My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 70

“Miss, are you paying by cash or credit card?” The waiter asked coldly.
Lara fell on the ground, feeling so helpless. She didn’t have any money. She couldn’t even afford 10,000 dollars. 44,000 dollars was just too much! How could she possibly pay that?
“Let’s call the police. She doesn’t seem like she has the money.” the waiter said.
“Yes, she’s just shocked. Let’s call the police!” Another waiter agreed to hiuggestion.
Several waiters came up with the ideas since the bottles of wine were broken, and if Lara didn’t want to pay for it, they would have to pay for it.
Lara’s tears burst out at once. She cried and shook her head. “No, please don’t call the police, don’t call the police!” she pleaded. Her family situation was ordinary where she can definitely pay the 44,000 dollars.
However, she did not dare to tell her family what happened as she was too afraid that she would be beaten to death by her family members.
But if they called the police, the police would still call her family. By then, Lara would really be in trouble.
“We won’t call the police if you pay for it. Cash or cards are both accepted,” thaiter said.
“But I don’t have the money.” Lara bawled.
Lara despaired, her tears could not stop flowing. When she sent the message to “baller” just now, she suddenly remembered that her cousin, Charlotte Yates told her that “baller” who bought a car was very young and was still a college student.
She then started to feel regretful when she recalled back what had happened just now. She was too desperate to meet “baller” but she didn’t expect to meet a fake one. When she was struggling just now, that bastard touched her butt and even her boobs……
The more Lara thought about it, the more she wanted to cry. She felt that she haery many grievances in her heart. Many onlookers crowded the space when hearing a loud cry.
“What’s going on?” Someone couldn’t help asking.
“This beauty has knocked over five bottles of red wine,” the waiter said indifferently.
“Isn’t it enough to pay back the money? What’s the big deal? Why do you make her cry?” That onlooker blamed the waiter.
“Sir, first of all, we did not do anything and she already started crying, and secondly, the red wine costs 8,800 dollars each, and five bottles cost a total of 44,000 dollars…”
More than a dozen people at the scene were very surprised and looked at Lara with sympathy. It was too expensive. They all started to think Lara should bear the responsibility and accept the bad luck since it was still her fault.
“Lara, what’s wrong?” A voice came through.
Among the crowd, one of her classmates who came out to take a break heard thry and came over to have a look. But she didn’t expect to see Lara crying.
“Fanny…” Lara got up and cried while holding her.
“It’s going to be fine. What’s wrong?” Fanny Lowe asked.
Fanny tried to comfort her and pat on Lara’s back. Yet, she also noticed the broken wine bottles and a pool of red wine on the floor. She roughly knew why Lara cried. She was scared for her too, how much would she need to pay for that?
“I broke the wine, and they asked me to pay 44,000 dollars,” Lara cried.
“Forty-four thousand?!” Fanny was shocked.
“Hey beauty, you need to compensate us immediately. Otherwise, we will call tholice to deal with this.” The waiter threatened her.
With the waiters urging, there were more and more onlookers. They had to deal with the problem as soon as possible. If it affected their business in the store, they would also have to take the blame.
“Don’t call the police!” Fanny shouted.
Lara cried and shook her head. Fanny then suggested, “Lara, don’t you know the boss here? Why don’t you let him come over to deal with it?”
“When Lara went out just now, wasn’t she going to look for the boss?” Fannhought.
“I…” Lara felt even more wrong. “That bastard was pretending to be baller!” she thought.
But she couldn’t tell that out loud. What a shame! How could she mention that she was tricked by an old man just now?
“If you don’t want us to call the police, you can pay for it!” The waiter saimpatiently.
“I…” Lara couldn’t stop her tears from dripping. “Where can I find the forty-fouhousand dollars? My cousin, Charlotte Yates? But she had just paid thirty thousand dollars for renovation and had no money left. So who should I look for?” She really had no idea.
“Baller?” Lara quickly took out her mobile phone and sent a WeChat voice message to baller in tears.
“I’ve caused trouble in the KTV in City Square. Baller, can you come to help me, please?”
Chuck, who came out from the boss’s room, felt his phone message’s vibration again. Chuck took it out and tapped on the WeChat voice message sent by Lara with doubts. He put the mobile phone in his ear and listened.
