My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 704

My mother’s plan was originally to let You Tianle come to be the head of the house. You didn’t want to let You Shiwen, who can improve the strength of the house, be the head of the house.
Therefore, as long as the mother comes, then you Shiwen will die!
You Shiwen frowned, “I’m here to find you, are you telling me this?”
“Oh, do you want to go through the back door and let me tell my mom, let her let you go?”
Chuck understood.
Otherwise, why did You Shiwen pass herself?
“I talk to your mother!” You Shiwen said coldly.
“But she will kill you!” Chuck reminded again that this matter is too important, and it is unlikely that the mother will release water!
“You told her to come, I talked to her, whether it was a life or a death, I figured it out! That’s it! I waited in the next room!” You Shiwen turned around and left to find someone else to open the room.
“You Shiwen! You didn’t use identity means?” Chuckming asked, if she designed any traps, then Chuck must not let his mother fall into danger! !
“I use tricks, I can use them?” You Shiwen was irritated.
“If I play tricks, you slept like a pig that night, I would have killed you already!”
Under the circumstances at that time, she could survive with a knife, Chuck might live? Even if you don’t need a knife, you can pinch Chuck’s throat by pinching your neck! !
“Uh, I just remind you!” Chuck shrugged.
“Remind you a ghost, hurry up!” You Shiwen went on angry.
“Are you going to open a house? Here is eight hundred dollars a night, you…”
“So expensive?” You Shiwen was annoyed and instantly cut off her thoughts about opening a room and so on.
“OK, hello, where are you going?”
“Toilet!” You Shiwen walked away.
Chucksi came and went, and decided to tell her mother about this, called her mother, and connected, Chuck said You Shiwen wanted to see her.
“Oh, then she is quite smart, well, I’ll come over!” said the mother.
“That…” Chuckzhi supported us, not much to say.
“I’ll talk about anything else when I arrive! It may take three hours for me to arrive. You should rest first.”
“Got my mother.”
Chuck hung up the phone and walked back to the room. “Resting, my mother said she came.”
Black Rose glanced at You Shiwen, who walked away, and snorted in.
Chuck lay on the sofa and fell asleep, but when she thought of You Shiwen, she went out to see if she was okay. Sure enough, Chuck pulled her in. You Shiwen was angry, “I’m going by myself.”
She came in.
“The sofa, the ground floor, and the bed. Where do you sleep? Black Rose is the patient. She is in bed. I am also the patient. I sleep on the sofa, so…” Chuck allocated.
“You just say I can’t sleep on the ground?” You Shiwen squatted in the corner.
She hasn’t slept well for a long time, and the ground is clean. She hasn’t slept before. She has slept in caves and caves. What’s wrong? ?
Chuck smiled, “Come on, you are a woman, how could I let you sleep underground?”
“Without your hypocrisy, I tell you, Chuck, you kill my homeless people, make trouble with my homeless people, I have no end with you!!” You Shiwen closed his eyes.
Chuck was speechless, sitting next to her and talking to her, “No way, you are the one who provokes me!!”
You Shiwen’s eyes opened, “Then you look at it, from now on, I will play with you! But I don’t know, can you bear it?!”
“Just casually, it’s fun to play with you,” Chuck hooked her shoulders.
You Shiwen beat Chuck hard.
Where can Chuck stand it? If you hit it again, you have to vomit blood, and You Shiwen beat people without any effort.
Chuckzhiqu went to bed on the sofa.
Black Rose couldn’t sleep, she kept staring at You Shiwen.
Keep staring like this! !
“It’s useless to stare at me, it’s better to sleep and recuperate.” You Shiwen said with closed eyes.
Black Rose snorted and closed his eyes to sleep.
The raven was silent, and the three tired people fell asleep.
Until there is a knock on the door!
You Shiwen awakened! Black rose awakened! !
Chuck finally opened his eyes confusedly, “Mom?”
“Well, it’s me, open the door!” Mom’s voice was outside.
You Shiwen was a little nervous, Chuck went to open the door, and Mom and Betty walked in.
Karen li was stunned. She didn’t expect three people to stay in a room. Is this a bed for a bed, a sofa for a sofa, a bed for an underground bed? !
“Cer, why don’t you open an extra room?” Karen li asked.
“She said it was too expensive to drive,” Chuck said.
Karen li revisited You Shiwen.
“Mom, it’s her.” Chuck swipes Shi Wendao.
“Well, you go out with Black Rose first,” Karen li said.
The black rose came down from the bed, and Li Qing said quietly, “Shoot this needle.”
This is the newest painkiller. She always got black roses and was seriously injured.
“Thank you,” Black Rose walked out holding it.
“Mom…” Chuck whispered.
“Well, I understand,”
Chuck breathed a sigh of relief and looked at You Shiwen for a few times. You Shiwen bit her lip and Chuck went out.
Betty followed, “Master, are you injured?”
“Fortunately.” Chuck shrugged.
“Get more rest when you are injured.”
“Well, Sister Li,”
Chuck smiled.
The door of the room closed.
Karen li gazed at You Shiwen.
You Shiwen didn’t move, “I know you.”
“Oh, what do you know?”
“I know you are cruel! Just like me!” You Shiwen said.
“Yes, when it’s time to be cruel, I won’t be cruel! I didn’t feel you are afraid, so you just say it!”
“Did you put something on my grandpa?”
“Yes, let it go, it’s boring to lie to you,” Karen li admitted.
The other children and grandchildren didn’t see it, only she could see it, and the gap was huge.
“So what did you put in? I know you have a technology company that has many fields of research! Certainly in medicine.”
This is You Shiwen’s analysis.
There is absolutely nothing wrong.
“Whatever you say, it won’t work for you. You have a lot of courage. See me alone!” Karen li said, his tone cooled down.
“Give me the antidote!”
“To you? Why should I give you? To be honest, you are not qualified to discuss the conditions with me, in this room!” Karen li shook her head.
You Shiwen didn’t refute, it is indeed the case, Karen li’s fighting ability, she can’t beat it, she admits.
But killing herself is not that simple, otherwise she would not be able to take such a risk.
“I know, so I do a deal with you.”
“What deal?”
“You asked for it?” You Shiwen frowned, Karen li was so clever, how could she not know what she was going to do with her?
“You said.”
“I am the homeowner, which is better than You Tianle as the homeowner?”
“None is bad. At the very least, You Tianle will do more good for me. If you do, it will do more harm to me, so I am not going to do it with you for this transaction.” Karen li shook his head?
“Then you are so confident that You Tianle can be the head of the house?” You Shiwen suddenly became cold! !

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