My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 69

At the door of the toilet.
In fact, Chuck Cannon was quite embarrassed. Twice that he got erected because of Yvette Jordan but seen by Queenie Carson. Although they were close, there’s still a difference between men and women! And plus it was such a sensitive topic.
Queenie was nervous. “What should I do? What I saw is so embarrassing. Should I pretend that I didn’t see it? But who is he thinking about? Was it me?” Queenie had so many thoughts in her mind.
“What should I do? I’ve seen him twice in a row. He’s enduring a lot. Do I help him?
But a friend can’t help with this matter,” she couldn’t stop thinking. Queenie’s heart was twisted. It was impossible for a friend to cross the border of the relationship. She didn’t even know what her feelings towards Chuck was.
At first, they became table mates. They became friends after some self-introductions and eventually they started to talk more frequently. Nonetheless, last time where Queenie and Chuck stayed in the same house, something might have changed in her mind.
Followed by changes in his clothing and hairstyle, Chuck now looked very different. Queenie seemed to have a good feel of Chuck, which perhaps is beyond friendship. However, she could clearly sense the difference between them.
At this thought, Queenie felt a little inferior. She was already nineteen. Although she didn’t deliberately come across sexual knowledge nor have a boyfriend, the few roommates who had boyfriends would talk about their post-boyfriend experience when they spend time together.
What they shared was new and exciting. From there, she learned that men anomen are able to help each other.
For example……..
Queenie lowered her head and stared at her own hand. She was nervous. Shoulhe help? But what would they be after she lends him this hand?
Both of them looked at each other for more than ten seconds. Chuck wambarrassed while Queenie was in a dilemma. She struggled to decide whether she should do it or not.
Of course, if Chuck knew that Queenie had this idea, he might just pull Queenie into the toilet. Anyhow, Chuck knew nothing about it. After looking at each other that way, Chuck came back to his senses. He knew that he must have fallen for Yvette to have such feelings. Even if Queenie was willing to do it, it would be disrespectful to Queenie to accept it.
What’s more, Chuck was in a dilemma too since Queenie was so pure-minded.
Chuck felt that the feeling was gone. At this time, he felt his mobile phone in hiocket vibrated. Chuck took it out and looked at it doubtfully. It was from Lara, and it was a voice message!
Chuck lowered the volume and played it by his ear. “Ah, Baller, are you… Ah, save me, I don’t want to sleep with you, don’t….. (sobbing)….” Lara spoke in the voice message.
Before the voice message could finish recording, it was interrupted. Lara’s voice was frightened and she was crying. Chuck hesitated. Did Lara find out that she had been looking for the wrong “baller”?
He sighed in her heart, is Lara being raped? Chuck listened to the weeping voice of Lara. Chuck didn’t know what to do. Should he save Lara?
He struggled for a few seconds and put the phone in his pocket. Lara was supposed to be his pawn and now it’s time to take back the pawn.
Chuck said, “Queenie, I have something to do.” After saying that, he ran to the front desk.
Queenie nodded. She was a little disappointed to see Chuck leave. She was in a dilemma for a while and was too embarrassed to speak up. If Chucpoke up or pulled her into the toilet, she would probably not refuse. After all, shad admitted her feelings for Chuck and didn’t want to hide it. She was willing telp him with her hand and still remained their friendship in the future.
Queenie sighed and returned to the private room in a sullen state…
Chuck thought it was a big KTV and if he went searching one by one, there won’t be enough time. So Chuck went straight to the front desk.
Since Lara thought “baller” was the owner of the KTV, they must be in the boss’ffice now. He can ask the reception for directions.
Fortunately, Chuck found the secretary who delivered the wine just now. He haoughly confirmed that Chuck was the rich one that caused their boss to treat them. He was hesitating whether he should talk to Chuck alone or not. Since even the plaza manager had to come personally to serve him, he must have something to do with the plaza owner.
Seeing that he actually came to find him, the secretary was surprised and hurriever, “Hi, what can I do for you?”
The receptionist and waiter at the front desk were stunned by the secretary since he was so polite to a student-like person. Who was it?
