My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 705

This is not self-confidence, it is because you haven’t known your situation, and without you as your opponent, why can’t You Tianle sit on the housekeeper? ? “Karen li said indifferently.
You Shiwen was stunned and immediately understood the meaning of Karen li. She was saying that Karen li had killed herself now. Then You Tianle had no real opponent. With You Tianle’s viciousness, why couldn’t she sit in the position of the owner?
You Shiwen stepped back and questioned, “Do you want to kill me?”
“What’s so strange? Originally, my son was going to kill you last time, but I didn’t expect you to talk to my son…” Karen li didn’t expect it to be the result.
When she asked Chuck to look for Shiwen in the past, she wanted to give Chuck a chance to hone, but in the end she didn’t kill her, but instead became. . friend? !
Is that right? !
You Shiwen frowned.
“I was able to kill you last time I went, but my son let you go.”
“Let me? He betrayed me and called you!” You Shiwen mentioned this and was annoyed!
“I called on the phone, but with my son’s ability to hold you back, or follow you, and wait for me to pass, do you think you can still run?” Karen li said plainly.
You Shiwen was stunned and denied, “He, he can’t hold me, nor can he catch me, so he can only let me run,”
“No, you don’t know his toughness. I know. When he really wants to stop you, you can’t run away,” Karen li is particularly sure!
Last time Chuck was comatose by Emily and transported to Amazon. Actually, in that closed situation, she could still catch Emily and escape, and survive in the place of Amazon. Karen li knew Chuck Potential capabilities.
Now Chuck is too short in contact with fighting. If there is enough time for Chuck, then it is only a matter of time before he becomes the world’s number one fighting master.
You Shiwen’s frowned brows loosened. She thought that when she saw Chuck for the first time, she did have the fearless look, what was she most afraid of fighting? The most feared thing is to die! !
Chuck is scary enough!
“Well,” You Shiwen admitted, if Chuck wants to keep her desperate to delay the time, it can still be done. No matter how bad it is, even if he runs away, Chuck can chase it!
May not be caught! ?
Chuck is so desperate, certainly.
Thinking about it that way, Chuck really let himself go after finishing the phone call that day.
“So what do you want to say?” You Shiwen simply asked.
“Aren’t you afraid of me?” Karen li shrugged, and she found a place to sit down.
“Afraid of what you do? Everyone has only one life. Everyone can die. No one can carry it with a knife. No one can guarantee that they can kill each other. What are you afraid of?” You Shiwen has always been That’s what I think, this is one reason why she can live to the present.
If you are afraid of anything? How can you survive in a harsh environment? ?
Karen li was not surprised, don’t think so, did You Shiwen live to the present? !
You Shiwen sat on the floor by herself, not on the sofa. There was a feeling of students seeing the teacher, and the atmosphere was so restrained.
Karen li smiled slightly, “Say, your thoughts!”
“Youjia is not as simple as you think!”
“I haven’t thought of anything simple,” Karen li shook her head, not underestimating others. It was also an important reason why Karen li grew up to now in just over 20 years.
“Well, Youjia is a hidden family. With deep roots, Youtianle wants to be the owner, it’s not that simple!”
“I don’t think so much, You Tianle is ruthless enough, he killed all his opponents, then the position of the owner is not his?” Karen li interrupted You Shiwen.
“It turns out that you are as ruthless as him!” You Shiwen’s eyes flickered.
“It doesn’t matter if you think so,” Karen li shrugged. She wouldn’t say that she was a good person because she had killed someone, but she also felt that she was not a bad person.
She also does good things.
“You keep talking,” Karen li said.
“Okay, go to Youtianle and become the owner of the house with your help. You have disrupted everything in the house. You took advantage of the opportunity to invade, but you haven’t thought about it. Youtianle is really desperate, but still led the entire family to fight with you, Can you fight it?” You Shiwen said coldly.
“You don’t have to worry about this, anyway, it’s better than your position as the homeowner!
You Tianle and you are very different. He will make your home decline, and you can make your home a higher level. This gap will be bigger,”
You Shiwen was shocked. Sure enough, Karen li was Karen li. She saw things too well. She has had too many ideas in her mind for so many years. You can let Youjia surpass Wanjia and become the first hidden family! !
Karen li’s vision also proves that she does have this talent!
“But I tell you, even if You Tianle is in the position of the owner, I will pull him down!”
“You said it was too far. It’s a question whether you can go out today! Really?” Karen li stood up from the sofa, his eyes revealing a calm light.
“No, I don’t see too many killing opportunities in your eyes, you don’t want to kill me very much,” You Shiwen said confidently.
Karen li was stunned, “So?”
This is really the case. In many ways, Karen li appreciates the growth of such a girl. No one can help grow up to now. Isn’t she the same? Did not rely on the Li family, and a person came to the present? ?
“I know that the reason why there are not too many killings is because Chuck.”
“Yes, because of him, so?”
“The antidote to my grandfather, I am the master of the house, and I will give you three years to develop! Then I will solve the things you did in my home before I did it, I said it!”
“Three years? Your grandpa seems to say three years.” Karen li shook her head.
“Yes, but I said, you can believe me, you and I are not the same people?” You Shiwen said.
“You can really believe it, but I have been developing for three years, and you have not developed with Youjia too? So I think it’s better for You Tianle to be the homeowner, the risks are not as great as you do!!”
Karen li finished, she approached, shot!
You Shiwen has no expression, Karen li tells the truth, she really wants to deal with her, this is a feeling of excitement, not fear. Faced with the kind of sympathy of masters.
In the face of Karen li’s strong attack, You Shiwen shot back, but soon the gap came out. You Shiwen was shocked. She thought she could fight Karen li, but after playing, she realized that the gap was getting more and more Obviously, what’s going on? suddenly. Karen li grabbed his hand to pinch You Shiwen’s neck! !

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