My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 678

“Intentionally tortured me! Come for revenge!”
Black Rose hummed, but she remembered that when she dealt with Chuck before, she also beat Chuck so many times. Yesterday, Chuck took the opportunity to take revenge. Black Rose felt that the revenge was over, right?
“Let’s do this next time, I’ll be with you!” Black Rose drove with Chuck’s car.
When the arm was driving, it really felt that the arm was not painful at all, the black rose was stunned, and there was some color in the eyes.
She is also strange herself. If you put it in the past, it is impossible for a man to press herself to promote blood circulation and stasis!
Black Rose thought about it and thought it was fruitful.
It is because he cannot kill Chuck.
Because of this, Chuck had no fear, so he forced himself to promote blood circulation and stasis, and he also resisted yesterday, and even more violently.
However, Chuck, who has no fear, is useless!
It was he who forced himself to promote blood circulation and stasis, and he rebelled, well, that’s it.
Black Rose came up with such an analysis in my heart, and I felt a lot better in my heart!

Chuck originally brought Logan out to relax, so he quickly drove to the side of the casino under renovation and did not call Du Peixin in advance.
Because I only talked with Du Peixin in the morning.
Chuck now looks at it. Sure enough, my mother called a special person to come over for decoration. There were hundreds of people who just decorated, and two shifts day and night.
Chuck was very satisfied with this progress!
It’s already very large. You can see the size, design and luxury of this casino at a glance!
I believe it will be ready for opening in a few days!
Chuck is full of confidence. This should be his first project in the country, and the commercial empire has begun to expand!
Seeing that Chuck is happy, Logan is certainly happy too. This kind of industry, doing well, is really beyond description of the daily progress of gold!
“Cer, I think this place is very good, it will definitely make a lot of money.” Logan said sincerely.
There are many companies in her company, but she doesn’t in this industry. However, from her perspective, this is very good!
“Thank you Aunt Logan.” Chuck smiled slightly.
Logan, Chuck was very happy to hear it.
“What are you doing? How can you get in the decorated place? What should you do if something goes wrong?” A foreman came and scolded.
“I’m looking for Du Peixin.” Chuck said with a shrug, the foreman was responsible.
“Mr. Du? What are you doing with Mr. Du? You might not be Mr. Du’s suitor!!” The foreman frowned, looking up and down Chuck.
Since Du Peixin came here every day, many times, Du Peixin’s superb beauty has attracted many men’s pursuit. Yesterday, there were three men driving sports cars to send flowers!
It’s just that Du Pei is busy with work and doesn’t call that kind of person at all.
In the eyes of these workers, Du Pei of the supervisor is really a workaholic.
Today this man actually brought a super beauty!
What is this for? !
“No, I know her,” Chuck shook his head, and it seemed that Du Peixin’s woman was welcomed everywhere.
However, Chuck also knows where Du Pei’s heart is, she is a strong woman, and she is only second in her heart!
Career always comes first!
It can also be said that Chuck let her work with herself for five years, and Chuck also took a fancy to her career.
Same as the square manager Yolanda at that time.
Both women are career-oriented, so good!
“Do you know? Don’t joke, Mr. Du is so busy, can you know?” The foreman questioned suspiciously.
“Of course I know, I am her…”
“What’s Mr. Du? Don’t mess with it, which is cool and where to stay,” the foreman waved his hand and continued to work.
“You…” Chuck was speechless.
At this time, an unexpected voice sounded from behind, “Chuck, why are you here!”
The sound is a little more pleasant!
Yes, Du Peixin, who had just checked a decorated place, went downstairs and saw Chuck. She was a little happy.
Why are you happy?
She didn’t quite understand, how to say, Chuck’s incomparable trust in her, letting her handle it was one of the reasons that made her happy.
The second reason, she didn’t know very well. Anyway, if there was no Chuck at that time, she would definitely be taken by that bastard.
This may be another reason why Du Pei was so surprised to see Chuck!
Du Pei’s heart-shaped surprise surprised the foreman. Really know?
The foreman was envious, but I did not expect this to bring a superb beauty, but I also know Du Pei who is also a superb! !
All of them are men, how come this gap is so big? !
“Come here and see,” Chuck said.
“Well, you should let them call me directly,” Du Peixin said.
The surprise on her face condensed. In fact, she also had a feeling of meeting her old friend in another country.
After all, she rarely went abroad before, this time it should be the longest, and in the next few years, she should have been in the country of rice.
The real acquaintance, I am afraid that only Chuck alone.
So, this is a kind. . The familiar feeling far away! It is also a unique intimacy of Chinese people.
What’s more, she has been in the United States for so long, there is no one who talks and talks, and Chuck can come and talk.
“Ah,” Chuck glanced at the foreman.
Du Peixin instantly understood and said with a cold face, “What are you doing? You recognize it, this is my boss, this place was opened by him!!”
“What?” The foreman was startled!
The investment in this place is a lot of billions of dollars. What kind of big boss did he think he invested in, and now he is such a young Chinese? !
He felt incredible!
“Mr. Du, I don’t know. Where do I know that he is the boss? Boss, I’m sorry!” The foreman hurriedly apologized to Chuck with a look of fear.
He took over the renovation project, but compared to this big boss, what is his own? ?
Is it okay to let yourself go at any time? !
Chuck waved his hand, “It’s okay, you’re busy with you!”
This foreman is considered responsible, so Chuck does not need to know more about him.
“Don’t thank the boss yet?” Du Pei said with a cold heart.
“Thank you, thank you,” the foreman is grateful for not knowing himself. This is really a good boss.
But he hurried to busy himself, where else would he dare to stay here, what if Zhang Ye was upset? !
“Look at it here,” Du Peixin nodded to Logan, saying hello.
Logan also nodded.
Du Pei’s heart is strange, why is Chuck around this superb woman? !
After seeing Logan, the confident Du Pei heart is also a bit unnatural. After all, Logan’s figure and appearance are better than Du Pei heart.
Chuck came with Logan to relax, of course, nodded, Du Peixin seriously introduced the decoration process, Chuck nodded with satisfaction.
Logan also feels that Du Peixin’s working ability is very good! !
After a turn, Du Peixin said that it was better to eat nearby. Anyway, all three were hungry, Chuck asked Logan.
Logan smiled. “Listen to you.”
Anyway, where Chuck goes, Logan will go.
Everyone got on the bus, Chuck called Black Rose, “Hey, let’s go to dinner, will you come together, or will I bring you?”
“I don’t care, I will solve it myself,”
After talking, Black Rose hung up the phone and hummed, “Why do you want to ask me? Bring it, bring me deliberately…”
Chuck is speechless, the temperament of Black Rose is really changeable!
Too lazy to care about her.
Du Peixin has been staying here recently, so he is more familiar with it. The restaurant with meals is also a good Chinese restaurant.
Anyway, all three are Chinese people. Of course, wherever they go, they all eat Chinese food.
Those steaks are not suitable for Chuck’s own taste.
When they arrived, a few people ordered food. Logan went to the bathroom. Chuck asked Du Peixin, “How do you feel?”
“Very good, I’m very happy, I care about career, nothing else matters.” Du Peixin said.
This is the truth, she did not regret that time, and promised Chuck to work for Chuck for five years.
Now I finally get Chuck’s reuse!
“That’s good, there is something you can tell me, you can tell me what you need,” Chuck said.
For his employees, since Du Peixin follows himself, then this aspect must be in place.
“Thank you, me… nothing is needed,” Du Pei shook his head heartily.

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