My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 71

Lara Jean happily sent a message to baller. “Thank you, I’ll give you a surprise tonight.”
“I envy you for having a friend like him,” Fanny Lowe sounded very jealous. If Lara’s friend could handle this matter with only a few words, how influential could he be?
Lara looked pleased, but when she saw Chuck Cannon walking towards the private room, she pouted her lips and caught up with him.
“Hey!” Lara yelled.
Chuck turned his head and heard a crack. His hand had hit something. Chuck looked stunned. When he turned his head, he saw a broken bottle of red wine on the ground. The waiter holding the tray was looking at Chuck in shock.
The muscles on Chuck’s face were twitching. He thought, Great, and now it’s my turn?
“Sir, you…” The waiter came to his senses and said in a firm tone, “Sir, this bottle oine that you broke is a Lafite.”
“Call your manager over!” Lara said as she rushed to the scene.
Chuck appeared shaken.
The waiter hesitated for a moment, but he had no choice and left shortly to get his boss. After all, an immediate superior needed to deal with this incident.
“Don’t worry. You put in kind words for me earlier. Now, it’s my turn to return you the favour. That way, we’re even.” Lara said.
Chuck still could not find his voice. He stared at Lara with an odd expression.
“What are you staring at?” Lara was on high alert. Was this guy still thinking about sleeping with her despite the situation now?
“You’ve had two chances. You’ve wasted them both, and now you’re still hoping for it? It will not happen!”
“Let me remind you I already have a boyfriend, and he is well-to-do. Quit fantasizing about me already.” Lara said while showing Chuck her phone. She clicked an image on WeChat as if she was bragging about it, and the guy in the photo was none other than the baller.
Chuck felt weirder and mumbled deep inside himself, “When did I become youoyfriend? How could you be so shameless?”
“Listen to me carefully. I already have a boyfriend who I love very much. Don’ssume that I saved you because of other intentions. Don’t get me wrong. I helped you since you said something nice to me, and that’s it.” Lara put away her cell phone.
Chuck did not know how to react. He was at a loss for words. Would Lara feel upset and hesitant when he tells her that the baller was him?
Chuck wanted to speak out, and he was also ready to take out the evidence. However, Lara was getting impatient already. “Why isn’t your manager coming? Do you have any idea who’s my boyfriend?”
The waiter could only do a follow-up with his manager. The manager came over in exasperation. What’s happening today? Why was everyone smashing and disrupting things all night?
When the manager arrived and was about to get mad, he noticed Chuck. Hmmediately smiled and said, “Sir…”
“This guy is my classmate. He broke it by accident,” Lara said.
“What? Do you want my boyfriend to call and talk to you privately? If that’s the case, you can say goodbye to your work!” Lara barked.
The manager frowned and deliberated,
“Who the hell is your boyfriend? If it weren’t for Chuck Cannon, I wouldn’t even bother talking to you.”
However, when the manager saw Chuck’s impassive look, he nodded and said, “Okay.”
“At least, you know what’s good for you. Chuck, I don’t owe you anymore! Remember, stop having any sick thoughts about me.” Lara warned before turning around and heading to the private function room.
The manager seemed taken aback and coughed. “She’s your girlfriend?”
“No, but don’t tell her who I am,” Chuck responded.
“Yes, sir, I get what you mean.” The manager nodded his head in agreement.
Chuck wouldn’t allow the business to bear any losses. He would instruct Yolanda Lane tomorrow to lessen the establishment’s rent charge for nexonth in return.
“Your room today will be free, compliments of the KTV owner. Consider it our gratitude. Please enjoy your stay,” the manager added.
Chuck took a quick look at him and said, “Thanks.”
The manager’s heart was full of satisfaction.
Lara made her way back to the private room. Just now, Fanny also witnessed how impressive Lara’s friend was. The manager rescued Chuck just by talking. Not only that, but he also sent them free bottles of wine. He could also work out conflicts involving payment worth thousands of dollars by saying a few words.
“What were you doing just now? Were you helping Chuck solve his dilemma? Why do you care so much about that guy? Just ask him to pay for it. Were you not looking down on him the most?” Fanny asked with a smile.
“It’s beside the point that I despise him. He merely spoke to me just now. After I save him, I won’t be indebted to him anymore,” Lara said.
