My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 714

“Wife, how can you believe in dreaming things? Dreams are all opposite,” Chuck was stunned.
How could Yvette have such dreams? ?
Maybe dad is right? Do you really want to marry Wan Ziwen?
Chuck was startled. “Wife, who do you dream about me marrying?”
“I can’t see clearly, it’s not me anyway,” Yvette shook his head and continued to tidy up Chuck’s tie.
Yvette knew that, by virtue of her relationship with Karen li, marrying Chuck was destined to be impossible, and she could not cross this hurdle.
The reason why I stay with Chuck now is that I am totally unwilling to know that there will be no result, and I don’t want to leave because I am not willing to give up.
Yvette couldn’t control herself. Who told Yvette to sleep with Chuck around her, did she feel at ease? ?
“It will be yours, definitely!” Chuck reached the point of seriousness.
“will not,”
Yvette hugged Chuck and listened to Chuck’s heartbeat, “I am willing to marry you and have been willing to live in your house since I was young, but the reality is not, because I will one day be with your mother Life and death, this will definitely happen!!”
Chuck sighed, yeah, the reality is that his mother and Yvette are enemies, can they marry Yvette? ?
Chuck was not sure himself.
“So, I don’t want the future, just the present, because I and you, only the present, will not have the future! Understand!?” Yvette said softly.
“Understood, but…”
Yvette reached out and covered Chuck’s mouth, “I know.”
Chuck didn’t say much.
After Yvette sorted out the clothes for Chuck, the two went out, and it was not convenient for the mother to go out, so Chuck, Yvette, Logan, and Black Rose went to the scene together today!
Logan is also a dress today. Her perfect figure is under the outline of the dress and she cannot be charming!
She and Yvette are different types of dress today, Logan is elegant, and Yvette is cold.
Anyway, there are advantages and disadvantages.
Black Rose is nothing to dress up. She usually has similar clothes. She didn’t attend any opening ceremony to protect Chuck’s safety!
However, Chuck actually wanted to see what a black rose looks like in a dress. After all, her figure is a perfect European and American figure!
It may be so long that the dress will split.
This character of Black Rose should have no hope, no hope.
Chuck didn’t want to think about it. Everyone drove over and got it in advance, so I had to prepare some other things!
Anyway, today must be a hit! !
When I arrived at the casino, I had already tailored it according to the opening ceremony of Huaxia, and the lanterns had been decorated. There were also a lot of people coming to the scene to be very lively!
In the past few days, Betty made an advertisement, but the largest casino in the United States! !
This gimmick is big enough, as long as you like to play with it, you will usually come over, so the large parking lot has parked a variety of luxury cars, and even the airport specially prepared for high-end customers, there are several planes parked. Started.
All are rich!
Chuck is very satisfied. I am afraid that this casino will make a lot of money every month. Du Peixin estimated that there is no problem with a billion dollars a month.
The more you play, the more you earn.
As for other entertainment facilities and leisure places in the casino, everything is available, so even if you do not gamble, other consumption will be very profitable.
Anyway, Chuck doesn’t need to do anything else, just leave it to Du Peixin for management.
She has this ability.
When she felt that her energy could be relaxed, Chuck would open another one.
As a result, the layout began to belong to Chuck’s business empire.
Entering the casino, Du Peixin, as the biggest manager of the casino, she is the focus!
The luxurious dress wrapped her, perfect to the extreme!
She is not as good as Yvette and Logan, but she also has her own characteristics and unique intellectual beauty of Chinese women!
“Chuck,” Du Peixin saw Chuck and came over busy.
“Don’t care about me, you’re busy with you, I’m just here to see,” Chuck’s low-key character, of course, will not let others know too much that he is the owner of this casino.
Not necessary.
Du Pei was busy with other things, but she found out that Chuck was very handsome in a suit today! With a noble temperament, she couldn’t help but glance a few more times.
When she came back to herself, she was stunned and made a nympho? ?
“By the way, today there are a lot of big stars from the United States, and there is also a star who likes to gamble. They are all big stars from the American movie. They are all behind. Chuck, are you going to take pictures with them?”
“Take a picture?” Chuck passed the mentality of chasing stars, and now only wants to expand his own business empire.
However, before he was in the United States, he liked to watch movies and met many big stars in the United States. He also felt that there are a few beautiful stars in the United States.
It’s different now, and your own casino can actually invite these big stars just on the screen? ?
“There are a few beautiful people, and who is my boss? You didn’t say, you can get to know.” Du Peixin understood the man’s thoughts.
In this way, Chuck is not much interested. With Yvette and Logan beside him, do you want to meet other people? No need!
“No, you are busy.”
“Okay, don’t say I’m not sensible, please invite those celebrities over, you don’t even want to see,”
Du Peixin smiled and busy himself, somehow, she heard Chuck said no, she was quite happy in her heart.
At least Chuck is not a person who sees something. If other bosses have such an opportunity to face the big star of the United States, they have long talked about it.
There were more and more people on the scene. The dealers, waiters, and various managers of the casino were all directly transferred from the mother’s store. They were all professionals.
Many people began to exchange chips to play.
Wow lala, Chuck heard the sound of the collision of chips, he knew that there was money to enter, saw a little overcrowded, Chuck happy, Chuck also told Du Peixin, asked her to start training her talent, the total It’s not a matter of letting my mom help!
“Ah, what is that!”
Suddenly there was a commotion outside the crowd, and many people went out to watch. Chuck, Yvette, Logan, and Black Rose, of course, also went out, for example.
“What is this? It seems to be a member of the Luofu family!”
“Does this casino owner know anyone from the Luofu family?”
“It’s no wonder that the ground is covered with gold. This is a rich man!”
Everyone talked about it, not to mention anything else, because the Luofu family sent a big opening gift! !

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