My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 715

Chuck saw that it was Emily who sent a huge cannon. This is the ancient cannon of China, representing the heart of the Luofu family!
The ancient artillery was pushed forward, in the middle of the lobby, full of domineering! !
There are guns in town, and the logo of the Luofu family. This is to tell people to come over and play honestly, don’t make trouble.
But Alice didn’t come by herself. Yeah, Alice must haven’t appeared on this occasion. If it was analyzed, it would be bad for Chuck and Alice.
Alice is right to do so.
“Cer, it seems that your relationship with the Luofu family has eased greatly,” Logan said with a smile.
Yvette was also relieved, yeah, at that time Chuck and this Emily were intolerant, and now not only had cooperation, but also let Emily send the opening gift personally, which was not what Yvette had expected before. Things.
Chuckxin was awkward in his heart. Say that she and Alice had an undesirable relationship?
With that said, Logan and Yvette will definitely be shocked! !
Chuck smiled and said nothing, and Emily sent the opening gift on behalf of the Luo Fu family.
This is something that many people on the scene didn’t think of. It was a lot of discussion. They didn’t know who the casino owner was, and they were discussing the relationship between the boss and the Luofu family.
“Is this casino the Luofu family?”
“Who knows this! But I think it doesn’t seem to be, the boss has someone else.”
“The people of the Luofu family don’t like Chinese people very much!”
“Has this happened?”
“Yes! You didn’t see that the biggest one in this casino is the Chinese woman? So, I think it’s someone else!”
“Oh, that’s what it is!”
Everyone talks.
Emily delivered something and asked someone to put it away. She saw Chuck and came over, under the watch of many people.
“What? Why did she walk towards a Chinese person?”
“Is this Chinese man the owner of this casino? This is the largest casino in the country!
“It must be impossible, I think, that Emily knew this Huaxia man, so he just said hello in the past, don’t think about it.”
“I think so.”
“Chuck, congratulations.” Emily said.
Today she is also wearing a dress, she is a standard American, of course, has the hot body of the American people, wearing a dress is really beautiful.
Chuck also feels like he is shining right now, not bad.
Emily likes fighting and sports, and makes her figure more perfect. Although it is not as perfect as the black rose, it is not bad.
“Thanks, there’s something to eat over there, you’re going to eat,” Chuck is better for Emily, how to say it is also Alice’s daughter.
“I didn’t come here to eat. What good food have I never eaten?” Emily pouted.
She knew that Chuck’s shop had opened, so she came to see Chuck.
“So what are you doing here?” Chuck asked.
“Don’t do anything, don’t tell you, yes, I asked you, when are you free?”
“I recently learned a new fight, and I think it should be your opponent, so find a place to discuss it! I must win you,”
“You want to win, then I will win it for you,” Chuck didn’t want to fight with her, she insisted on pulling herself to fight!
Not to mention hurting her, Alice couldn’t tell herself, she could only embarrass Alice, but she didn’t want to.
“I don’t want you to let me! I will win you. After winning you, you will change to me, in fact, I am a good person.” Emily’s voice became smaller and smaller.
Chuck was stunned, this girl, why change yourself? ?
Chuck ignored her and patted her shoulder, “Go eat yourself,”
“Don’t push me! Hate!”
Emily is angry, coming from afar, you have to talk more! !
“Boss, where is the boss of this casino?” Suddenly, a roaring voice appeared at the scene.
Everyone is quiet!
Chuck looked over and found out that this is a man in his forties.
Many people are pointing.
“This person likes to gamble and has a little money. You can ignore him,” Emily said.
Yvette, Logan, and Black Rose’s face all changed.
“Husband, let’s take a look in the past,” Yvette suggested.
“Cer, this person means a little trouble, you can also seize this opportunity!” Logan also said.
Chuck also wanted to do the same. There was such a thing on the first day. Then, if it is not handled well today, will it still be in the future? ?
Must kill chickens and monkeys!
“Look at the past.” Chuck passed a few people.
Emily was mad, “I haven’t said anything, and I can’t talk to me anymore? I’m coming from afar,”
“Boss, where did the boss go? Such a big shelf? Don’t know that the customer is God?”
The fat man clapped the table, and his violent voice made it impossible for others to play.
“This gentleman, can you tell me something, I am the manager here!” Du Peixin smiled past.
“Manager? You are not qualified to talk to me, call your boss over!” said the fat man, angry.
Du Pei frowned, but the guests were talking about this, and she only looked at Chuck.
They are named to see the boss, but she is not the boss.
“I am the boss. Is there anything?”
Chuck stepped forward! !
Du Pei was relieved.
“What? This Chinese is the owner of this casino? Isn’t it?”
“He said everything, is there any fake?”
“Ah, I really can’t see it. The afterlife is awesome. At such a young age, there is the largest casino in the United States. I can’t imagine it in the future!!”
Everyone at the scene was shocked. They did not expect that the Huaxia man whom Emily first met was really the boss here! ?
“Are you the boss?” the fat man questioned.
“Yes, is there something?”
“You don’t even know how to speak English, what kind of boss are you? Where did your casino boss hide? Just find someone to come forward?” The fat man sneered.
“I just came to the United States. Soon, the English is not familiar, it does not mean that I am not, let’s say, what’s the matter?”
Chuck’s face does not change color!
“Well, since you said you are the boss, then I will play with you, do you dare?” The fat man sneered.
“Don’t you dare? Do you dare to open the door to do business?” Chuck smiled slightly.
“This is what you said. I like to play with people like me. If you dare to play with 5 billion dollars, do you dare to play it?” The fat man laughed. This number is not just for anyone.
He can gamble and be proficient, so he wants to win some money.
“Only starting at 5 billion US dollars? Too low, or 10 billion US dollars to start well,” Chuck said with a shrug.

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