My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 720

“Leave him? What do you say about ten articles?”
You Batian’s intense cough was suddenly breathed out by You Shiwen, and the cough was bleeding.
“Grandpa, I…” You Shiwen didn’t understand how to say that.
Maybe, Chuck knows himself!
I don’t want a person who knows myself to die, or die in my own hands!
But for the heirs of Youjia, this kind of saying is a big deal! !
You Shiwen is clear.
“You know? Chuck, this person, I want to kill the most, more than I want to kill Karen li!” You Batian gritted his teeth!
The insult in my heart appears again!
It seems to be back to the scene where Chuck was making a big trip to the wedding scene of Tianle! !
This is the greatest disgrace in the history of Youjia, and this disgrace was given to him by Chuck!
He was actually threatened by Chuck at that time!
All the tribes watched, they were threatened by Chuck!
This kind of hatred, already hated it!
“Grandpa.” You Shiwen sighed and understood the anger of Yu Batian.
“It goes without saying that Chuck must die, absolutely die!!” You Batian coughed.
You Shiwen lost her heart, she was originally a tentative question, but unexpectedly, Yu Batian’s reaction was so great!
“Did I hear what I said!” You Batian’s thin hand clutched You Shiwen tightly.
You Shiwen is at a loss, “I…”
“You have to understand that you are the homeless person and the heir of the homeless person.
Anyone who damages your homeless person must die! This Chuck is one of them!”
You Shiwen sighed, “Grandpa, I know, you have a good rest first…”
In this case, Yubatian can’t be angry again, otherwise it will die!
“I can’t rest, I can live a few days, I know my own situation, before I die, bring Chuck, Karen li’s head to me!” You Batian couldn’t close his eyes.
These days he has suffered from disease!
This hatred has made him horribly crazy.
“I…” You Shiwen fell into a daze again.
“Do you want me to die?” You Batian coughed violently, and the black blood coughed out.
“No, then you can do it! You are everything, you can move it! You don’t need to talk about credibility with Karen li, don’t you understand it? Give her a surprise!”
“I… I see, Grandpa, you rest first!” You Shiwen sighed and gave You Ba Tian a quilt.
She also saw that Yuba could not live for a few days, maybe she was asleep now, and could not wake up at all.
Will die at any time.
Too many diseases are complicated, and if you don’t have advanced medical treatment, Youbatian will die long ago.
You Shiwen sighed out of the secret passage and looked at the sky. You Batian’s voice echoed continuously in her mind:
Chuck must die!
Take Chuck’s head back, take it back…
These voices have fallen into You Shiwen’s brain, making her sigh.
What should I do?
“Chuck, if you don’t understand me, how good would it be? I don’t want to lose your friend, but what you do makes me have to treat you…”
You Shiwen muttered to herself, caught in the tangles!
She used to be decisive, but this time?
At this time, her cell phone rang suddenly, and it was a strange call.
“You Shiwen, it’s me, my lady wants to see you!” This is the voice of the man!
That’s right, Wan Ziwen, who got angry from Chuck’s casino, ordered it!
“I’m not free now..”
“I don’t care about you, remember to take a shower and change clothes when you come…”
The phone hangs up!
You Shiwen is caught in the cold, she knows that this Wan Ziwen is definitely going to go by herself, putting pressure on the people Wan Ziwen likes!
Who is this man Wan Ziwen likes? ?
She doesn’t care about this, anyway, she has promised Wan Ziwen. What she has to do now is take Chuck’s head and Karen li’s head…

“What do you see? Say!!!” In a luxurious room.
You Tianle sneered.
A man in black knelt down. “I saw You Shiwen appearing in the place of Youjia, she should see the master!”
“Huh, my grandfather is dying, see what’s the use?” You Tianle disagreed.
He solved all the other opponents, except that You Shiwen is still alive!
Now it’s the last moment, absolutely nothing can go wrong.
“This…” The man in black didn’t know how to answer.
You Tianle’s temper, he knows, it’s boring not to ask for it!
“You Shiwen came back this time, maybe some special medicine came back, Grandpa may wake up, gave You Shiwen the last test, if You Shiwen did it, then You Shiwen is the owner, but I will let Did she do it? Haha!” You Tianle laughed.
“Grandpa, you are so old and confused, I am the head of the house, not 10,000 times better than a woman? Grandpa, you let me down!” You Tianle had a murderous opportunity.
“Master, what are you doing?” The man in black was stunned.
This look absolutely kills!
Who killed?
“What am I going to do? That old confused person wants someone else to be the head of the house, and I will let him do it? They have lived so long and should die! I won’t let anyone block me! Whoever blocks me, I will kill whoever!” You Tianle sneered out!
The man in black was so scared that he was sweating coldly. What is this for? ! thump!
The door was pushed open, and Youbatian had never rested on the bed. He got up and saw Youtianle walking in. Youbatian coughed a few times. “Tianle, give me a glass of water…”
“Grandpa, water.” You Tianle poured water.
Youba is naturally suspicious. After getting sick, no one is allowed in the room. If something happens, he will press the switch on the bedside, and someone will come in!
After Yubatian drank water, he felt much better, “Tianle, what’s the situation with your home recently? Tell me about it.”
“No problem, Grandpa.” You Tianle laughed, cold to the extreme!
It’s all spoken, and Yuba’s weather shivered. “Five dead? Who did it? Who did it!!”
You Ba Tian is angry, think Karen li did it? What did Chuck do?
It must be! !
He wants Chuck and Li Qing to die even more!
“Grandpa, I know who did it.” You Tianle approached.
“Hurry up, did that Chuck do it? He dealt with our wandering house? She was looking for death!!!” You Batian was awake, his brain was deep, he slept too long, and he was tortured by the pain for too long, dying. .
“It is not.” You Tianle said.
“Tianle, what do you mean?”
“Chuck, Karen li did it, they did it, but someone also helped them!”
“Who, who? Who dare to help them?” You Batian coughed out black blood and his eyes widened! !
“Grandpa, me, it’s me…” You Tianle smiled slightly, extremely terrible!

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