was a big deal to throw the bombs out and take the boss behind the scenes. however!
Chuckgang took out the dagger given by Alice, and dealt with these three people. !
A bang!
Outside the door, a fist suddenly came in, with a ring on the wrist, made of special metal, weighing dozens of kilograms!
Such a punch, right on a bodyguard fist!
This bodyguard was stunned, and then it was dazed. Why did his fist hurt a little? ?
When he was thinking about this, his body flew out of control!
He smashed his body on a table. The table was torn and cracked. He twitched and his head happened to hit the ashtray. When he got up, he touched the back of the bloody head blankly.
After fear and shock, his eyes closed and fell to the ground. Don’t move.
Silent! !
The two bodyguards are stunned!
Chuck looked at it and was pleasantly surprised, “Mom!”
It was the mother who came over, Chucksong, but the behind-the-scenes boss who was protected by Chuck was subconsciously a little farther away from Chuck. Now, he cannot let Karen li know that he likes Chuck.
If you know it now, the boss behind you will feel blushing.
You Tianle was shocked. “You. Karen li, you… what are you waiting for? Don’t you call me yet?”
You Tianle is angry, are these bodyguards a waste? !
The remaining two bodyguards reacted and immediately angered!
Karen li looked cold, rushed in, and fisted twice with two consecutive blows! !
The two bodyguards were stunned. They just felt that Karen li’s fist hurt when he hit his own hand!
Same as being hit by a hammer!
When they were stunned, the body had backed up involuntarily and hit the wall, wow, lala, all the paintings hanging on the wall fell to the ground.
The two were shocked and spit out blood, and their arms could not be lifted!
Embarrassed! !
Everyone only took a punch, but they couldn’t carry it anymore. In the room, again, there was no sound? !
Dead silence! ?
You Tianle fears that his bodyguard is rubbish? So easily knocked down?
The black rose rushed in. She gasped. She just tried to pull out these people just now.
At the same time, she finally realized, she finally knew why I had assassinated Karen li before, but I couldn’t assassinate. It turns out that Karen li’s strength is still hidden!
Karen li closed the door. thump!
You Tianle seemed to be hit with a fist and knelt down. He just thought that Chuck could be subdued and then tortured Chuck, but unexpectedly, it reversed instantly!
The woman with him is even more terrified!
“Mom, I’ve done it already,” Chuck said.
Karen li smiled slightly, and at the same time glanced at the boss behind the scene, who hummed.
Karen li didn’t say anything else. Of course she knew what Chuck said was successful.
“Let me go, don’t kill me!” You Tianle begged, this is afraid!
After all, Karen li defeated his strongest bodyguard last time with two moves. He still has a fresh memory. In this case, You Tianle knew that he could not escape.
So only begging.
Chuck is in charge of him. When he walked over, he kicked and beat You Tianle for a while. Did he just want the bodyguard to hit himself? !
Chuck smiled, You Tianle screamed, his woman was even more shocked.
After playing enough, Chuck walked back, “Mom, I am going to let You Tianle do something and let him tell us about the situation of your home.”
This must ask the mother, because in this regard, the mother must have a plan.
“Well,” Karen li nodded. In fact, her sixth sense tells her that she can also roughly guess the movement of Youjia.
“Cer, do you think, in addition to letting him tell You Jia about the movement, what else can he do?” Karen li began to train Chuck.
Chucksi came and went, staring at the dizzy You Tianle for three seconds, and suddenly thought of it, said in the ear of his mother, “Mother, let him take a bomb back, killing their wanderers, you Say this will work?”
Anyway, that kind of bomb can’t be checked out, and remote control is enough, but what is the only disadvantage? It is unclear how many wanderers can be killed by that bomb.
Because there is no monitoring on the bomb!
Can only be controlled by luck.
Karen li was stunned, this idea is actually good, but the risk is great!
“Mother, what do you think?” Chuck asked.

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