“Hey, after you rescued Chuck, do you think he felt touched and could develontimate feelings for you?” Fanny checked out Lara’s pretty butt.
“Yeah, whatever. Anyway, I won’t ever like him.”
Lara shook her head. She already had a baller, how could she fall in love with uy like Chuck? It was impossible. The baller had solved the predicament for her, which meant that she was also significant in his life. The baller could get a solution to her problem in less than a minute. Could Chuck do that?
“You said positive and favourable things on my behalf, but this courtesy, I havlready given it back to you.” She thought.
“But he will have a soft spot for you. Look, Chuck is still gawking at your ass!”
“Hmph, bastard!”
Lara showed no interest in looking back. When she was in school, this guy eyed her regularly. However, when Lara glanced around, she spotted Chuck still speaking to the manager. Does this bastard want to suck up the manager?
Lara shook her head, and the two of them entered the private room. Lara marcheirectly to the washroom within the area, took off her clothes, and took a snapshot of herself.
“Hey baller, this is the only way I could think of to extend my appreciation. I hope you’ll cherish it.”
Lara was nervous. After a moment of hesitation, she took a selfie. She dolled herself up and took another picture without showing her face and sent it to him.
Chuck also went to his private room. Now was the perfect time to end this game. Chuck had the urge to go back when he remembered that Yvette Jordan had been drinking cocktails. She couldn’t drive safely once drunk. Chuck wondered if he should send Yvette back. This situation could be his best shot.
Sure enough, after entering the private room, most of the students had enough to drink. The party would be over soon. Yvette’s face had turned red, and she was already a little intoxicated. However, she was still sober, but it would be risky for her to drive in such a state.
“Well, it’s about time you show up. Let’s go back!” The class monitor declared, and all the students scrambled to their feet, including Yvette.
Everyone proceeded outside.
Chuck was a little flustered to see Queenie Carson. Queenie lowered her head.
Chuck caught up to her and asked, “Are you all right?”
“I’m fine.” Queenie shook her head. She had been sitting just now, thinking. If Chuck forced her to work on the problem, she would still agree and would noefuse him. However, if Chuck had not come back yet, she could never tell Chuck that she would help him, could she?
How humiliating would that be? Queenie could not put those into words.
Chuck did not know what was in Queenie’s mind, and it struck him dumb. He just let out a heavy sigh and stayed silent. Queenie felt depressed. The more Chuck thought about it, the more he believed that it’s not because of himself.
“Wow, we don’t even have to pay for our orders?” It surprised the class monitor that somebody had footed the bill.
The turn of events baffled the other students as well. They all deliberated if they would get a refund for their money.
“Yes, our boss said that your bill tonight would be on us.” The receptionist said with a smile.
“Lara, your boyfriend is amazing!” Fanny was wide-eyed and became even more envious. They received free wine, and he solved the problem. Her boyfriend also paid the bills for them. When could she find a wealthy boyfriend like him?
“What? Is this because of Lara’s boyfriend?”
“That’s right. Her boyfriend is the owner of this KTV. Didn’t she go out just now? Perhaps snapped some photos?”
“Damn it. I’m so green with envy. Lara has such a sexy body.”
The students were all chatting about her. Lara scowled at the classmate who haust spoken, but the receptionist smiled and took out a gold card. The manageanted to hand over the card to Chuck, which was unusual. Lara glanced at it and snatched it away. It was her boyfriend’s. Why did you give it to Chuck?
Her action surprised the receptionist. Chuck peeked at Lara but said nothing. At that moment, Chuck was thinking of ways to talk to Yvette.
“Lady, that card is…” the receptionist said.
“There’s nothing left for you to say. It belongs to my boyfriend, so I’m keeping it.” Lara said and put the card away. She could use the gold card to pay their bills next time, but Lara did not know that Chuck alone could use it.
The receptionist was even more lost. What is this girl doing? She couldn’t use the card at all!
“Let’s all head back.” Lara took the lead. The other students followed closely behind. Today, everyone had fun, thanks to Lara. The students encircled her like devoted fans.
Chuck saw that everybody had gone out, so he went to Yvette’s side. Seeing herovocative figure, Chuck could not help but feel stimulated again. “Wifey, let mend you back.”

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