My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 711

Of course Chuck thought clearly, Wan Ziwen is so overbearing, and he is not licking the dog.
Why should she indulge her willfulness and strong desire to control?
“Think clearly, you tell someone to leave. “
“I don’t, I don’t! Chuck, you don’t know what to do anyway! If you are today, I will remember for a lifetime!” Wan Ziwen was annoyed.
She had never been so angry today, and she thought she would not be so angry, but Chuck actually did it.
Make her angry, can’t find a way to vent.
“As you like,” Chuck shrugged.
The two are hostile! The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder.
“Chuck, you know? I wanted to kill you just now!” Yes, when Chuck said the inconsistent sentence, the killing in his heart erupted in a flash!
Replaced by others, Wan Ziwen will kill people instantly, but Chuck has this “treatment”! !
“Well,” Chuck still doesn’t matter, or the same sentence, “You tell people to take those gold away, I don’t need it!”
“I won’t let them leave. This is what I gave you. Whether you accept it or not, inside your casino, I want to see all the gold!” Wan Ziwen has no room for negotiation!
The first time he gave a gift to a man, he didn’t accept it?
In Wan Ziwen’s heart, he was hit hard.
Chuck was speechless and didn’t want to care about her anymore. She wanted to control her own casino? Why? ?
Seeing Chuck leaving, Wan Ziwen was unconsciously anxious, but she asked someone to prepare something, thinking that Chuck would like to thank herself very much, so she could go around with Chuck and match their feelings.
But it was not what I thought!
Last time, this time too, Wan Zi’s style was crazy, but he was reluctant to treat Chuck.
“Chuck, you stop!” Wan Ziwen came out of the car again.
Chuck stopped.
“I’m not arguing with you, I gave you what you gave, and you should accept it. It should be fine.” Wan Ziwen’s voice lowered.
Her bodyguard was startled, but for the first time he heard the soft voice of Wan Zi Wenfu! !
Chuck sighed. In fact, it’s better to say, don’t be so overbearing, Chuck won’t refuse so directly, but Wan Ziwen is not like that!
“I was so low for the first time, how was it? I think that your casino shop is pretty good, really,”
“I will figure out how much gold is worth and then give you money,”
“No, I gave it to you. Do you like it?” Wan Ziwen said, looking forward again.
“I don’t like it,” Chuck said to the casino.
If you like it and accept it, what is this?
Wan Ziwen’s expression was cold for a moment, and she sat in the car angrily.
Her bodyguard didn’t dare to touch the mold, but she couldn’t help but had to say, “Miss, don’t be angry. I don’t think that Chuck’s person knows anything about it, he, he’s guilty! Something will definitely be grateful, he is deliberate and wants to raise his price!!”
The man devalued Chuck to nothing, and Wan Ziwen frowned, “Don’t talk about my man!!”
The man shivered, “Yes, yes!”
“Continue to ask people to do it, he doesn’t want it, I will give it to him! And, when he opened the casino, how busy it was and how busy it was!” Wan Ziwen then commanded.
The man murmured in his heart, what’s going on?
Wan Ziwen actually bowed his head? ?
It’s unbelievable!
According to the normal, shouldn’t Zhang Ze immediately pack up? Immediately scare Chuck?
Why is this story different? ?
“Yes, don’t worry!” the man said blankly, so shocked, Wan Ziwen seemed to be a different person today!
“You are surprised!” Wan Ziwen said.
“Yes, I thought, Chucktai…” Where can men continue? ?
“Chuck is the first man I like. He has done this and made me want to stop. The more he refused me, the more I wanted him to really like me, the man I made…” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed! !
Yes, Chuck really made Wan Ziwen feel angry and like it, very tangled feeling.
The key is Wan Ziwen, who actually likes this feeling.
The man was trembling. He couldn’t understand it this time!
“Drive!!” Wan Ziwen closed his eyes.
How dare you delay?
Drive immediately.
Wan Ziwen suddenly opened his eyes, “Let Logan come to see me!!”
“Yes!” The man took out his phone!
Here, Chuck, who heard the car leaving, was stunned. He did not expect that Wan Ziwen would go so fast!
Actually do nothing? Chuck was too lazy to think about it. He left early and was clean himself.
Arriving in the casino, Chuck told these people to stop, they kept on, Chuck caught someone and was ready to fight!
Solve by force! !
See if they go!
“No, if we can’t finish it, we’re done, please don’t do this. I kneel to you, and I have a family!
Please, let us continue!”
He knelt down, other workers also knelt down, Chuck sighed, let go, Wan Ziwen’s order was absolutely to complete the kind of death.
These people are also innocent.
“Chuck, what should I do now?” Du Peixin asked, she was all ignorant, who did Chuck just see? ?
People who can send so much gold at once are not ordinary people, right?
Just now she saw it from a distance. It seemed like a woman came out of the car. She looked perfect from a distance…
Do not know why, Du Peixin felt uncomfortable.
“Forget it, you find someone to calculate the value of these golds.” Chuck gave this money to Wan Ziwen.
“Okay,” Du Peixin came to deal with the matter immediately.
“Right, what about Aunt Logan?” Chuck asked. Logan was here just now!
Why are you gone?
“I didn’t see it, but when Logan received a call, he might have called next to him.” Du Peixin said.
“Chuck, would you like to drink today as you did last time?” This was an invitation, because she had no friends here, only Chuck.
“Well,” Chuck had no comment.
“Okay, I think this gold shop is fine, it feels luxurious.”
“It’s okay!” Chuck smiled bitterly. Now it’s only this way, what else can it do!
“Miss, she’s here,” the man said, and Logan walked over in the darkness.
There was no expression on his face, no fear, there was indifference.
“Once I was dead, I still had this nasty expression. I gave her a slap in the past!” Wan Ziwen told her that she was worried that there was no place to get angry. When she saw Logan’s face, she was very nasty!
The man nodded and walked towards Logan!

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