My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 694

“You still have to fight me? Separate life and death?” You Shiwen looked at Chuck calmly.
“Fine, why not, I came to kill you, I have my own plan,” Chuck shrugged.
Must fight!
What about the feeling of meeting and hating late?
I can’t forget the purpose of coming by myself.
“Okay, wait for me to finish!” You Shiwen nodded, it doesn’t matter.
“I want to ask you a question,” Chuck approached seriously.
“what is the problem?”
“How many times are you on the verge of death?” Chuck saw that she should have died almost three times with just a few scars.
I am lucky to survive.
“Seven times!”
Chuck was quiet and silent, “You are amazing!”
Chuck is very serious about this sentence. She is an inferior self-knowledge.
“Afraid? I can give you a chance to get away, don’t bother me, then I will let you go.” You Shiwen went to school.
“No, don’t leave after school, I wait for you!” Chuck shrugged.
“Sick! Is the child about to make an appointment?”
You Shiwen went to the school, but Chuck didn’t go in. He randomly found a place at the door and sat down to wait.
During this period, Chuck occasionally looked at the school. She was teaching, and she was strict and smiling. Chuck looked at it anyway and began to struggle.
Therefore, he simply stopped watching.
When it was evening, the bell rang and the students came out one after another. Chuck was waiting outside.
When no one came out, Chuck went in to find her, You Shiwen was at work, and she turned over the test paper.
“Exam all day, others are not bothered!” Chuck said.
“It’s none of your business! Wait!” You Shiwen continued his work without looking up.
Chuck did not disturb because he also wanted to share a life and death! !
Twelve at night!
You Shiwen yawned, and finally put down her pen. She took off her thick glasses and rubbed them. These eyes are beautiful and full of stories!
When she stood up, she seemed to have changed. cold!
Very cold!
It seems like there are many corpses under the feet!
Chuck was stunned, “You are now You Shiwen.”
“Yes, it’s not,” she packed up. “Don’t be here, wait for the blood to squirt out, it’s hard for me to clean, go out.”
Chuck laughed, “You really love cleanliness.”
“Of course, don’t bother, solve you, I have to go home to eat noodles, and I didn’t sleep last night,” You Shiwen has already gone out.
Chuck wanted to get started, and it would not delay time.
Go out! !
“I’ll ask you again, do you want to go or not?” You Shiwen put down his backpack and became particularly at will.
“You are reluctant to kill me?” Chuck smiled slightly.
“Oh, don’t blame me. I’ve been out for so long. You are my first confidant. Even the people in my family don’t understand me, and you know a little. I want to let you go. If you don’t want it, forget it. , Began,” You Shiwen came over, her movements were very light.
Chuck is like an enemy! !
You Shiwen has experienced seven deaths and deaths. This kind of strength is definitely not comparable to ordinary people!
Chuck is careful!
“I kill people, it’s easy!” You Shiwen attacked!
Chuck showed his excitement and wandered in Shiwen to fight, and was more inclined to fight on the street, swift and spicy!
Chuck resisted with his own fighting! boom!
You Shiwen kicked out and Chuckfei went out, almost not fainting.
“Why are you so bad?” You Shiwen rushed over and grabbed Chuck’s neck.
Chuck crawled up excitedly, a chain of legs kicked, You Shiwen staggered back a few steps.
“None of you!” Chuck laughed.
But Chuck knows the gap. It really is that You Shiwen said that his foundation is too thin, and he can’t bear to fight a few times when he meets the kind of exercised body that he has tried.
A fighting master, the killing technique is on the one hand, and fighting on the bigger side!
This gap is big!
There is no way. Chuck was only half a year old when he was four years old.
You Shiwen said nothing, and rushed over like a rampage. Chuck was shocked, and it was too late to hide.
Chuck didn’t hide, just stabbed out!
“The same thing? Many people are like me, but it is still me who survived,” You Shiwen snorted and dazzled.
Her arms have become steel, and her legs have become steel!
Suddenly, she just kicked her legs!
Chuck was kicked off and just got up, there was a hand on his neck, a steel-like hand.
“You lost,” You Shiwen was indifferent.
Chuck is calm.
“In the past I shot, you died just now, your neck broke, knowing that I have nothing to stop?”
“Could not bear?”
“No, I won’t be impatient with anyone, let alone know you for more than a day, not even more,”
“But I understand you.” Chuck shrugged.
“Reluctantly understand, but this is not the reason for your survival, give me a reason, I can let you once.” You Shiwen said.
“I like you, is this a reason?” Chuck outlined a smile.
“No, the oil cavity is slippery, die!” You Shiwen was exasperated.
Suddenly, she was stunned!
Because of the belly, there is a hand and a dagger directly at me, I don’t know when to face it.
“I’m not too bad?” Chuck smiled.
You Shiwen glanced down, silent for three seconds, “It’s okay.”
“Haha!” Chuck let out a wry smile, and You Shiwen glanced at him, and let go of the hand holding Chuck’s neck.
Chuck fluke!
Just now You Shiwen didn’t kill himself, so Chuck had a chance.
Otherwise, Chuck does not need a bomb, not her opponent, Chuck admits himself.
“Let’s go!” You Shiwen turned around and left.
“and many more,”
“Do you want to continue?” You Shiwen frowned.
Chuck smiled slightly, patted her shoulder, and hugged her. Just like his brother, You Shiwen kicked Chuck, “Are you sick?”
Chuck smiled and said, “This time I came to kill you, but I didn’t expect it to fail.”
“You don’t have something to take out, so do I, do you understand?” You Shiwen has a meaningful meaning. Chuck understands that everyone has no cards and she knows what her cards are.
Chuck suddenly heard a familiar voice, Chuck was shocked, “Be careful!” boom!
A bullet came from a place and shot into You Shiwen’s body? !
Black Rose started?
You Shiwen glanced at her shoulders, and there was no pain on her face. She took out a dagger from her body and looked at Chuck. There was cold light in her eyes! !
Suddenly, she rushed into the darkness. how is this possible? Black Rose couldn’t shoot without her consent. Is she impatient? So pulled the trigger? Or did you just realize your danger and shoot?
In an instant, Chuck was embarrassed. Three minutes later, there was a gunshot, and after ten minutes, You Shiwen came back. There was a thing in his hand. The blood was dripping. Chuck was shocked. The black rose was dead? ?

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