My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 686

Yes, Alice is particularly moved today.
Chuck gave her hope, played You Tianle, and protected herself.
Alice feels that these things, starting today, will only be done by Chuck alone, and these things are only owned by Chuck alone, which is unique to Chuck, and no one else has.
Alice gave a few last time, and now give a few more, Chuck was also politely put away, “Thank you.”
“Don’t be so polite, I am willing to do this, and I am willing to do anything for you.” Alice said softly.
“You don’t have any psychological burden, I don’t want you anything, don’t, as long as you, don’t hide from me,” Alice looked at Chuck.
Her guilty heart couldn’t look directly at Chuck, after all, Chuck was too young.
“No, I won’t hide from you,” Chuck shook his head.
He already knew that he should take responsibility for his own affairs.
Can’t treat Alice like Murong Qing for the first time.
Alice is actually a poor woman.
One person has to take charge of such a large Luofu family. This workload is huge, the pressure is great, and it is necessary to avoid the swallowing of other families. Chuck understands it.
Alice is too difficult, but she was lucky enough to open her dusty heart, especially lucky.
“Thank you,” Alice breathed a sigh of relief. If Chuck avoided her, she would be sad.
“Are you usually tired? Managing such a big family,” Chuck asked.
“Tired, do you want to help me?”
“Uh, how can I help?” Chuck shrugged, he helped, this is interference with the Luo Fu family, other people in her family will not agree? ?
“Either way, you can help as you want,” Alice said.
“Are you afraid of me swallowing your family?” Chuck joked.
He certainly wouldn’t do it.
For no reason, not to mention, she also had a relationship with her.
“I’m not afraid, the Luofu family has also passed on for some time. Although it will be the Luofu family in the future, I can’t change this, but…” Alice stopped and looked down.
“But what?” Chuck was stunned.
“However, I am yours,” Alice had difficulty speaking, and she didn’t know. She actually said something like this.
Maybe it was too touching today, or maybe she changed her new year, as if falling in love with her first love.
“Oh, understand,” Chuck really understood. She meant that she could become the boss behind the Luofu family? !
This is a bit beyond Chuck’s expectations!
This is very interesting, but Chuck still can’t do this, which will make Alice the sinner of her family.
“Just understand, although you will not be short of money, but if you want money, tell me, I will give you a lot of money.” Alice said.
“How much is it?”
“A lot, all of me,” Alice was serious and serious.
Chuck was silent for three seconds, and felt that a woman like Alice was really beyond description.
Chuck was a bit reluctant to leave.
The air here is freezing.
Alice lowered her head, “Chuck, don’t you regret being with me then?”
Chuck did not answer.
Alice looked up, her eyes lost, “I’m sorry, right? Then, I’m sorry…”
“No, I have no regrets,” Chuck shrugged.
“Really?” Alice was pleasantly surprised.
“En.” When Chuck nodded, he suddenly heard Emily’s voice, “Mom…”
Alice was busy releasing Chuck and keeping a distance from Chuck, but said, “Chuck, don’t let Emily know about me and you.”
“Well,” Chuck certainly won’t tell Emily!
Emily ran in and saw that there was nothing wrong with Alice. She was shocked. She was shut in the room by Alice just now. She finally ran out and was worried about Alice.
Now Alice is fine, she weeps with joy!
Embrace Alice.
Alice comforted her and watched Chuck while patting Emily’s back.
“Then I’m leaving,” Chuck said with a lip.
Alice nodded reluctantly.
Chuck left, and Emily asked about the specific situation, which was nothing to say. Alice said everything, and Emily was stunned.
“How did Chuck do it?” She was shocked, how did she get the handle of You Tianle?
“It’s not clear,” Alice certainly didn’t know the details, but she knew from today that her second man… is a real man! !
Although he is so young, he can protect himself.
Alice felt that her heart was warm.
“Mom, Chuck is so busy, we have to thank him,” Emily said the truth.
If there is no Chuck today, it will be another situation.
“Well, I will. I will give him everything he wants…” Alice lowered her head and blushed, not knowing whether she was grateful last time.
It’s not thanks. I’m taking advantage of him. How can I be thankful?
“Mom, don’t you, give everything you want, in case he wants me?” Emily said with her head down and whispered.
Alice was stunned…

Chuck came out of the Luofu family and saw the black rose. He walked over, “You did a good job just now,”
“I don’t need you to praise me,” Black Rose said indifferently.
Chuck is speechless, “Can you speak well?”
“No!” said Black Rose.
Chuck should go home, go back home when he gets on the bus, and Black Rose hummed and followed.
When he arrived home, Chuck was called to the office by his mother.
Logan and Betty are all there, and Yvette is out.
Logan looked at Chuck tenderly. Since the two were drunk last time at Du Pei’s home, Logan really couldn’t look away from Chuck.
She didn’t regret anything that happened with Chuck, nor did she regret it. Chuck didn’t know about it at all, she just wanted to watch silently.
Chuck felt his gaze and smiled slightly at Logan.
Loganxin is warm inside, this child…
Next, it was a meeting!
How to let You Tianle do things, the meaning of the mother said last time, Chuck admires the view of the mother.
Logan said first, “You Tianle has this strength??”
Chuck looked at his mother.
Karen li said, “No, he does not have this strength.”
“Then we still help him take the position of the housekeeper?” Logan said.
The meaning of mother is to let You Tianle be the owner of the house! !
Of course Chuck listened and was particularly surprised by this idea.
“Yes, if You Tianle really became the owner of the Youjia family, it is very good, and it is easier to deal with the Youjia family. If he can’t do it, it can also hurt the Youjia family. In a word, whether it can be done or not, it will benefit us a lot. “Karen li nodded.”
Chuck understood.
This has many advantages. You help You Tianle to take the position of homeowner. Youtianle will definitely work hard because he wants to get rid of the handle in his hand. The only way is to become the head of the house, and the handle in his hand is useless. Big.
Who dares to say it?
You Tianle turned the house upside down, isn’t it good?
Can be regarded as infighting.
Logan also understood.
Chuck asked, “How can we help?”
This is also a problem. He secretly supports You Tianle. He knows that he is using him, but he will definitely not resist in order to get rid of the handle in his hands.
But how about it, we still need to study carefully! !
“This…” Karen li smiled slightly.
Chuck, Logan and Betty all listen carefully…

You Tianle stared angrily at the mirror. She was hit yesterday, her face hadn’t swelled yet, and Chuck’s phone hadn’t come. What did Chuck want to do?
When he thought coldly, suddenly the phone rang, he looked coldly and answered.
“Oh, I actually got up, so early?” Inside the phone, Chuck laughed.
You Tianle was angry and gritted her teeth. “Chuck, what the hell do you want me to do?”
“Hello you!”
“Let me be good? Chuck, are you my three-year-old?” You Tianle was angry.
“Whatever you say, I will ask you now, do you want to be the owner of the wandering house.”
You Tianle’s eyes flashed, “What do you mean?”
“What do you understand, the thing I let you do is let you be the housekeeper, how about it, I’m good to you!”
You Tianle had more glare in his eyes. He outlined a silent sneer. Three seconds later, he said,
“Oh, you let me be the master, how good are you?”

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