My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 692

“Oh, your mother, the Aunt Logan you told me is very strong,” You Shiwen said casually.
“Yeah, if you are playing with my mom, you are not enough for her to watch,” Chuck laughed.
“Maybe, but I’m not a vegetarian,” You Shiwen’s thick lenses came down, her eyes flashing! !
“Aren’t you vegetarian? The next noodles are meatless.” Chuckli she.
“Eat it for you, you still say things to the west, is there someone like you?” You Shiwen was annoyed.
All her money is spent on school, where is there money to eat meat?
“Haha, I invite you to eat, and look at your poor, you can’t eat meat.” Chuck shrugged, he had no cash, but he had a card! How much do you eat? ?
“No need to pity me,” You Shiwen continued to drive.
This scrapped car is driving like a tractor.
Chuck was fainting.
Fortunately, not too far from the school, Chuck felt that she must be reluctant to cheer, so try to find the one near the school.
But when he arrived at the school, Chuck was stupefied. There was a sports car stopped at the door. Many students were watching. In addition to the sports car, there were three big trucks with snacks inside. Some people were distributing snacks to students.
All are good things, there is a car cooking, big steaks are being fried one by one, the aroma is filled!
What makes Chuckleng even more is that the sports car has a handsome man, holding flowers in his hand, smiling, and looking at this side. this is? ?
Chuck understood, handsome sports car! There are so many foods to please students.
Who can bear this?
“Hello, your boyfriend is so handsome,” Chuck quipped.
“All said, I don’t have a boyfriend anymore, do you think I came out to make friends?” You Shiwen shook his head.
“Yes, this man, this sports car is estimated to be more than one million US dollars, and the family is estimated to be several billion US dollars. Even your home can’t match a cow’s hair, he can’t match you,”
“This is your view of love?” You Shiwen glanced at Chuck.
“No, I mean you,” Chuck shrugged.
“There is no money for feelings, and there is no long-term measure in money,” You Shiwen seriously.
“I’m curious, women like you, what man can win you? No money?”
“Your wording is very problematic, what does it mean to win me?” You Shiwen glared.
“Well, then…”
You Shiwen gritted her teeth, “Don’t force me!!!”
Chuck laughed, “Forget it, I’m too lazy to tell you, whoever you win, it doesn’t matter to me, maybe you don’t have a chance to be won, because anyway, today I want to fight you, not If you die, I will live! How can you be killed if you die?”
“Okay, I’m busy, and I will promise you. After all, I don’t want you to sleep in my house again. I still eat two meals of my noodles. Stopped.
Of course Chuck was relieved, and he didn’t want to drag on.
After chatting like this, and chatting again, Chuck may change his mind, so be early.
Chuck touched his belly, “I have meat to eat, so I will eat it.”
“Sick? You didn’t eat it? Why eat someone else’s food?” You Shiwen shook his head.
“He came to chase you, what happened to my food? Who told you to let me eat vegetarian noodles?” Chuck walked past.
This handsome man saw hostility when Chuck came with You Shiwen.
“Don’t get me wrong, I am not familiar with her,” Chuck said with a shrug.
The handsome man was stunned. “Unfamiliar? How do you take her car?”
“Shunlu, brother, I am hungry, can I eat a piece of meat?” Chuck smiled.
“Despite eating.” The handsome man smiled.
If Chuck was his rival, would he still eat his own meat? !
Chuck took a steak and ate, “Brother, how long have you been chasing her?”
“It’s been a year, since I saw her picking up trash in front of my house, I fell in love with her, and later I knew she subsidized the school, I like her more, she is so beautiful, so kind, especially with a good figure… No, I mean she is beautiful.” The handsome man was intoxicated.
“Ah,” Chuckliang was blind. He didn’t expect the two people to know so.
Fortunately, You Shiwen has the best value, otherwise the second generation of rich people will pick up a garbage? !
But he said, Chuck also looked at it. It was true that You Shiwen’s figure was really perfect, that is, he was covered in white washed clothes, loose jeans, and shirts. It was too casual.
“It’s not bad, barely,” Chuck ate one piece and took another piece.
Anyway, the students in the school like this handsome man.
Because it’s delicious!
Who doesn’t like it? !
“Well, I went.” The handsome man and gentleman took the flowers.
You Shiwen shook his head, “I have said it many times, don’t come.”
This is helpless, the key is that students still like him.
Every time I eat all kinds of food.
“Shiwen, I like you, love you, be my girlfriend!” Handsome men kneel in public! !
“Hoo, teacher, promise him, promise him!”
“Yes, promise him, then we will have delicious food every day!”
The students cheered.
All are waving flags to handsome men.
You Shiwen are speechless, what is it?
“No,” You Shiwen directly refused.
“Why, Shiwen, if you are my girlfriend, you won’t be so hard. I’ll take care of you and ask the best teacher to teach them. Isn’t that good?” The handsome man was in pain.
“No need, no need.” You Shiwen shook his head.
The students showed disappointment.
“Why not? You are so poor, what can you give your students?? Being his girlfriend, people give you the best, and also give you the best students, why not?” Chuck said indistinctly. He is eating steak.
You Shiwen is angry, “Shut up!!”
“I don’t shut up. You are too selfish. You should consider the happiness of the students. You can’t do this. What else do you do?”
The handsome man gave thumbs up to Chuck!
The students cheered, and the scene was full of voices.
Under Yu Shiwen’s thick lenses, annoyed eyes appeared, “You say, don’t think about what I promised you.”
“What? Didn’t you promise me to find a rich brother-in-law? You actually regret it?” Chuck grieved.
The handsome man was pleasantly surprised. It turned out that this was all pretended to be reserved by You Shiwen. They are all pretended. I like to be rich like myself, haha! !
You Shiwen was shocked, “Okay, you talk nonsense, don’t you want to eat my noodles anymore.”
“That kind of eating is dead, and you want me to eat it again? You just killed me,” Chuck shook his head in pain, gagging.
You Shiwen’s fists were clenched, “White-eyed wolf!!”

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