My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 689

You Shiwen really looked at the students’ test papers seriously and took out her thick glasses.
Chuck was stunned and annoyed. She walked over and put the dagger on her desk! !
The dagger that Alice gave was of a special material, so sharp that it directly broke through the table.
Chuck didn’t want to attack. This wasn’t the purpose of his coming. If he wanted to kill her by any means, then Chuck didn’t follow him after he entered Shiwen’s house. He took a small bomb and threw it into the house.
With the explosive power of that kind of bomb, the whole house will be blown into ruins. What about Yu Shiwen and then a master?
Definitely mortal! !
But Chuck felt that if he couldn’t do that, he wanted an opportunity to improve himself? !
Therefore, he will play well with You Shiwen! ?
“You are too much, you invite you to eat noodles, and you still pierce the table I bought for ten dollars?!” You Shiwen looked up, a little angry.
“I’m here to kill you, don’t ignore me, I’m dangerous!” Chuck’s face was expressionless, and there was cold frost on his face! !
“You really are too much!” You Shiwen was angry and took the test paper to the bedside to continue to change.
Chuck frowned and drew his dagger.
“Don’t go too far, I have to go to class tomorrow! The test paper must be typed out, don’t disturb me, you have finished eating, you can leave.” You Shiwen glared at Chuck.
“Don’t kill you, how do I leave?” Chuck said coldly, “You think I’m too active, then you can do it with me!”
“Are you really boring, didn’t you see that I am busy?” You Shiwen continued to read through the student’s test papers, ignoring Chuck who was surrounded by the cold.
Chuck fired and kicked her bed! boom! !
You Shiwen was shocked when her bed stepped on.
“You are too much! I used to buy a second-hand bed for twenty dollars. You kicked it badly.
Where did you let me sleep? Did you sleep underground?” You Shiwen stood up angrily, and the beautiful eyes behind the thick glasses were annoyed!
“Continue!” Chuck shrugged, if this is the effect.
“Pay me 30 yuan!” You Shiwen reached out!
Chuck was stunned, “I didn’t bring cash,”
“Without money, what are you doing in my desk? What are you doing in my bed? Are you sick?” You Shiwen was in a rage.
“You’re about to die, thirty yuan, I’ll go back and burn it for you,” Chuck said with a shrug.
Giving is also wasted.
“Burn your head! Don’t overdo it, there is nothing in your house that can be destroyed by you…
Hey, you let go! That’s my washbasin, ceramic, and garbage dump… Hey, that doesn’t work either, my family is three You kicked a chair, would you let me go to the second-hand market again?”
“You don’t have a sofa?”
“You pick me another sofa like this, can you pick it up? The original price was like ten thousand dollars, would you pick it up for me?” You Shiwen was furious.
“You mean, you looked at the most expensive sofa in your home and picked it up?” Chuck was really stunned. The woman in front of him was the biggest heir to the hidden family.
I’m 20 years old after stocking. How many things are picked up at home? ?
Chuck would never believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes!
However, Chuck suddenly understood why the secret family can pass on for dozens of generations and can’t stand up. Why can’t the family inherit this kind of talent just by releasing such talents? !
Sure enough, all of them are reasonable, only Chuck knows now.
“Yes, picked it up.”
“But this one used by others, you are female, don’t mind?” Chuck asked. Many women, even men, don’t want to use second-hand ones?
She doesn’t mind if she is a member of a secret family? Chuck doubts that people like You Tianle can spend enough money to spend ten days living for a lifetime.
“Why do you mind? This is good, even if someone else loses it, but it can be used, it can be done, it can be laid, it looks good, why can’t it be used?” You Shiwen pushed Chuck’s feet on her sofa.
Chuck suddenly had nothing to say.
This woman was so frugal that Chuck felt ashamed or even ashamed.
“Don’t spoil the things in my house, I have to open the test papers. It may not be changed until dawn. Don’t bother me. Will you? Just when I invite you to eat bowl noodles, please repay me and don’t bother me. ??”Yu Shiwen continued to sit down and continue to seriously modify the test paper.
Chuck also felt that this was a bit excessive, but he came here to kill Shiwen!
How do you kill it if you go on like this? ?
“You are the principal at school, do you have a lot of money in a month?” Chuck asked, too frugal!
There is no quality of life.
Today’s birthday, I didn’t even buy a cake, it was too shabby.
“No money,” You Shiwen shook his head.
“How is it possible? You must be paid for your job?”
“You work for yourself, will you ask for your own salary?” You Shiwen asked.
Chuck was stunned, “You mean, the school is yours??”
“Yes, mine,”
“Then you are more rich, so many students, the annual tuition fees are a lot!”
“They are all orphans, where can I get the tuition? Free,” You Shiwen sighed.
Chuck was shocked! !
Free school?
“So what do they eat?”
“I give,”
“I give.”
“Where did you get the money? You gave it to you?” Chuck couldn’t understand. She went to school full-time. She didn’t have time to change the paper at night. She didn’t have the opportunity to do other things?
“When I came out of Youjia at the age of four, I never used Youjia’s penny. When I came out, I had only one dollar in my hand,” You Shiwen seemed to think of a very sad day.
On the pretty face, there is a memory.
Chuck was shocked again. How did she survive? Only four years old?
“How did you survive?”
“Eat other people’s leftovers, wear clothes that others don’t need, live in corners, parks, and under trees. It’s easy to survive, but it’s not as difficult as you think.” You Shiwen is particularly calm.
In her eyes, this past is a little memory, a part of life.
Chuck was only shocked. She was so young that she knew how to live? ?
In Chuck’s heart, there was an admiration!
Chuck is admired to the extreme of this kind of woman who was raised by your family, who did not simply survive. !
“Then where did you get the money to maintain the school?”
“Work, I have a part-time job, to be a waiter, to distribute flyers, a lot of work is done, as long as the money is given, I will do everything.”
Chuck was suddenly weird, and You Shiwen glared, “You look at me, don’t tell me, are you thinking this time?!”
Um, when Chuck heard “Give money, do everything,” just now, he did it subconsciously.
After all, she is dressed in ordinary clothes. If you change clothes, such as jeans, it is an absolute beauty.
Chuck felt that he was not a human being, and actually defiled this good girl’s behavior. He said,
“I’m sorry I just thought about it,”
“You are really sick, the girl can’t do anything? Tell you this, you are thinking, what do you take me for?” You Shiwen was really angry.
“When a woman who shocked me!” Chuck muttered to himself, this woman, he admired…

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