My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 687

“Yes, of course I’m so good, how do you, don’t hide it, you always want to be the owner of the home!”
“Yes, I want to be, but you will let me be? You don’t think I don’t know what you want to do.”
Of course, You Tianle is not stupid.
When Chuck said this, he understood Chuck’s meaning.
This is to use yourself to create chaos for the homeless! !
“What do you know? Can you refuse? Be careful I give you a surprise.”
“You?!” You Tianle was angry on the surface, but she blossomed in her heart.
Chuck actually mentioned such a request with his heart, how pleasant this is!
He had long wanted to be the position of the head of the family, but he had no good chance. Now he was forced to go to Liangshan, so he only died.
This is exactly what he meant! !
As long as he is the head of his own family, what is the deal with Chuck’s hand? !
“Chuck, don’t force me!” You Tianle shouted in disappointment.
“Install, continue to install! Three seconds, agree or disagree?”
“I agree!” You Tianle is grim!
“Oh, agree, how do you plan to take the position of the owner? Can you tell me? I will cooperate with you!” Chuck said.
You Tianle was silent for three seconds. “Now my grandpa is in serious condition. When he dies in a few days, my dad will help me take this position, so…”
“So you can’t use me?”
“No! You don’t know the situation in my house. I was just one of the candidates for the house owner, which means I have other opponents!” You Tianle smiled silently.
There must be other opponents, the descendants of Youjia, who have outstanding strength, and there are many. They are not as good as Wanjia, Wan Ziwen is super outstanding, and You Tianle still has several opponents.
If You Tianle’s strength is good enough, like Wan Ziwen, then he is like the crown prince, the real first heir!
“You mean, I want to help you solve these opponents?”
“It’s up to you, as long as you find a way to help me solve my strongest opponent, then I’m more likely to take the position of the head of the house!”
“I’m a cousin!” You Tianle said.
“Other than that?”
“There is nothing else, as long as you help me solve my cousin, then you don’t need your help in the future!” You Tianle reminded him that he didn’t want Chuck to intervene too much, otherwise the problem was very serious.
“It’s not your turn to decide, you need to know that I let you be the head of the house,” Chuck said coldly.
“Got it,” You Tianle smiled coldly!
It’s good to drag you for a few days, and then you will feel good!
“Send all the information of your cousin, in detail, I will help you solve it!”
“No problem! But you need to be careful. My cousin and I have great opinions. She didn’t show up last time I got married. You should know.” However, you haven’t finished talking about You Tianle yet, and Chuck interrupted him. , “You’re too much nonsense, send me more information!”
The phone hangs up!
You Tianle was annoyed, but he was cold again, and found out the details of his cousin. There is a picture, and it is also a beautiful woman.
“Cousin, cousin, don’t blame me, just blame you for being a silly cousin. Why do you want to be a smart woman? Compete with me for the position of the head of the family. You are clever and wrong. You Tianle sent the message to Chuck.
He doesn’t expect Chuck to use any fighting method to kill his cousin, because his cousin is also a master of fighting. He only hopes that Chuck is sneaky and close to his cousin, and then pulls out a small bomb like that.
So it’s useless for your cousin to be a master of fighting, you will definitely die! !
Thinking of this, You Tianle laughed wildly, “Chuck, are you helping me? While you are yelling at me, you are also approaching hell step by step. When I take the position of the owner, you will die very badly!”

Chuck saw this message, so did her mother, Logan and Betty.
Mom thought about it, “I haven’t heard of this tour of ten articles.”
Indeed, she is very strange to see the girl in this photo. It seems that the hidden family like Youjia also has the habit of raising children and grandchildren to increase the ability of children and grandchildren!
This You Shiwen may seem ordinary, but once the family test time is up, she will restore her identity!
Once such a woman test is over, it must be horrible! !
“Neither do I.” Logan shook his head.
It’s the same with Betty, they don’t know, how could Chuck know? ?
However, the information given by You Tianle now shows that You Shiwen is the principal of the school, and this job of covering up his identity is good.
There are also specific locations, so what we have to do now is to find a way to solve this You Shiwen.
How to solve it?
This is still a master of fighting!
“Let me go,” Logan suggested.
She has recovered and can play against this You Shiwen.
“You don’t need to go, let Ce’er go!” Karen li looked at Chuck seriously.
In fact, Chuck also has this meaning, mainly because Chuck needs to use practice to improve his strength, this is a good opportunity! !
Not to mention the secret protection of black roses!
Chuck needs this opportunity even more.
“Cer, do you agree?” Karen li asked.
Logan worried, Chuck shrugged, “Mom, I am willing to kill this You Shiwen!”
“Okay!” Karen li nodded comfortably.
She also felt that Chuck would not refuse. She knew Chuck.
Logan wanted to say something, but didn’t say it.
Just worry is stronger.
“Then you should prepare! It’s best to solve her in three or four days!” Karen li said.
“Got it.” Chuck immediately prepared.
“It’s not easy for You Shiwen to look at it. I’m afraid to make him…” Logan shook his head, his face worried.
“This is the process of his exercise. You can’t help him, and I can’t help. In the end, his way is to go by himself?” Karen li doesn’t want Chuck to become a greenhouse flower.
What is the use of this?
What Chuck needs now is rapid improvement.
Logan was speechless, like this, but she still inevitably worried!
One night with Chuck, Logan was really indescribable worry.
“Relax, Ce’er will do this well,” Karen li is confident, Chuck’s fighting talent is very different, and now he is a real master of combat! !
Logan didn’t say anything, but his worries did not decrease a bit, but he was even more worried.
Chuck has simply packed it up here, and also called Yvette to talk about it. Yvette said that he would come back immediately. Chuck said no, let Yvette not worry.
How can Yvette not worry?
Chuck said a few words to her, and Yvette was barely relieved. Chuck hung up the phone and took a plane to this school where Shiwen stayed!
Not on the side of the country, but also on the side of the country, my mother was ready for a private jet, Chuck, and Black Rose on the plane.
Chuck carefully looked at the information of You Shiwen to study her weaknesses, so that she could be solved. After all, the strength of the children and grandchildren sent by the Youjia to test can be imagined.
The black rose said nothing.
This process of taking a plane does not take long. After Chuck’s careful study, it is almost coming, and when he arrives at the private airport, Chuck gets off the plane.
Drive to this school.
What does this tour Shiwen say? It is also the principal of the beauty. When he arrived at this school, Chuck looked at the school with a precision telescope. It was not very good.
The place where such people test is really unique to you.
Chuck saw that in an office, there was a woman with a concave and convex writing, wearing thick glasses, dressed in ordinary, without any dress, but still can not hide her beautiful facial features, and noble like the hidden family temperament!
Anyway, Chuck was able to see it, “It looks very ordinary, ordinary people, and even many people are not able to see her true identity. It seems that she was released from the wanderers since she was a child, and she has been raised to the present…”
“Ordinary? Such a person cannot be ordinary!” Black Rose said coldly.
“I know,” Chuck received the telescope. The woman with thick glasses was really like a good teacher like Yvette at that time.
It is a pity that she has the identity of a hidden family and is also an opponent of You Tianle, so she still wants to die!

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