My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 707

Surname Yu ? ? “Wan Ziwen sat up straight from the sofa.
“Yes, the outsiders said the surname Yu.” The man nodded.
“Monitoring photos let me see,” Wan Ziwen beckoned.
The man brought the phone over, and the screen was on the screen, at the door.
“This beggar?” Wan Ziwen said with a glance.
“dressed so poorly, her hair is not taken care of, what are they all messed up with? There is dirt on the shoes, who is this?” Wan Ziwen hated, she hated people who were not clean most, not dirty at all.
The man is speechless, okay!
But how dare he show his thoughts? “Miss, she said so calmly that the surname is Yu, so will it be the women who were still alive before the house? It seems that they are about the same age.”
“Probably,” Wan Ziwen was too lazy to watch, and gave him his mobile phone.
“Does the lady see her?”
“See, but take her to take a shower, wash her hair, give her a new dress, wrap her split hair, and then bring her over to see me, but only to the door, because she looks too dirty,” Wan Zi Wen said.
She has serious cleanliness, last time Karen li was far away from her…
Not to mention the door. . Girl too.
“Yes…” The man exited, and when he reached the door, he saw a girl with a backpack. That’s right, You Shiwen.
She came over and asked Wan Ziwen for something.
So come here.
“Your ladies see me?” You Shiwen asked.
“come in!”
The man nodded and You Shiwen followed in, but soon she was stunned. Why did she take it to the bathroom?
Is Wan Ziwen taking a bath? !
“Well, why did you come here?” You Shiwen couldn’t help asking.
“Shower gel, shampoo, these are the best in the world, clothes, hoods…all here.” The man pointed to a cabinet next to it, which contained everything.
“I came here to see Wan Ziwen, why should I take a shower?” You Shiwen didn’t understand.
“Miss said you were too dirty,” the man went out.
Staying shocked You Shiwen! !
She looked down at herself? Where is it dirty? ! Where is it?
“Hey, I’m not dirty!” You Shiwen was angry.
“Do not wash, my lady will not see you, don’t you know my lady loves clean?”
“I heard a little, but I’m not dirty, hello. Hey… is it hers! Neuropathy?”
You Shiwen was irritated. She had seen no one else like her before. She was so embarrassed that she was not a man. Was it useful?
But there is no way. You Shiwen can only follow the instructions, hurry to wash her hair, change clothes and go out.
“Headgear, you don’t have one,” the man said.
You Shiwen took it angrily, “Is it okay?”
“Women should pay attention, you have to learn from my young lady,” the man led the way.
“She loves to clean so much, is she not going to the toilet?” You Shiwen.
The man frowned, “I advise you not to say this in front of my young lady.”
You Shiwen was too lazy to say that when she came to the door of a large room, she wanted to walk in, but the man stopped her.
“What are you doing.?”
“Standing at the door, the lady despise you for losing your hair.” The man said.
You Shiwen was shocked!
Hair loss by yourself? Who won’t fall? ?
You Shiwen saw Wan Ziwen on the sofa, “I want to talk to you.”
“Did you just brush your teeth?” Wan Ziwen suddenly frowned, covering his nose and mouth across the distance.
You Shiwen was angry, “Hey, you are enough!!”
“Did she brush her teeth just now?” Wan Ziwen asked the man.
“It should be brushed, no taste,” the man said.
Wan Ziwen also covered his nose and mouth, “Speak, what are you doing for me?”
“I look for you……”
“Wait, tell me first, who are you!”
You Shiwen was extremely angry, “My name is You Shiwen!”
“Sixteen years ago, people who were released by your home?” Wan Ziwen was lazy.
“Yes, it is.”
“Say, what are you doing here for me?” Wan Ziwen looked at Shiwen lazily. “How do you look like this? Hair is messy, not like a woman, like a man…”
You Shiwen ignored it, “I want to borrow something from you.”
“Borrow something? I don’t borrow anything. You used it. How can I still use it?”
“You’re enough. I’m looking for you to get a box of special medicines produced by your company.” Although the antidote is available, it won’t work. Grandpa’s complications have all been brought out. You must buy a good medicine. .
But in the world, Wanjia company’s medicine is the best, and this medicine is not sold to the outside world, and it is only specially developed for Wanjia people.
“Oh, make it clear… save your grandpa?”
“Why should I give you?” Wan Ziwen shook his head lazily.
“What do you want, I will exchange with you!”
“What are you, I don’t have?” Wan Ziwen asked lazily.
You Shiwen is annoyed. That’s right, Wan Ziwen is the heir of the Wan family, and there is nothing missing.
“Then you can ask for it, as long as you give me a box of medicine.”
“No, go out!”
You Shiwenhuo reached the extreme, “I’m here, you want to give it to me.”
The man frowned.
Wan Ziwen looked at You Shiwen again, “Forcing me to give you, the less I will give you…”
“Don’t you have anything you want to do?”
“Yes, but with you… can you be the owner of your wandering house?” Wan Ziwen suddenly thought of something.
“Oh, then I barely did something for you to do. At the beginning, I did it with You Tianle, but he couldn’t do it, then only you, you do it, the effect is better,” Wan Ziwen said lazily.
“You say, as long as I can do it, I will definitely not postpone it!” You Shiwen was relieved.
When she came, she did not know how to convince Wan Ziwen!
After all, Wan Ziwen is the future heir of Wanjia, of course she has heard a little.
Knowing that she has a domineering personality.
Not easy to contact, how can such a person convince?
“Well, after I let you be the head of the house, give me the strength of your wandering house to suppress a person!”
“Suppress? Why?” You Shiwen was ignorant. She couldn’t understand what Wan Ziwen was thinking.
Wanjia is the first family, who is suppressing, one sentence, but why do you want to do it yourself?
“Why don’t you care, you just need to suppress him. But don’t suppress it,”
“What the hell do you want to do?” You Shiwen heard more and more ignorant, what does Wan Ziwen mean? Suppressed, can it just go out? What to do to suppress, what else do not suppress to die, what is this for? play? ?
“If you suppress him, he will come and beg me,” Wan Ziwen’s eyes glowed.
You Shiwen was shocked. Is there such an operation? ? “You, like this person, so want this?”
You Shiwen and Sanguan are destroyed, what means?
“Yes, I like him!”
Wan Ziwen nodded, his face serious, “so I asked him to come and beg me.”

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