My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 688

Chuck was ready and said to Black Rose, “Try to let me come.”
“I didn’t plan to help you either. You surpass me quickly, I don’t want to follow you anymore,”
Black Rose said indifferently.
Chuck shrugged, “Well, I will work hard.”
“Don’t delay the time, go find opportunities first.”
The black rose scolded coldly.
“Eat a meal first, or else?” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Who wants to eat with you?” Black Rose sneered, but before she had finished speaking, her hungry stomach betrayed her.
Chuck smiled, “Let’s go, and she will have to eat if you solve it…”
Black Rose glared at Chuck, but Chuck was right and needed to eat.
Chuck pushed Black Rose to dinner, and Black Rose was angry, “Don’t touch me?!”
Chuck was speechless.
But fortunately, when eating, the atmosphere is good.
After eating, Chuck looked for opportunities and was ready to go to school to see.
The black rose gazed in the distance.
Karen li explained that Chuck should deal with it as much as possible, and it is best to force Chuck’s potential.
The black rose kept his eyes on his eyes, “Hurry up and walk slowly, seeing you bother.”
Having said that, she still kept her eye on…

Chuck came to this school and also saw the situation of this school. There was a feeling of poor school. There were few teachers, but there were many students. Chuck watched it all afternoon.
This tour is all about teaching and bringing With thick glasses, it was really polite.
Chuck muttered, this woman is definitely not simple.
When she went back at night, she was ready to go.
Chuck is waiting.
Time lapsed. When school was over, the students left one after another and the teacher left. At eight or nine, You Shiwen picked up things and walked out of the office a little tired.
Chuck has been watching her.
However, Chuck may have looked too focused. You Shiwen, who was about to go back, was stunned and looked down at Chuck.
The two looked at each other.
“What do you do?” You Shiwen asked.
The voice is bland, that is the kind of gentleness of the teacher.
Chuck approached her. In the dark, You Shiwen saw Chuck clearly, with a strange expression on his face, “What are you doing? This is a school!”
“I know, this is not waiting for the students to leave before I come over?” Chuck shrugged.
“Who let you come? You Tianle?” You Shiwen is still preparing to leave, and is away from Chuck.
“Neither,” Chuck kept up.
“Yes, no, no, the words are ambiguous! Your will is not firm!” You Shiwen shook his head and opened a dilapidated car door, which is an old antique.
Unexpectedly, one of the heirs of the invisible secret family has actually reached this level of low-key, Chuck really admires. Such a person can be forbearing! !
“Do you know who I am?” Chuck asked.
“There is a difference? You didn’t come to study anyway,” You Shiwen started the car, but the car was too old to catch fire.
“You are so calm.” Chuck shrugged, then she knew she was going to kill her.
Opened her car door and sat directly, You Shiwen was surprised, “You’re not afraid.”
“Your car sucks,” Chuck made a comment.
“It’s okay. Sometimes you can’t catch fire. Are you going to my car to go home with me?” You Shiwen continued to catch fire.
“I don’t care,” Chuck really doesn’t care.
“Well, today, my birthday, finally someone can accompany me.” You Shiwen caught fire.
“Oh, is there a birthday cake?”
“No, a cake here is expensive and not cost-effective. Save a little,” You Shiwen shook his head and drove Chuck home.
The black rose here followed immediately.
“Your family test should be almost over?” Chuck asked.
“Almost, but I like to be a teacher.”
The car is so long, Chuck feels that she is about to break up, but she is still calm and relaxed, it is not easy! !
“Oh, do you mean let me let you go?” Chuck’s eyes narrowed.
“Why don’t you tell me to let you go?” You Shiwen said lightly.
Chuck frowned, this woman is so calm! It seems the absolute master of fighting!
Drive home.
This is actually a very simple house, my god.
But inside is clean.
Chuck wasn’t welcome.
“You are really welcome.” You Shiwen shook his head.
“You are not a birthday? What are you going to eat to celebrate?” Chuck asked.
