My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 708

Wan Ziwen actually admits it this way, You Shiwen’s three views are completely destroyed!
This is a bit, a bit abnormal? !
Is this forcing someone you like to beg her?
What is your favorite way?
Others like it, they are all silently paying, no matter how bad it is, they are also paying for it, but Wan Ziwen is better, forcing someone who likes to beg her? !
Su Shiwen suddenly felt that it was not a particularly beautiful thing to be liked by a woman like Wan Ziwen!
Because Wan Ziwen forgets that a woman can be strong against a man, but she cannot be as strong as the queen!
This is not ancient, where is the oppression? !
Is this to find someone you like, or to find a male slave?
You Shiwen never thought that Wan Ziwen would be such a woman.
“That, the person you like, don’t you like you?” You Shiwen asked.
As a woman, she also feels that Wan Ziwen’s figure and appearance are the best women at the top of the pyramid.
But in terms of character, You Shiwen disagreed.
The reason why the man is begging her is not to mean that this man does not like her? ?
Wan Zi Wenmei eyes shot coldly, “You ask too much!!”
You Shiwen knew that, as it turned out, she suddenly became curious. Who can be liked by Wan Ziwen, or not? ?
Is it a peerless handsome guy!
What kind of good man is it?
Or what can I say a scumbag? ?
“Sooner or later he will like me!” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed.
“Well, who is it? Can you tell me this?” You Shiwen feels a little interesting. Wan Ziwen’s personality is the best. She thinks, is the man liked by Wan Ziwen very poor?
“I will tell you, wait until you have become the head of the family!”
“Well, what about medicine?” You Shiwen shrugged, of course she was happy.
The man goes to get medicine.
After a while, he took a box of medicines that he couldn’t buy from outside, and You Shiwen looked at it, relieved.
“Then I’m gone,” You Shiwen wanted to change back to her clothes. The clothes were too soft and she felt uncomfortable.
She likes it and is used to wearing cheap clothes, as long as it is clean.
“I don’t want anyone else to know about today’s affairs, understand what I mean?” Wan Ziwen reminded.
“Understood, I am not that kind of talkative person.”
“And you have to remember, I’m looking forward to being your master!” Wan Ziwen was lazy again.
You Shiwen’s eyes narrowed and she felt that Wan Ziwen’s eyes were not right. She could feel Wan Wanwen’s desire to control.
“Isn’t it good for women to control the family? I can prove that women are stronger than men, and you can prove it!”
You Shiwen is stunned. What exactly does Wan Ziwen think about every day?
She doesn’t have this idea, she just thinks that you want to make Youjia better and pass it down from generation to generation.
When she died, she could face down to meet the ancestors.
Without saying a word, Dao Shiwen made no difference, and You Shiwen left, took off his clothes, took off his hood, and put on his own clothes to leave.
Now that this medicine is available, should my grandfather be able to last for a while? ?
You Shiwen definitely wants grandpa to survive, she and You Tianle are very different!
“Miss, do you believe her that way? Should I remind her again?” the man asked.
Today Wan Ziwen handles things differently than before.
He has followed Wan Ziwen for so long, and I feel that way today.
“No, this woman is not simple. If she can take the position of the head of the house, then I will be more interesting in the future…” Wan Ziwen shook his head lazily.
You Shiwen makes Wan Ziwen feel like an opponent.
Of course, the treatment is still different.
“That lady, wait a moment, I’ll call Chuck here.” The man has his own method, no matter what Chuck is doing, he can let Chuck come in the fastest way.
“Go!” Wan Ziwen urged.
The man went out, but Wan Ziwen stopped him again, “Wait.”
“Miss, you are…” The man couldn’t figure out how to do what he had to do before, and Wan Ziwen, who had to do it when he said it, hesitated today.
“Did you not say last time that Chuck has a casino plan recently? Has someone been renovated?
How is the renovation done?”
“Almost, Miss, are you?!” The man was stunned and Wan Ziwen got up from the sofa, which meant he was going out.
What is this for? ?
Want to find Chuck in person? ?
“Take me to his casino to see how well he has been decorated,” Wan Ziwen said lazily, and had already gone out.
The man shook his head and fell into an incomprehensible, what is the charm of Chuck? ?
How can the future heir Wan Ziwen be so active this time? !
You know, Wan Ziwen commanded, how many men do not have?
Actually initiative!
Chuck, you should be grateful! !
“Okay, wait a minute, miss. I’ll see someone ready to prepare the plane!” The man ran out.
An hour later, Wan Ziwen saw this casino.
Almost finished, and there is some final work.
“It looks pretty good, the location and the decoration are all good, and the business should be ok.
Go, and now call someone to give Chuck’s casino floor all the gold for me! Go!!!”
Wan Ziwen lazy commanded.
The man was shocked, not gold. Even if this casino is all made of gold, it’s okay, but this is Wan Ziwen’s initiative to give this to a man. This is the first time!
“Yes, I’ll call someone to do it right away,” the man called and called.
There are tens of thousands of people nearby. Just one phone call, so many people can call.
“Manager, come over and have a look!” The foreman ran to Du Peixin’s office.
Du Peixin was preparing for the opening, so he was very busy.
“What’s the matter?” Du Pei frowned and dropped his job.
“A group of people came in at the door and hit our renovated ground. Come out and have a look!” The foreman was scared just now. They were all about to leave work and suddenly rushed in so many people.
The tools hit the ground, the brothers couldn’t stop it!
Who offended this? The decoration is almost done, so come over and do the damage?
“What? Go out and see!” Du Pei’s face was immediately indifferent and even irritated. This casino is under her control. Such vicious things can never be seen here! !
Du Peixin ran out and saw that dozens of people were smashing the ground at the door, and the car was driving outside. Four or five people came in carrying heavy boxes, one box by one box.
What is this for? !
“Hey, what are you doing? Stop your hands!!” Du Pei bravely ran over!
She was shocked because she saw that the box was actually gold…

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