My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 710

“Wan Ziwen?”
Chuck frowned immediately, what did the woman want to do?
Spreading gold to thank her? !
Chuck knows Wan Ziwen’s thoughts!
Chuck came to the door and looked around, only to find a luxury car in the distance, Wan Ziwen was inside?
Chuck’s eyes are chilling. This woman must make it clear to her today! !
But Chuck thought of what his dad said. When it came time, if the home could not handle it, he still wanted to marry Wan Ziwen. .
“Aunt Logan, Black Rose, wait a minute, I’ll go and see,”
Chuck said that he had already gone there.
Logan wanted to follow her, but she couldn’t.
Afraid of Wan Ziwen?
Logan is not afraid of death, how could he be afraid of Wan Ziwen? ?
She is now reluctant to die because of Chuck’s reasons.
“Will wait until it’s finished, continue drinking.” Du Peixin told Logan this matter.
There was also no relaxation for several days. Du Pei was alone and wanted to drink.
“Wait for Zeer’s meaning is good, he said drink and drink…” Logan said.
“Well,” Du Peixin didn’t say much, and she also wanted to talk to Chuck.
Wait, why should I chat with Chuck?
She was really curious. Who is this Wan Ziwen in Logan’s mouth? ?
Is it where Chuck now parks his luxury cars?
Black Rose hummed, unhappy in his heart, anyway, I don’t know why, just unhappy.

“You sit in,” Wan Ziwen said.
Although, at this time, Chuck’s shoes are all dirty and dirty, but it’s okay, Chuck can sit in.
She doesn’t mind, anyway, Chuck will be his own man in the future.
When she was rescued by Chuck, didn’t she fall asleep with Chuck? She didn’t mind that time, let alone when she liked Chuck more now.
Wan Ziwen expects that Chuck will like it.
Spreading gold, the grade will be raised at once, how good is it?
“No, you let those of you go! I don’t need these!” Chuck opened the door.
Too lazy to tell the truth, when Chuck thought of what Dad said, maybe he would marry her in the future, he felt speechless.
Marry yourself with such a woman?
Her arrogant eyes and alms-like eyes, Chuck was disgusted when she saw it, and she was still married? ?
“What do you say. No need!” Wan Ziwen’s face was cold.
Like being suddenly splashed with cold water, my heart was cold, and I was so active for the first time, but actually refused?
In an instant, Wan Zi wanted to kill someone in a spirit!
“Yes, I don’t need it. I have already renovated it. Why do you come here and say this without saying anything? What do you mean?” Chuck asked.
What do you want to do? Let yourself be thankful?
“I want to surprise you… I still use what you say? I am willing to do so!” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
“Are you so domineering?” Chuck was speechless.
Why is Wan Ziwen, beautiful people are beautiful, they are the best, but how is this character?
Which man can bear this queen-like personality? ?
Chuck is not a minion, nor is he licking a dog? !
“Overbearing? Chuck, I advise you to talk to me and pay attention, I have limited patience!”
“Then don’t bear it,”
“Chuck, do you know? I can’t bear it, you don’t know how many times you have died.” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
Yes, when Chuck slept for the first time, when the hand touched himself, then at that time, Chuck must have died.
Still alive?
Don’t look at who you are? ! Can it be touched by just one person?
For so many years, you Chuck touched.
“Anyway, you tell people to stop,” Chuck doesn’t care, she turns her face when she turns her face. Anyway, now Chuck can’t accept her marriage.
“No, no one can stop me for what I have to do! I want to shop, I have to shop your entire casino!” Wan Ziwen immediately ordered.
More people will come later.
“What do you want to do. Want me to thank you?” Chuck was silent for three seconds.
Wan Ziwen didn’t answer. Of course she meant that. She should do this kind of thing for the first time. Shouldn’t she hear thank you? ?
You don’t need money, as long as you say something like it, thank you, and nothing more, can’t you do it? ?
“Wan Ziwen, I ask you…”
“Sit in and talk,” Wan Ziwen ordered coldly.
Chuck didn’t move, how could it be possible to sit in?
“What the hell do you like about me?” Chuck asked. The woman like Wan Ziwen, at least the talents of the secret family, could you?
Right door to door.
“You ask this? I won’t answer you!!!”
“You don’t answer me, how can I change it?”
“Why change it?”
“Changed, you won’t like me anymore!” Chuck looked forward to this matter, how to say, seeing Wan Ziwen, Chuck was always a little uncomfortable.
Did Wan Ziwen do something? How about giving yourself this sixth sense? ?
“Chuck!” Wan Ziwen was annoyed. “Don’t force me!”
“I didn’t force you!” Chuck sighed.
Chuck now regrets saving Wan Ziwen at that time.
How did you meet such a domineering woman? ?
“I’m so good to you, you don’t even have a touch of heart. You have to know that ordinary men don’t even have the chance to get close to me.” Wan Ziwen said that she was really angry!
Especially want to kill Chuck at this time! But she was reluctant, this man, but the first man to walk into his heart! ?
If there is no Chuck, can you still like other men?
“Ah, I didn’t ask you to do this.” Chuck shook his head, feeling that he couldn’t talk to Wan Ziwen anymore.
“You didn’t, but I did!”
Chuck wanted to leave, “Don’t say, anyway, even if you have paved, I will let others re-lay the tiles!”
“you dare!!”
Chuck frowned, what did Wan Ziwen take himself for? Under the hands?
Must listen to her, she is right to do anything?
“Don’t I dare?”
“You dare, I gave it to you. If you dare to get rid of it, I won’t let you open this casino!”
Wan Ziwen would really do this. She used to deal with innocent Logan last time. What else can’t be done? ?
“Random!” Chuck shrugged. He knew Wan Ziwen would do it, but he couldn’t make Chuck compromise.
“Random?, believe it or not, I will push your casino now!” Wan Ziwen came out annoyed!
Get off.
Chuck eyes chilled, “If you want to do this, then I and you will never be at odds!”
This is Chuck’s first project in the United States, and absolutely no problem!
Not even Wan Ziwen!
“Is not at odds with me? Chuck, you think clearly!” Wan Ziwen laughed, this was an angry smile, she was on fire!

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