My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 693

When You Shiwen said, Chuck smiled and angered her, it is best to do it yourself now! !
Then you can kill her in a serious way.
After all, I came here to kill her!
But Chuck was disappointed. You Shiwen just looked at him and said directly to the handsome man, “You leave, no matter what you do, I will not accept you, so don’t go on, it’s boring.”
“No, I like you, I love you!” The handsome man moved to his knees before her.
The attitude is particularly sincere.
You Shiwen shook his head, “Say, no need, you leave.”
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She refused to come over, the handsome man continued to kneel, “No, don’t refuse me, I really like you!!!”
You Shiwen gave him a few glances and said to all the students at the door, “Everyone goes back to the classroom!!”
Although You Shiwen seems to be quiet, but when she really speaks, the majesty of the secret family exudes.
All students returned to the classroom obediently, Chuck was stunned.
“What do you like about me?” You Shiwen asked calmly.
“I like your kindness,” the handsome man said sincerely.
“I’m not kind, I killed people.” You Shiwen is still calm.
The handsome man was stunned, “Have you ever killed someone?”
“unintended mistake?”
“No, grab me something,” You Shiwen’s voice, still calm, “Do you still like me?”
The handsome man was surprised, “Yes, I like it.”
“What do you like about me?”
“Like your beauty,” the handsome man’s eyes glowed.
“Pretty?” You Shiwen unbuttoned one of her buttons, with a clearly visible scar inside!
Shocking on the skin! !
Handsome man shocked!
Chuck’s expression was serious. Did she actually suffer such a serious injury? ?
The depth of this scar may have been injured at the age of eleven or twelve.
At that time, she may be dying.
“Is it still pretty?” You Shiwen asked again.
“Pretty,” the handsome man gritted his teeth.
You Shiwen stretched her waist again, and a knife wound almost cut her waist, which made people scared.
The handsome man’s face is white.
“Is it still pretty?” You Shiwen asked again.
The handsome man has a tangle, “Why are you hurt so much? What are you doing?”
“I told you, I am not a good person, and I want to continue watching?” You Shiwen continued to calm down.
“No more, the figure is the next one. When the big deal is together, you don’t have to take off your clothes. I don’t mind,” the handsome man shook his head and made the same decision.
“It seems that you haven’t seen enough.”
You Shiwen shook his head and untied the second. The handsome man twitched his face and yelled angrily, “Don’t! What the hell are you doing? You can’t protect your body as a woman, what are you doing? Men see you like this , And appetite?!”
“Everything I do is to keep me alive!!” Indifferent expression. She was calm and indescribable.
“Do you still like me?” You Shiwen is indifferent.
“Waste Lao Tzu time, you said earlier, what kindness do you think I like you? What I like is your figure, your looks, you are covered with scars now, do you want to sicken me? Want me to vomit, right? “The handsome man got up in exasperation, spit, and fell on the ground!
You Shiwen treats it calmly!
Handsome men are angry and take people to go away! !
However, Chuck stopped him with a cold face, “You are superficial!!”
The handsome man was annoyed, “What do you say? Do you say it again?”
“You are superficial!” Chuck said coldly, looking straight at You Shiwen!
You Shiwen was shocked, he. . Speak to yourself? !
“You only saw nausea on the scars on her? What you see should not be nausea, but a story.
Every scar on her is her witness, witnessing her survive, witnessing her growth, this is The endless story, and you… are so shallow that you only see the appearance?!” Chuck’s eyes are cold!
You Shiwen froze, he actually. .
Chuck said one word, that kind of anger has made You Shiwen feel a little touched for the first time in such a long time.
He seems to understand himself! I really understand! !
“Go to you, I came here to pick up girls, what I want is her body, what story do you tell me? I don’t have the mood to listen to the story, I want her, but her body makes me sick, and the appearance looks good again. What’s the use? It’s so disgusting inside, I wouldn’t want it?!”
Handsome man is angry!
Snapped! !
Chuck slapped him in the face with anger!
The handsome man fell to the ground and blushed. He was swollen by the iron plate! !
“Do you dare to beat me? Come here, abolish him for me!” The handsome man was frightened!
Billions of dollars in his family, was actually beaten by this kid? ?
He was angry and unstoppable!
The people he brought over came around, but how could it be Chuck’s opponent, slap one each, and beat them up, screaming! !
Handsome man shocked!
Chuck picked him up and caught him in front of You Shiwen, “Look, she is a beautiful woman, and you don’t deserve to have her!”
“Ah, don’t hit me, I’m unworthy, unworthy!” The handsome man screamed in fear.
Chuck’s strength is too strong, just a few people just now, but his bodyguard, was so easily beaten, so horrible!
Who is this Chinese? !
“Get off!” Chuck flung away from him, the handsome man fell to the ground, his bodyguard helped him to leave, limping away from here.
The anger in Chuck’s mind subsided. When he saw You Shiwen’s first scar, he moved, and in the second, he apologized!
Chuck knew in an instant that this woman had suffered more than he thought! !
“That man is a man who has no vision and only looks at Chinese and foreign appearances. He can’t be trusted.” Chuck said comfortably.
“You…” You Shiwen was shocked by Chuck for the first time, not because of fighting, but because of what?
Because he knows himself!
He saw the awe-inspiring look he unbuttoned, and it was not false at all. You Shiwen was really moved when she saw this look for the first time.
Finally one person understood himself.
“Don’t you regret it?”
Chuck shrugged and asked.
“No, you just surprised me a little bit. Many men saw my scars and showed disgusting eyes.”
“I was kind of just now.” Chuck said.
“not much,”
“Well, it’s only a little bit, because it’s really a bit of something,” Chuck said honestly.
“Unexpectedly, the person who understands me is actually you,” You Shiwen said with emotion.
“Yes, barely understand you, maybe your situation is similar to mine!” Chuck sighed, how to describe? The feeling of meeting and hating late.

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