My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 691

“Okay, I won’t tell you more. I’m going to school and work,” You Shiwen shook his head, yawned, and began to pack things.
Chuck approached her with a dagger. You Shiwen didn’t bother to care for Chuck. She didn’t understand where this “trust” for her first meeting. She might have had a similar childhood! !
Chuck was speechless, “I think, if it were not for different positions, the two of us might become brothers.”
The feeling of embracing each other, um, is this feeling.
“Why can’t you be a sister?”
You Shiwen is too lazy to take care of Chuck, pack things, and cook bowls of noodles for breakfast, because the school work is very busy, and may not be able to eat at noon.
“My bowl should not be too salty,” Chuck sat down and waited.
You Shiwen was too lazy to take care of Chuck. He put down a bowl of noodles himself and just took a bite of chopsticks. Chuck snatched the noodles away, even the chopsticks.
You Shiwen was exasperated, “What are you doing? You don’t need money to eat noodles? This is the noodles I bought for only a week. Have you eaten and made me hungry?”
Chuck continued to eat, “Everyone said, don’t be so salty, your appetite is a little bit… Hey, did you just brush your teeth?”
“Go to hell you,”
You Shiwen stared angrily at Chuck, did she brush her teeth? ?
The furniture in the house is simple, and the furniture was not bought from low prices or picked up by the garbage dump. However, all the furniture was put into the house after being cleaned.
It can be said that she always loves cleanliness and brushes her teeth when she gets up.
Chuck was finished eating. At this time, You Shiwen took a bowl and came over and protected it, hurriedly finished it, and then pointed to the bowl that Chuck had just eaten. Things are hard to come by and cannot be wasted!”
She is particularly serious because all the soup in her bowl is finished. She is the kind of person who has eaten a lot of bitterness and knows how to eat this precious.
Chuck didn’t suffer that much, but he could feel it.
Chuckzhao did it and finished the soup.
You Shiwen nodded, packed things and went to school. Chuck got on the bus and vigorously closed the door. You Shiwen was angry, “Take care of things.”
“But your car is rotten, and you can’t shut it down without force,” Chuck muttered.
You Shiwen blushed and coughed, “Then you have to cherish it. This car is something that others don’t want, so it’s definitely not very good.”
“I’ll go to school with you to see if you still have to make a break today, otherwise I’ll go to your school to intimidate your students,” Chuck said.
“You won’t, there is a feeling of my students in your eyes,” You Shiwen said sincerely.
“Ah,” Chuck was stunned, did he?
“Yes, the kind person in my heart, I can feel that this is what I learned when I was four years old.
I learned it, look at people!!” When You Shiwen said this, after the thick lens, there was that An indescribable look, plain!
It seemed that everyone was in front of her, nothing to escape.
This is what she learned after so many years of stocking? Look at people? ?
“So, you can see at first glance that I am a good person?” Chuck was stunned.
Is there such a god?
“Yes, I see it, so I am too lazy to take care of you. If you have experienced everything about me, you will be very accurate in seeing people! Even more accurate than me, seeing people completely see the feeling, but you are not a good person, because you look Not so good. Men have many ideas, but they are barely a good person.” You Shiwen started driving.
Chuck is still not very accurate. With his experience alone, he can’t be compared to growing up alone. He has seen the warm and warm You Shiwen.
Chuck admitted this.
All, if you have this experience, then you will be very accurate.
Chuck coughed, “This is normal.”
“Yes, normal, so you are barely a good person, but definitely not a good man!” You Shiwen definitely said.
“Uh, how did you see it?”
“Eyes, although you said you didn’t think of me, but I feel you have a lot of women, am I right?
Don’t talk? Oh, you’re not honest,”
“Yes,” Chuck admitted.
“Normal, standard Gao Fushuai, many women are not normal? I think normal,” You Shiwen calmly shrugged.
“Whichever you can,” Chuck didn’t expect that she was so open-minded. Yeah, she has been out for so long. Who hasn’t seen him? Haven’t you seen anything? !
“I’m not as hard-working as you. Men and women are different! Besides, I’m not a good person, because I did a lot of things in order to live, and killed a lot of people. Once I killed a girl who robbed me for a bun. , She is seven years old, and I am seven years old,” You Shiwen’s voice suddenly calmed down, only the rumbling noise of the engine.
Chuck was shocked, “Seven years old?”
She encountered more things than Chuck thought, and it was a lot more horrible, killing? ?
“Then you can share with her,” Chuck asked subconsciously.
“If you have already divided, she will still come over to grab you, even if you have no food to eat, then what will you do?” You Shiwen asked calmly.
“I…may,” Chuck was speechless.
What should I do if I encounter this situation? At the age of seven?
“To live, only do that, I will not hesitate, so you did it,” You Shiwen deliberately looked at Chuck.
Chuck understood that it is no wonder that she can become You Tianle’s strongest opponent.
You Tianle in front of her is completely rubbish! ! Not enough!
Really have to deal with it, whether it is fighting or fighting wisdom, You Tianle estimates that it is possible to be spiked.
Because You Shiwen has no weaknesses, he will not be caught like You Tianle.
This You Shiwen is too forgiving.
Chuck said a few words to her, and she thought, was she her opponent? ?
Of course, Chuck is not retreating.
How strong, since I came, I will deal with it, and I will never retreat!
“You said I really want to fight you now,” Chuck said sincerely.
“I said, I want to work, how can I fight with you?”
You Shiwen directly refused.
“Don’t you say you can kill me in seconds?” Chuck smiled slightly.
You Shiwen pushed her eyes, “You, how to say, the foundation is very thin, I can see it, but…”
Chuck was surprised. He really only had contact with fighting for half a year. Although he trained every day, he didn’t have a good life experience since childhood.
This is a must. There are no shortcuts.
“But your teacher taught you how to teach you well. You seem to act casually, but you are always defensive and you can attack at any time. Fighting skills make up for your lack of foundation. I don’t have such a good teacher. Who is your teacher?” You Shiwen was so curious.
“My mother, and my Aunt Logan!”
Chuck shrugged.

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