My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 8

“What? Someone wants to buy my house so soon? And it’s gonna be paid in full?” Yvette Jordan was stunned after receiving the phone call from the real estate agency. “Isn’t it too fast? The news was just released in the morning!”
“Yes, a gentleman has taken a fancy to your house. If it’s convenient for you, please drop by so we can finish up the transfer procedure tomorrow”, the agent said.
Yvette felt like she received a gift from heaven. Despite repeated confirmation, she was still surprised. Her house was really sold in one morning. When she bought this house, she only bought it for six thousand dollars. In just one morning, she had already made hundreds of thousands of dollars. She thought that it would take at least a month to sell the house, but she didn’t express it to be sold so fast.
“Okay. Please take the buyer to the Real Estate Bureau tomorrow. I’ll meet you there”, Yvette said.
“No problem. See you tomorrow morning”.
Seeing the real estate agent hanging up the phone, Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. “What did she say?”
“Very pleased!” The agent smiled and said. He was even more polite to Chuck. Chuck, who looked extremely normal and low-profiled, had bought two houses in his agency in two days. He would be a big customer in the future, so he couldn’t afford to offend him.
“That’s great. Please help me complete the transfer procedure tomorrow”, Chuck replied. He couldn’t let Yvette know that he was the one who bought her house, or she might not want to sell it.
“Me? Mr. Cannon, this transfer has to be done by yourself”. The agent was surprised because he had never encountered such a request before!
“Please replace me. I will give you the money tomorrow. You can transfer the house under your name first, and then transfer it back to me”, Chuck said.
The agent was stunned. Was there such a way? However, he would receive a lot if commission after selling this house, so it was worth going through the troublesome matters.
“No problem. I’ll call you tomorrow morning”, the agent said.
“Okay”. Chuck gave him a deposit of 100,000 dollars and went out.
“Mr. Cannon is very rich”. After Chuck left, several agents expressed their envy.
“Yes. Although Mr. Cannon wears cheap clothes and looks like a loser, he is generous. He spent more than five million dollars to buy houses at once. His assets should be more than fifty million!”
“That many? He’s still a student at this age, isn’t he?”
“Student? He’s obviously a rich kid, isn’t he?”
“I really can’t see that. Are rich kids so low-key now?”
“Who knows?”
Chuck was waiting for a taxi while his mind was wandering. How would Yvette react if she knew he was the one who bought her house? Maybe she would be surprised?
Chuck shook his head. Now he was ready to go to the furniture store to buy some furnitures. After all, the house has been transferred today, but the original owners had moved out with their furnitures.
Fortunately, no renovation was needed as the house was still relatively new, so he could just buy some furnitures and move in.
However, Chuck felt that it was troublesome to go back and forth and thus thought of buying a car. It felt so different when he had money, he could change his mind whenever he wanted.
He took a taxi to the 4S Automoblie Store.
After obtaining his driving license for a few months, he had already thought of buying a BMW. Now of course, he was heading straight to the BMW 4S Automoblie Store.
However, Chuck was not dressed attractive enough to get the attention of the staffs in the store. They glanced at him a few times and their eyes was full of disdain. Nobody bothered to greet him at all. They were guessing that this person came in just to have a look around the cars for fun.
Chuck took a fancy to a big BMW, but he didn’t know what it was called. Thinking that it belonged to a certain series, he walked over and saw a saleswoman. Chuck asked, “Hello, what car is this? How much is it?”
The woman looked at Chuck with distaste. She didn’t want to talk to him at all and just walked away with no intention of responding to him. This poor loser was asking her the price of the car although he didn’t even know what its name was?
Chuck was a little distraught, and could only try to open the car door and take a look inside himself. However, he felt awkward as that door was locked so he could only have a look outside.
The manager of this store glanced at Chuck, and asked the intern, Charlotte Yales to come over.
“Manager, you called me?” Charlotte asked cautiously.
The manager pointed to Chuck, who was examining the car. “Go serve the man who just walked in. This sort of person is just taking a look at cars, they will never have the ability to buy the cars. You can practice serving him, so that your communication skills can improve. After all, we can’t let you, an intern, to greet guests with the ability to buy cars. It is best to practice on such a person with no money as it won’t cause any loss to the store. Go!”