“This fool is finally apologizing for her mistake?” he thought.
However, what he heard was the crying voice of Lara. Chuck frowned while he walked, he then saw the crowd and walked over doubtfully. And he saw a crying Lara and there was red wine poured on the ground.
Was it… broken?
Chuck understood the situation instantly. He hesitated for a moment, squeezehrough the crowd, and told the waiter, “She knows your boss. Call your boss oecretary over.”
When Lara looked up and saw that it was Chuck who was talking, she wammediately angry. In her eyes, Chuck was just making fun of her and looking at her as if she was a joke.
She had just escaped from the boss’s room, and before she came out, she haushed the KTV boss hard. She ran away at that critical moment and even hit him.
The boss must hate her so much. If she called him over, it would definitely be more than 44,000 dollars!
“Chuck, you bastard!” Lara yelled.
Even Fanny, who was comforting Lara, rolled her eyes at Chuck. “What kind ouman was he? Was he trying to make things worse? You don’t want to help, that’s fine. But you shouldn’t make fun of people at this point, right?” Fanny thought.
“Does she know our boss?” the waiter asked curiously.
The waiter looked at Lara suspiciously, it was not that the waiter did not believe it, but if she really knew the boss, she would not be crying and should be very calm.
“Yes, she knows your boss. Stop asking her to pay.” Chuck nodded while he said. Lara was shocked, was he trying to help her? Lara felt that she had heard it wrong, but she didn’t. He had really said it.
At this moment, Lara wanted to cry even more, as if she was triggered at somoint, which made her feel grieved even more.
“But what good does it make? I did know the boss but if the boss was here, thituation would probably be worse.” She thought.
The waiter hesitated and decided to call the secretary over. He took out the walkie-talkie. Lara cried and shook her head. “Don’t call, let me make a call first.”
The waiter nodded.
Lara hurriedly took out her WeChat and continued to send messages to baller. Chuck saw Lara’s move, and he was also helpless. Lara cried and sent a voicessage. She begged for help to baller on the phone.
Chuck saw her crying, and he relented. Lara was almost raped and ran ourying. That was exhausting and yet she bumped into such a thing. It was really low for a girl like her. Looking at Lara’s sad and pitiful pleadings, Chuck could only step aside and take out his mobile phone to reply, “Give me a minute!”
Lara’s eyes widened. Baller replied to her and asked her to wait! He was going telp her solve the problem!
When Chuck came back, Lara was wiping her tears and told Fanny, “It’s sorted! Mriend said he would help me solve the problem.”
“Really? Your friend is amazing!” Fanny was surprised.
Just then, the secretary heard the sound and came over. Chuck glanced at him, and the secretary immediately knew what had happened. He immediately walked over.
Lara was nervous, why did he come so soon?
“Baller’s action was really quick!” Lara was nervous and perturbed.
“Sec, this beauty broke five bottles of red wine, and he said she knew you,” thaiter said.
He raised his finger and glanced at Chuck. The secretary understood and immediately coughed. “Yes, she is right. This beauty does know me. Please clean up this place. We don’t need her to pay for it.” The secretary commanded.
The waiters were shocked, “Do they really know each other?”
“Hurry up!” As the secretary ordered, several waiters immediately nodded and tidied up.
Lara was pleasantly surprised, “Baller is really amazing!”
Fanny and the onlookers were shocked. How did it get solved just like that?
“Beauty, you aren’t in shock, are you?” The secretary came over and spoke to Lara.
“No!” Lara wiped her tears and shook her head. She was in a bad mood seeing him. It was this man who took her to the fat bald man’s room.
But for the sake of baller, she didn’t want to argue with him.
“It’s okay, you can go!” Lara said.
The secretary glanced at Chuck.
“Hurry up and leave. Why are you looking at him?” Lara was angry. The secretarad no choice but to leave. After all, he saw Chuck’s expression was not very nice. Chuck saw that the problem was solved, so he went straight into the private room.
“Lara, who did you ask for help just now?” Fanny asked curiously. It costs more than 40,000 dollars! How could it be solved in just one sentence? That’s just too quick!”
“It’s my boyfriend, I love him so much!” Lara replied with her heart filled with joy.
“Baller, you still like me, don’t you?” Lara’s heart was full of fantasies. When can she really see him?

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