My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 709

“Gold? What the hell are you doing??”
Du Pei was stunned. She wasn’t surprised by so much gold. After all, her family also has tens of billions of assets. The gold is nothing, but who sent so much gold? ?
Is this going to smash the ground, paving the way?
Paving the way with gold, then luxury!
Seeing that a box of gold was just carried in, how much is this?
Paved all the lobby?
Called by Chuck? But how could the person Chuck called not talk to himself?
Du Pei was shocked, and other decorators were also shocked! !
Of course they can now see that this is paving the ground, gold is paving the ground. They have been doing this for so long, and of course they have seen a lot of this, but they have never seen so much gold paving the ground at once!
How horrible is this?
Everyone here was stupefied, Du Pei recovered, and immediately stopped, “Stop!!! Who are you calling? Stop you?”
No one stops!
These people continued in an orderly way, there was no way to stop it, only call Chuck to say this!
“What? I’ll come over immediately. “ Chuck said in amazement.
He hung up the phone and said to Logan who was chatting, “Aunt Logan, I’m going to the casino side now, are you going?”
Logan was stunned and went to the casino? See Du Peixin?
Thinking of this, Logan unknowingly thought of what happened that day after he got drunk with Chuck.
Especially delicate.
He doesn’t know yet?
So, Chuck still wants to experience that drunken situation?
Logan felt a little embarrassed.
“Go, wherever you say, I will go.” Logan nodded, unable to refuse Chuck.
Anyway, what happened, it can happen again, as long as Chuck likes it.
“Yes.” Chuck’s expression was indescribable.
“Cer, what’s wrong with you?” Logan suddenly saw Chuck’s face changed, and she cared about asking.
“Aunt Logan, there is trouble in my casino,”
“Trouble?!” Loganmei’s cold, trouble in the Chuck store, this is absolutely not allowed! ?
No wonder Chuck just said that he would go to the casino with himself. It turned out that someone was making trouble.
In fact, she was also a bit lost. She had given Chuck the most important things, but Chuck didn’t even know…
Are you sad?
Logan is not upset. This is what he wants. What is upset? ?
Not for others, but for the people you like.
Not even feel sad.
What is that mood? Anyway, I feel a little lost, and I feel a sense of loss.
“Ah, it’s not actually a mess, just someone smashing the casino lobby…”
“Cer, this is not a mess?” Logan was angry!
“No, smashing the ground of the lobby, this is to lay gold in the lobby.” Chuck also can’t understand, who is this? Do this?
Shop gold?
How extravagant is this? ?
When Chuck was going to open the casino, he had this idea for decoration, but it was just an idea, not actually done.
Of course, when I mentioned it to my mother, my mother shrugged and said that there was no problem. There was a lot of gold. There are still several gold mines in the country. It is certainly no problem to use gold shops.
Later, when I thought about it, it was too luxurious, so I didn’t use it.
But now, who did it?
“Putting gold?!” Logan was stunned and didn’t expect that.
No wonder Chuck just couldn’t be surprised, just like that.
“Yes, I want to go over and see,” Chuck must go over.
“I’m going too.” Logan immediately stood up.
“OK, then go,”
Chuck, Logan came out, and of course Black Rose drove along…

“Who is that woman?” Wan Ziwen lazily saw Du Peixin who was preventing her from constructing.
“It’s the Du family of Huaxia. Chuck asked her to come and manage the casino,” the man said.
“Oh, Chuck doesn’t like her?” Wan Ziwen’s eyes narrowed.
“I shouldn’t like it. It’s a man. In Huaxia, Chuck also has a square and a new building. There is a woman called Yolanda. Chuck seems to like to let women manage him. .”
“Anyway.” Wan Ziwen was lazy. After a while, her eyes were so hot and expectant. “You said, should Chuck like it?”
“Affirmatively, what did his previous decoration look like? Four different, you give him a design like this, the luxury will come out immediately, he will like it.”
“I also think he will like it, but this is the first time I have done such a proactive thing with a man, he can’t help but like it,” Wan Ziwen said.
“Well, miss, hello, Chuck is here.” The man pointed his finger and two cars drove over.
Come down, one man and two women.
Chuck, Logan, Black Rose! !
Wan Ziwen frowned, “Does Logan want to die again?”
She wants to make Logan dead again these few days.
“This woman is a slut, knowing that she is Chuck’s spare tire, but also posted it upside down,” the man echoed.
“Too lazy to talk about her. As long as she is honest, I am too lazy to let her die. By the way, did she and Chuck do nothing?” Wan Ziwen asked.
The man was sweating coldly. For a few days, he didn’t let people get up to monitor, so he didn’t even know what happened last time at Du Peixin’s house.
If you know it, Logan must be dying.
“Just don’t have it. If you did something, kill her immediately!”
“Yes, Miss assured.”
“Chuck,” Wan Ziwen looked at him in the distance. He hadn’t seen him for several days. He seemed to be thin…

“Chuck, it’s them.” Chuck came over, Du Pei relieved.
Chuck also saw these people. This work is very efficient. The entire floor of the lobby has been smashed. The broken floor tiles have been shipped out, and they have been paved as soon as possible.
“Who sent you?” Chuck asked.
No one answered, everyone was doing things silently and meticulously.
Chuck is speechless, who is this?
“Chuck seems to want to know who it is, why didn’t he think of me? Calling so much gold in one sentence, how many people in this world can do it?” Wan Ziwen expects Chuck to find himself and think of himself, Because besides yourself, who is so good to you? So much gold for your sake?
Wan Ziwen expects Chuck to come over and tells himself that he likes… come here quickly.
“Aunt Logan, who do you think it is?” Chuck couldn’t think of it. The casino hasn’t opened yet, and there are few people who know that the boss is himself.
“Me.?” Logan clever. After she actually saw this gold, she thought, it should be Wan Ziwen.
“Cer, it should be Wan Ziwen.” Logan said.
“She?” Chuck was stunned.
“Okay, he knew it was me…”
Wan Ziwen expects more.

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