My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 717

The casino lobby is a clattering dice!
There were ridicules, gazes, and expectations at the scene, anyway, all pregnant with ghosts!
Fat man fell into the cup! !
Chuck also fell into the cup!
The fat man laughed, “Hey, I have my own set of dice rolls! You are ready to lose!”
Uncover! !
The whole audience was in an uproar!
“Two sixs, one five? Not bad!”
“Is this good? Very good! Win!”
All the guests in the casino praised it and shook it out. This is also an absolute casino veteran!
This casino owner Chuck is a novice at first glance, sure to lose!
“Huh, it’s not normal to play, but it’s okay to win you, mine is already open, uncover it!” The fat man smiled.
This penalty was not expected, but it’s not bad!
“Chuck, don’t open it!” Emily is anxious. Chuck looks like a novice. Don’t open it, you will lose ugly!
Yvette faced calmly, Logan was a little worried, why?
Yvette just said that Chuck’s hearing is better, but now it is compared to the dice shaking method, which has little to do with hearing!
She certainly hopes that Chuck won, but. .
Can Chuck win? ?
The big eyes of the black rose and blue did not turn their eyes, and they felt a little nervous.
When she was refreshed in an instant, she was stunned. Why was she so nervous? ?
Du Pei’s forehead is full of sweat, her fists are clenched tightly, Chuck, want to win!
Chuck shrugged, stared at the audience, and opened the dice cup! !
In a flash, the audience was shocked! ?
“What? It was three sixs? He actually shook out three sixs! Was it my dazzle?”
“My God! Isn’t he a newbie?”
“It must be good luck!”
The guests of the casino are boiling at this time, they are all amazed!
It’s beyond everyone’s expectations!
“Impossible!!” The fat man jumped from the chair, his face unbelievable!
Chuckming looked like a novice, how could this be?
“Start the second one,” Chuck covered the dice cup!
“Okay, it made you shit, but the second one! Ah!” The fat man hasn’t finished talking!
Chuck has shaken the dice already, wow la la, the cup will open!
Three sixs! !
The casino was silent for a moment!
Their faces are full of shock!
Actually. . So simple!
“You shake yours, if it is three sixs, then tie.” Chuck said.
The fat man’s chin is about to be shocked, his mouth wide open, he can stuff an egg!
Yvette smiled, Logan breathed a sigh of relief, “This kid…”
The black rose that I had just watched just now was too lazy to look at it, but her ruddy lips still showed such a faint smile inadvertently.
Du Pei heart is incredible!
She thought Chuck was catching the duck on the shelf, she definitely lost, but Chuck actually created a miracle!
Actually, two of them shook out three and six!
“You, cheating! My dice is definitely a problem!!” The fat man shivered with rage.
The casino is still dead again!
These guests looked at each other! ?
Without saying a word, Chuck stood up and walked in front of the fat man, shaking with a clatter, with a snap, the dice cup fell to the table!
“My God! It’s actually three sixs!” The audience was horrified!
One lucky, two hundred may be scammed, but three times?
This is not that simple.
Some people’s eyes have changed, and Chuck has appeared in awe.
“Is this man the God of Gambling in China?”
As soon as this remark came out, the audience was in awe !
A shock!
“God of Gamblers? Are they really Gamblers?”
“It’s really unbelievable. This young man has such a big casino at such a young age. I am still a gambler, which is too great!”
“Yeah, how can it be possible to open a casino without someone’s skills?”
“I think he wrote a pen and challenged the casino owner!”
The fat man was dumbfounded and dull, “You, you, you…”
Inarticulate dumbfounded!
“I’m not cheating? It’s okay, you don’t believe it, then I’m shaking it once,” Chuck didn’t care to shake it again, and opened it, or three six!
Just kidding, I already have a casino, don’t practice it?
This move caused awe at the scene!
The fat man slumped on the ground, and tears came out. “Me, my money, my ten billion dollars!”
He is a veteran, it is difficult to shake out three and six at ordinary times, not to mention this time now?
Others, it’s all three and six, how does this compare?
“Thank you boss, I just opened, you gave me such a big gift, thank you!” Chuck smiled slightly.
The fat man cried, “My money, my money…”
Chuck shrugged and said to all the guests, “Do you guys still play with me? I’m happy to accompany you!!”
All the guests were twitching, and they were planning to win a while ago, but how did they think that Chuck was so powerful?
It’s exactly the same as God of Gamblers!
Who dares to go!
Some people even showed shame, and they were just preparing to fight Zhang Zelun!
I didn’t expect people to play like pigs and eat tigers. I must have taken the axe by myself.
“Don’t play? Then I wish you all fun today!” Chuck laughed.
The fat man cried louder. Ten billion dollars was most of his property. Actually, these two were gone. He cried like a child.
Casino guests, smile and start playing their own!
“Tell people to pack up,” Chuck said to Du Peixin.
Du Pei was at a loss, “Chuck, are you a gambler?”
“No, I will play the dice.” Chuck told the truth in her ear!
Du Pei was puzzled.
“Chuck, you actually won, you are so good!” Emily recovered from the stunned just now.
She thought Chuckhui would lose very ugly, but unexpectedly, she won!
“Okay!” Chuck shrugged.
Nothing. Shaking the dice is controlled by the wrist. He learns to fight, and his hands must be well controlled. Plus he has good hearing, he can hear any penalties from the cup, so he can’t shake three sixs. Difficult!
So this fat man and Chuck play this, what is Chuckxu? How big to play!
“Anyway, you are amazing,” Emily’s heartbeat accelerated, and Chuck was really so versatile besides fighting!
She feels in love.
But at this time, someone came out!
The guests who just dispersed looked again, and there were a lot of people at the door. They actually gave gold, box by box. Who is this!
The audience was shocked again!
The fat man trembled up and regretted that Chuck knew so many powerful people. Was he just playing at the gate of the ghost gate?
However, Chuck frowned, this is Wan Ziwen’s person coming!

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