“I’m looking for your boss!” Chuck said anxiously.
The secretary was surprised. He was the one who took Lara to the boss’s room.
How could he not guess what his boss was doing? But if he went to bother him now, he might lose his job!
“You are?” The secretary asked him to confirm his identity. He was still unsure who this student in front of him was.
“Tell your boss if he still wants to continue his business here, he needs to stop now! Otherwise!” Chuck could only say so. His tone cooled down, and his imposing manner shocked the secretary.
This was definitely the kind of momentum that only the child of the rich people had. It was also a kind of terrifying momentum. The secretary quickly asked, “That girl is your…?”
“Wait a minute!” The secretary rushed to the boss’s room. Chuck followed thecretary and saw the secretary knocked on the door.
Immediately, a curse came from inside, “Who the hell is it?”
“Hey boss, it’s me…” the secretary whispered.
“Get lost! Don’t get in my way now!” the boss yelled.
“Boss, there’s an emergency. It’s really urgent!” the secretary replied.
There was a struggling noise inside. It seemed that someone had loosened his grip. A loud bang came from inside, then followed by some footsteps, as if someone hit the ground. The door then opened, Lara ran out while she was crying. Her clothes were in a mess. Her jeans were ripped open. She ran so fast that she didn’t even see Chuck standing at the door.
Chuck touched his nose and wondered, did he manage to save her in time?
When the secretary saw that his boss was pushed on the floor, he was shocked and hurried in to help his boss up. The boss was angry, “Mother fucker, you’d better have a great explanation or you’re fired!”
“Boss.” The secretary spoke while he pointed at Chuck, who was standing at the door.
The boss looked at Chuck doubtfully and his face turned cold, “Who are you?”
“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is you. Do you still want to run your business?” Chuck questioned calmly.
The boss frowned. He and Wilbur Wendel were good friends. Before he came bacust now, Wilbur gave him a name and asked him not to provoke him. The boss then asked subconsciously, “Are you, Chuck Cannon?”
“Yes!” Chuck glanced at him and turned to leave.
The boss’s heart almost jumped out of his throat. When Wilbur told him, he clearly told him the strength of this man named Chuck! Was the girl just now his girl? Did he just offend him?
The boss angrily raised his hand and slapped hard on the secretary. “Why won’t you tell me earlier?” he questioned angrily.
The secretary covered his face with a grievance and said, “Boss, I……”
“Why don’t you exempt the bill? Exempt him from all the expenses!” The boscolded him.
“Yes, I’ll do it now!” The secretary immediately ran out.
At this moment, Lara was dumbfounded because she ran in a hurry and bumpento a waiter. The waiter was pushing a cart with five bottles of expensive wine on it. All the wine on the cart fell to the ground.
The waiter was shocked. That was an order for a private room. Each of them costs 8,800 dollars, and for five bottles, it will be more than 40,000 dollars! The waiter was very angry. Seeing that Lara was about to run away, he immediately grabbed her. “Hey pretty girl, you broke the most expensive red wine in our store. You need to make compensation!” the waiter scolded.
“No, I didn’t do it on purpose.” Lara shook her head, and tears came out of her eyes. She was really panicked.
“Excuse me! Even by accident, you still broke our red wine! You have to pay for it!”
As the waiter said, the nearby waiters heard them and immediately surrounded them, refusing to let Lara leave.
Lara was already very angry. She almost got laid by the boss just now. She thought that she could bear to sleep with him for 10,000 dollars but when the boss approached her, she couldn’t bear it. She regretted and started struggling.
Luckily someone knocked on the door and she finally escaped!
Now that she was dragged by someone again, she lost control. “If it wasn’t for your boss who was trying to rape me, would I have run into this?” The more Lara thought about it, the angrier she became.
“Let me go! How much is it? I’ll pay for it!” She roared.
“Well, these five bottles of red wine are the most expensive wine in our store. One bottle is 8,800 dollars, and five bottles are $44,000. Beauty, are you paying in cash or card?” The waiter said.
“What? 44,000?” Lara’s tears immediately started to flow down her cheeks. Wherould she find this large amount of money?

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