“Longevity noodles.”
“Longevity noodles? This may not be the best situation.” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Of course, birthday is going to be longevity. Everyone wants to live longer, don’t you want to?”
You Shiwen started below.
“Think, but you know I came to kill you!”
“Yes, you can also understand that I can kill you too, okay?” You Shiwen ignored Chuck at all and took off her thick glasses, showing her beautiful big eyes.
These eyes are beautiful.
Chuck also felt.
“Is there my share? All accompanied you home.” Chuck found a place to sit down.
“If you dare to eat, you will have your share,” You Shiwen continued below.
After a while, the two bowls of noodles came over, smelling pretty fragrant.
“Is it poisonous?”
Chuck heard it.
“You can choose not to eat,” You Shiwen ate it herself. There was no hair twitching action, just that ordinary women eat quietly.
“How many birthdays?” Chuck asked.
“You’re only twenty?” Chuck was shocked. “Why are you as old as thirty?”
“Your way of complimenting people is quite special, say I am young and old?” You Shiwen eats noodles and put it down to ask.
Chuck also ate a few bites, and it felt good. You Shiwen was stunned, and looked at Chuck again, “You are really bold,”
“I don’t think you have good craftsmanship, you should not be a teacher, you should open a noodle shop,”
“It’s opened, but it’s closed,” You Shiwen said.
Chuck squirted out, the children and grandchildren released by the house, will the store be closed? !
Shouldn’t they all be business geniuses? ?
Chuck looked at her in shock.
“Waste!” You Shiwen continued to eat her own. “The business is profitable and profitable. Is it normal and useful?”
“You don’t need it, but you are a wanderer, a secret family.”
“What about the homeless people. Can the homeless people die? They all die, so there are good and bad, isn’t it normal?”
Chuck was speechless, and the stocking was really different.
“Well, what kind of university did you graduate from?” At least it is also a world famous university?
“I didn’t go to high school anymore, sophomores fought with their teachers, they were expelled, and they started self-study.”
Chuck’s mouthful of old noodles almost came out again.
Does this matter regardless of your home? Really stocking? !
This tour of ten articles is also a personal talent.
“Have you ever had a boyfriend?”
“Are you here to kill me, or check me?” You Shiwen looked at Chuck strangely.
“Ask, curious.”
“I’m actually stocking, but it’s different from you,” Chuck recalled. The two people are really similar. The mother didn’t show up and made herself poor for so many years.
However, he is different from You Shiwen. He grew up courageously and has been growing up under the protection of Yvette, and this Yu Shiwen may not have spent a penny from his home when he was released from stocking, or One point of strength.
She really grew up on her own, a little sorry for each other!
“Different? I didn’t see it.” You Shiwen shook his head and took a sip of noodle soup.
“I’m different from you, you can’t see it?” Chuck himself knew himself.
“Gender is different, the other…” You Shiwen looked at Chuck again and shook her head. “There is no other difference.”
“Well, okay, eat noodles,” Chuck said.
“I finished eating, and my birthday was over. I’m 20 years old and I’m 21 years old,” You Shiwen felt a little sighed.
“Happy birthday.” Chuck said with emotion.
Chuck knows why You Shiwen Hui is You Tianle’s biggest opponent. Is this calmness of others not comparable to You Tianle?
The gap is too obvious.
“Thank you, remember to finish eating noodles, don’t waste it, and you have to finish the soup, you can’t waste it.” You Shiwen said.
Chuck shrugged, he was finished eating, and his stomach was full. He took out a dagger and stared at her, “It’s almost time, come!”
“Who comes with you? Boring.” You Shiwen shook his head, took out the test paper, and changed the paper.
Chuck was forced, he pointed at You Shiwen, “Stand up!”
“I want to change the paper, didn’t you see it?” You Shiwen bowed his head and continued, not taking Chuck seriously.

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