“Yes, manager”. Charlotte calmed herself down and walked over. The manager reminded her, “Remember, be careful and don’t let him touch anything. He can’t afford to compensate if he leaves some scratches on the car”.
“Yes manager, I know”. Charlotte nodded and walked up to Chuck with a smile.
The manager and the other salesmen were too lazy to bother. They didn’t even pay attention to Chuck, who looked like the shameless type of person who would enter the store to check out the cars but not buy anything.
“Hello, are you interested in this car?” Charlotte smiled and asked in a sweet voice.
“Yes. Which series is this car from?” Chuck breathed a sigh of relief. Finally someone paid attention to him.
“Yes, this is the luxurious version of the BMW seven series. Wheelbase…” Charlotte was about to introduce the details of the car as practiced, but before she could finish her sentence, Chuck interrupted her and asked directly, “How much is it?”
Charlotte was stunned momentarily. “Well, this is the top car of the BMW seven series. It costs 2,480,000 dollars!”
“Okay, I’ll take it. Do you have any available cars in stock?” Chuck asked.
“What? What did you say?” Charlotte Yales was stunned.
“I said I’ve made up my mind. Is there any of it available currently?” Chuck repeated weakly. Didn’t it seem that he was going to buy a car?
“Are you sure?” Charlotte subconsciously rose her voice, which immediately attracted the other salespeople in the store. What happened? Could it be, this guy damaged the car?
Their salesmen all looked at them. The manager frowned, and could only walk over, muttering unhappily under his breath, “I told her to be careful. Why did she let this kid touch the car? Can he even afford to pay for the damages? Sigh!”
“What’s wrong?” The manager tried his best to remain calm. If Chuck had no money, he would immediately call the police!
“Manager, this gentleman here said he wants to order this car!” Charlotte said in a daze. She couldn’t come back to her senses.
The manager was shocked, his eyebrows knotting themselves further. Not a bit glad, he examined Chuck from head to toe for a few times. Unsatisfied although he had let this person come in to take a look, and even trying to make a joke? He was unhappy as he thought that this had gotten too far.
“What? Did I hear it right? This guy, dressed in rags, has the money to buy a BMW? What’s more, a BMW of the highest caliber?”
“I think he’d better buy a bicycle”
“That’s right. Doesn’t he feel embarrassed when he hears the price?”
The other salesmen all sneered. They had seen too many people like Chuck, just simply claiming to buy it. They wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to find an excuse to leave later.
“Sir, are you kidding?” The manager was impatient. He wanted to throw Chuck out.
Chuck looked at him, took out his card, and gave it directly to Charlotte. “Do you have ready available stock?”
“Yes”. Charlotte nodded in reflex.
“Then I’ll buy it, swipe my card!” Chuck replied calmly.
Charlotte was really confused. This was her first day at work and she didn’t know how to deal with it, so she could only ask the manager, “What should I do, sir?”
Since he wants to buy it, then swipe his card. Currently, this car has a discount of 30,000 dollars. Since he has money, then he can pay 2,450,000 dollars!” The manager sneered. He couldn’t understand why Chuck had the courage to present his credit card after asking for the price of the BMW. Will he feel embarrassed of himself only when the machine states that there is insufficient amount in his bank account?
Well, since you’re so pretentious, let reality give you a big slap in the face then!
He had been in the car business for so many years, and he had never seen anyone enter a BMW store to buy a car in clothes that cost less than a hundred dollars. Chuck was definitely the first one. The manager sneered and said, “Go and swipe it!”
Charlotte brought Chuck’s card over to the counter in a daze. She didn’t want to issue an invoice first and directly swiped the card.
“Haha, it’s the first time that I’ve seen such a person. This kid must be playing truth or dare!”
“Me neither. Will he feel embarrassed when the card cannot be used later?”
“I don’t think so. He’s so thick-skinned. Why would he feel embarrassed?”
The salesmen at the scene laughed mockingly while the manager glared at Chuck. He waited for Charlotte to inform him that the balance of his card was insufficient. In less than 30 seconds, Charlotte trotted over. The manager glanced at her and said, “Return his card to him, and ask him to get out!”
“No, manager!” Charlotte replied breathlessly. “Manager, his bill was paid! That 2,450,000 dollars has been paid!”

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