My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 713

“Aunt Logan, what are you talking about?” Chuck was stunned. Don’t do anything here? ?
Asked, Logan’s confused speech was not clear, maybe this was the first time she was drunk with an injured body.
“Say dreams?” Chuck smiled slightly and hugged Logan into the room.
Put her down.
Covering her with a quilt, Logan slept peacefully at the moment, but why did she have a painful expression on her face?
Chuck is very strange. After Logan wakes up, she asks again. After all, she is asleep and cannot disturb her.
Chuck came out to continue drinking with Du Peixin.
Du Pei’s heart blushed, and she drank almost the same. After getting drunk, she dared to get on the shoulders with Chuck. This had never happened before. After drinking, Du Pei’s heart opened.
“You are drinking almost, I will help you back to the room,” Chuckfu Du Peixin.
“Chuck, I don’t want you to help, you said, do you want to sleep with me at this time, do you want to sleep me?” Du Pei made Chuck stunned.
Du Peixin actually said such a thing?
Chuck feels wrong, because Du Peixin is not such a person at all, she is a workaholic!
But Chuck also understood her in an instant. There is no friend here in the country of the United States. Drinking and relaxing properly, there is nothing wrong with it.
“I was right, right? You are, you are…”
Du Pei blushed and smiled, said in Chuck’s ear, “I don’t like you, I don’t like you,”
Chuck was speechless and did not make her like herself!
Just manage the casino for yourself, and the next commercial projects will do.
“Okay, okay, you don’t like it, I help you go in and rest.”
“I don’t like you, but you can touch me. I’m alone in the United States. It’s boring and empty.
You can’t understand it.” As he said, Du Pei’s tears came out, as if complaining.
Chuck coughed, “Well, I can’t understand.”
Chuck picked her up and sent her back to the room.
“Don’t go, don’t go…Who made you go? Boss. Boss,” Du Pei said incoherently, Chuck coughed, embarrassed.
Suddenly, Du Pei put his arms around Chuck’s head and nodded.
Chuck was shocked!
Du Peixin is not only incoherent today, but also such a move? Chuck smiled bitterly. In this case, she was asked, and she had nothing to say?
However, Chuck didn’t have any idea for her. When he first brought her in, Chuck was honest.
Chuck felt that this level of relationship between the employee and the boss was sufficient, and there was no need to add any other relationship.
This is the growth of Chuck’s mentality since now! !
“Duppy, are you okay?”
“I’m fine, what’s wrong with me, well, you can go, I’m going to sleep, don’t touch me secretly, I don’t like it,” Du Peixin went to bed and fell asleep.
The sleeping position is touching, this Du Peixin, so rest assured of yourself? ?
Chuck touched his mouth and was crying and laughing, but Du Peixin’s lips were very good.
It is estimated that Du Pei’s heart is grateful. It’s the same expression as kissing men and women on the side of the country.
From the update Kuai Du Peixin’s room, Chuck went to see Logan and found that Logan curled up her body, as if she had a nightmare. Chuck hurried to hug Logan, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid…”
Logan got into Chuck’s arms, and the expression of nightmare slowly disappeared.
Chuck tenderness, “Aunt Logan, you must be happy…”
After Chuck finished speaking, he fell asleep with his head back.
Early the next morning, Logan woke up, she was stunned, and her face immediately turned red, because she was lying on Chuck.
What happened last night?
Logan looked, nothing happened, she was relieved, and she knew Chuck was worried about herself, so she came in to accompany herself.
Logan was gentle, did not wake Chuck, got up silently, and went to make breakfast.
She likes this kind of life now. She wakes up in the morning to make breakfast for Chuck, trains during the day, chats, and sleeps at night. Logan likes this kind of psychological satisfaction.
Make breakfast and call Chuck, Du Peixin eat together.
Everyone finished eating and went to the casino again!
On the way, Chuck deliberately looked at Du Peixin.
Du Pei was embarrassed, “What do you think of me?”
That’s the best way. Du Pei didn’t know what happened in the room yesterday. If she remembered it, she would definitely be embarrassed to face herself.
“Nothing, you have a good drink.”
“Not yet? That’s bad!”
Du Pei whispered and drove to the casino.
The person called Wan Ziwen has basically laid all the gold in the casino lobby for night work, so with a dozen lights, it should be luxurious? is acceptable!
In fact, after a few days of preparation, you can start business.
It must be done!
Chuck and Du Peixin said this. It is best to invite some big stars from the United States to come to the platform. Du Peixin smiled and said that she had already contacted. The big star came over. As long as there was enough playing fees, anyone could come.
Chuck is satisfied with this!
“Then you are ready, I’ll go back and ask my mother, after three days of opening, forget it!”
Chuck felt that he had to turn over with You Tianle immediately, so this opening should be as soon as possible.
Don’t stop after turning your face with You Tianle, so where is there time to open?
“Okay,” Du Pei nodded heartily.
Chuck and Logan went back here, and Logan went back to her room. She saw the bruises on her body, and she was relieved to take care of it herself.
Fortunately, it was not discovered by Chuck.
Logan’s eyes were dull, looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled slightly, “This is good, I don’t need to put pressure on Ceer, I can stay beside him…”
You know, Logan Huaxia’s business there, she has been completely managed by others. She can now think that she is a good wife and mother. ?
Chuck asked his mother.
My mother’s opinion is also three days later, that’s no problem, everyone began to prepare this, Chuck’s first project, must be a hit!
Time is fast, three days quiet!
There is no movement over You Tianle, and there is not You Shiwen over there. Chuck knows that this is a prelude to the storm! !
This can not be avoided, face it bravely!
“Her husband, wear a suit,” Yvette found the suit and put Chuck on.
Today is a big day, Yvette shows her perfectly in a dress, she went to the casino, it will be the focus of the audience!
Chuck smiled slightly, “Wife, you are so beautiful,”
“Don’t you see enough?” Yvette sorted his tie for Chuck, and she was suddenly worried!
“Her husband, I’ve been upset recently. I think, are you going to leave me?”
“How could it be?” Chuck laughed, how could he leave Yvette?
“I had a nightmare yesterday. I was able to get you married. It was another woman…” Yvette said with a sigh.

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