My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 690

What does a woman raised by a secret family mean?
On behalf of Youjia, I fancy You Shiwen How can you restock if you don’t like it?
This seems to be a kind of stocking, but it is actually a kind of training, training the ability of You Shiwen Now it seems that the cultivation is very good
“What shocked you?” You Shiwen snorted, pushed the heavy glasses on the bridge of her nose, and sat down again.
“Your experience,” Chuck said seriously.
“Don’t you experience that you just said it’s similar to me” You Shiwen asked.
“Experience is there, but it is too far behind you,” Chuck said with emotion.
“What’s the difference?” You Shiwen asked casually.
Chuck talked about his own experience, including when he was a child, he found Yvette as the child’s daughter-in-law. When he was four or five years old, he had slept with Yvette every day.
You Shiwen pushed her glasses, “It’s no wonder you were so impure with your woman so early”
Chuck admits that he has thought about it a while ago, and yes, this You Shiwen can make money on his own, and he has to teach it. How can he do the kind of thing that sells his body?
Chuck felt that it was a crime to think about it.
“I used to sleep when I was a kid, who knows what you know” Chuck asked.
“Don’t tell me about this,” You Shiwen shook his head, and said seriously, “Talk about the other, and then”
Chuck went on to say that You Shiwen could put down the paper in her hand, and there was a hint of curiosity in her beautiful eyes. “Oh, that’s how it is. Your life is not bad. At least one child-law-in-law has been taking care of you.”
“So, my situation is very different from yours,” Chuck said sincerely.
You Shiwen looked at Chuck again, “The encounter is very different, but there is not much difference between inside and outside, but the direction is different. At least you have no money, go bullying people. This is the difference between your mother and your training. She wants to cultivate your heart. People are as kind as possible. There is no harm. You can maintain your original heart. It’s okay, enough.”
Chuck agrees with this statement. In fact, Mom didn’t do it at that time. Maybe Chuck’s thinking is definitely different now.
A person’s growth requires an experience.
“Well,” Chuck felt a sense of comfort, as if chatting with people with common experiences, they had a lot in common.
This is also a common topic.
Chat for a while, the purpose of Chuck’s sudden coming was shaken by one point and two points.
This may be sympathetic.
“If it is not opposite, we may be friends,” Chuck sighed heartily.
“You and I are not opposed to each other. You Tianle guy should not have you like this, so you are another person.” You Shiwen’s thick lens, there is a fine light.
“Oh, you see it”
“I’m not too stupid, or I will kill you when you show up.”
“I don’t like to listen to your words, it makes you seem like you can kill me in seconds,” Chuck was not happy, at least he worked very hard.
I am also a master of fighting. As long as it is not too powerful, Chuck has a way to win.
What do you say about Shi Shiwen? Chuck hasn’t yet seen her true strength, but with her toughness, she is definitely not bad.
“This is what you said, not what I said. I’m not talking anymore. I have to change the paper.”
You Shiwen remembered the matter, and immediately began to continue.
“I’m talking to you” Chuck is cold.
“Otherwise” You Shiwen shrugged. “Stop talking, I still have to work.”
“Damn it, you” Chuck was annoyed, he was tricked by this Shiwen
“Why swearing affects my impression of you so well.” You Shiwen beauty stared.
Chuck was speechless and sat next to Shiwen with a dagger. Youshiwen hummed, “Don’t disturb me, I warn you, I haven’t finished my work. When you talked just now, it delayed me a lot of time No, I can’t finish it tonight.”
“Then I will kill you tomorrow. Have time”
“Look.” You Shiwen simply answered a word.
“Then where do I sleep today I am sleepy,” Chuck yawned.
“If you dare to sleep, slightly, the sofa will sleep for you.” You Shiwen hand pointed at the sofa at will.
Chuck yawned over, lay down and went to sleep, but touched his belly, “You still have to cook bowl of noodles for me this time. Don’t be so salty this time. The soup was not very tasty. The noodles were okay.”
“Shut up, are you my nanny?” You Shiwen glared Chuckzhi shut up, and may feel tired, but she was really asleep.
You Shiwen continued to change the exam papers and heard Chuck’s snoring voice. She was so annoyed that she glared at Chuck and hummed. There was a trace of accident. I haven’t met this kind of person, I slept so hard, I’m not afraid that I will stab you You Shiwen hit Chuck’s face with the paper. Chuck woke up, jumped up, and almost stepped on the sofa. “Who hit me?”
“Don’t snore, noisy, how can I work? You crush my sofa, don’t give a hundred dollars, I won’t let you go,” You Shiwen said angrily.
Chuck touched his face and continued to lie down and sleep, “How can I control sleeping?”
“Anyway, noisy me, I will hit you,” You Shiwen continued.
Chuck was speechless. She covered her mouth and continued to sleep. After a while, she fell asleep again.
You Shiwen cracked over and Chuck woke up and drove back a few times, he couldn’t stand it,
“Damn, I’ll help you change it”
Chuck grabbed the paper in the hands of You Shiwen and froze at a glance.
“Come on, pen, I’ll change it for you, but everything should be correct, but I said well in advance, I didn’t pay you, I don’t have a point, you still owe me thirty.” You Shiwen said seriously.
“I, why is English not Chinese?” Chuck put it down awkwardly. These are all the problems of primary school students. If it is Huaxia Primary School, Chuck is no problem.
“This is Rice, you have nothing wrong with learning Hua Xiawen, let’s say it again, you can’t speak English, what are you doing abroad?” You Shiwen shook his head with contempt, took back the paper, and continued to make changes.
Chuck lost her face and continued to sleep.
I was so confused that I passed by overnight. When I woke up in the morning, Chuck felt refreshed, but when I saw You Shiwen yawning for a long time, I really didn’t sleep for the night, and there were still some things I didn’t finish.
She really worked hard.
“You slept well last night” You Shiwen pushed the thick glasses on the bridge of her nose.
“It’s okay, but the sofa is a little broken.” Chuck said.
“Sometimes it’s awkward to sleep but you are so brave that you can really sleep.” You Shiwen looked up.
“I can’t make you look down,” Chuck shrugged.
“I didn’t look down on you.” You Shiwen shook his head and continued to work.
“At the very least, if you let me into the house, you just don’t think that someone like me will make any sneak attacks. You have trusted me, then I must have trusted you,” Chuck continued.
You Shiwen was stunned and looked at Chuck again, “You’re a little bit funny”

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