My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 721

Chuck woke up from Du Pei’s house, he slept very comfortably last night.
Yvette was in her arms, and she looked cute when she fell asleep. Chuck gave a cheek to her cheek. Yvette woke up confusedly. In Chuck’s arms, she drilled and Chuck hugged her, embracing her. silent.
Yesterday, the casino opened successfully, so stay here for a while and go back in the afternoon to let Du Pei manage it.
After all, Du Peixin’s management skills are competent.
Chuck is actually thinking that he has been here for a long time, should he go back to Huaxia?
The situation on the side of the square has always been reported by Yolanda. The flow of people on the side of the square has already risen. The land that was bought before is also under construction. Yolanda is very busy!
There are Murong Qing and Zelda, but they are all in China!
It’s been a long time since I saw them.
Solve the problem of traveling home, Chuck will go back, after all, China is his home!
The memories from small to large are all over there.
Chuck, Yvette was silent for a long time before getting up.
There is a smell of breakfast outside, it must be that Logan is already making breakfast.
Chucknan’s clothes must have been fast. Yvette came out one step at a time.
On the side of the dining table, the black rose was bloodied heavily, and Chuck shrugged and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”
“What’s your business? Can I do anything else?” Black Rose said coldly!
She was indeed tossing and turning last night!
Can’t sleep at all!
It was in the morning that she was confused, and she was lucky enough to sleep for more than two hours, and because of the biological clock, she couldn’t sleep anymore.
She hadn’t seen this before, and she didn’t understand her status? ?
“Black Rose, what are you doing with such anger?” Chuck was confused.
How do you feel that Black Rose has a bad temper recently?
Menopause is not here yet!
Chuck felt more clearly that she was already familiar with Black Rose, why was she more and more indifferent to herself?
More and more unhappy with yourself?
Chuckdu forced, but he did nothing?
Black Rose watched Yvette come out, too lazy to talk to Chuck, “Don’t talk to me.”
Early in the morning, Chuck was ignorant. Fortunately, Logan brought the breakfast out with a smile, and Du Peixin also woke up.
Everyone sat down to have breakfast.
Inadvertently, the four women were eating silently, only Chuck was gobbling because Logan was so delicious.
Logan silently pushed breakfast to Chuck, as did Yvette.
Logan and Yvette stared at each other. Logan bowed his head and drank porridge, which gave birth to guilt.
The black rose thought:
What do you eat so fast?
Who robbed you? ?
Du Pei’s heart was funny, and Chuck’s appetite was good, and finding such a boyfriend was actually very good.
Wait, Du Pei subconsciously recovered, what did he want to do?
Anyway, when eating breakfast, the atmosphere is particularly delicate.
The four women have their own thoughts, and Chuck is free to eat.
Anyway, the four women are caring invisibly and accommodating Chuck.
He didn’t need to take whatever he wanted to eat. Someone had already pushed it in front of him.
When Chuck eats too much, Black Rose will not eat it. Let Chuck eat, it is all subconscious behavior. Black Rose himself is stunned. Why did he do this?
If you don’t eat it yourself, do you want to give it to him?
After eating, everyone drives to the casino! !
Du Peixin started work on the second day of the casino opening, and Chuck stayed in the afternoon with them.
Everything went smoothly, and more than $10 billion has been credited to the opening of the business yesterday!
Because Chuck won the fat man 10 billion dollars!
This momentum is very good!
Chuck felt that he should spread his business empire as soon as possible!
Ready to go back, let Du Pei Xin manage it alone!
Chuck assured her.
Several people went home together.
When I got home, my mother also made a table of good food. Everyone was eating together.
Chuck was very satisfied. The family ate very late before they could get their own room.

In a luxurious room.
You Shiwen came to see Wan Ziwen and stood at the door.
She was actually dazed and didn’t want to come, but unconsciously, she came all by herself.
She didn’t know, and didn’t want to know, she was actually procrastinating herself for prolonged time.
Come here to see Wan Ziwen, then you have to let go, drag and drop, and use the power of the home to kill Chuck.
She is subconscious and doesn’t want to kill someone who understands herself.
Twenty years later, the only person who understands her, if she dies, when will she meet again?
Perhaps, she didn’t want to meet, because Chuck’s understanding was just right, making her feel that she could relax and communicate with Chuck. This wonderful feeling, she had not experienced it in any man.
“You have something?” Wan Ziwen said.
“No, what’s the name of the person you let me suppress? Can I help you now? It’s an agreement with you!”
“I’ll ask you first, did Youbatian wake up?” Wan Ziwen asked.
“Wake up, your medicine works well.”
“But Youbatian shouldn’t be able to live for a few days? He is old, sick, dead, no one can hide, and he’s finally over, how? You can inherit the position of the head of the house!” She Wan Ziwen, how could she not receive the news? ?
You Shiwen remained silent for three seconds, and she understood that Yu Batian’s final test against him was Chuck’s head and Karen li’s head. but. .
“You say, who is that person?”
“You know, it is also to make your homeless person like this,” Wan Ziwen said.
You Shiwen was surprised, “You mean, the person you like is Chuck?”
This? what happened?
How could Wan Ziwen like Chuck?
You Shiwen never thought of this!
She thought Wan Ziwen liked what kind of high-cold man, otherwise why should this man bow her head to her?
“Yes, the person I like is him! So you can’t kill him!”
With this kind of order, You Shi text should be particularly angry, but she is faintly happy. This is an excuse. Can you not kill Chuck?
“I know that when You Batian wakes up, he will definitely let you kill Chuck before he dies, Karen li, so that he can glance at himself, and I know you want to kill him…”
“No, I don’t want to…” You Shiwen subconsciously accepted this sentence.
Wan Ziwen frowned, watching Shi Wen.
You Shiwen subconsciously explained, “I didn’t want to kill him, but did you say let me oppress him, and then let him beg you?”
“Yes, I mean that! Can you do it?”
“I, Wan Ziwen, does Chuck have a wife?” You Shiwen said, this is what Chuck said last time.
“How about having a wife?” Wan Ziwen said coldly. “Yes, I have a solution!”
“Are you trying to kill Chuck’s wife?” You Shiwen was stunned.

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