My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 722

Wan Ziwen’s ruthlessness, her desire to control, You Shiwen asked this question herself, she didn’t feel that Wan Ziwen had to answer it herself.
At the moment, the expressionless Wan Ziwen already had an answer on his face.
“Kill? I think she should have quit herself, I just pushed her…” Wan Ziwen was lazy.
In simple words, it was as simple as crushing an ant in her mouth.
You Shiwen already knew.
“Can this be done?” Wan Ziwen turned his eyes.
You Shiwen didn’t answer. This was beyond her expectations. She never thought that the person Wan Ziwen liked was actually Chuck!
That guy, what is there to like?
You Shiwen didn’t understand.
In her eyes, Chuck is someone who understands her, even sisters.
In addition, what is the charm of Chuck?
Not at all?
She couldn’t figure out how Wan Ziwen liked Chuck. It seems that she still likes that kind of special.
Seeing Shishi in this lover’s eyes?
Anyway, You Shiwen feels that Chuck is nothing but understanding himself.
Very ordinary, not attractive at all, let alone attractive.
“Can you do it? You can promise me, I am reminding you! Breach of contract, the consequences are very serious!” Wan Ziwen’s voice was cold!
This is the majesty of the future heirs of the first family.
You Shiwen is certainly indifferent.
“I can ask, what do you like about him?”
“The emotional thing is a moment, you don’t understand, and you don’t meet the person who gives you that feeling, anyway, it’s beautiful,” Wan Ziwen recalled.
“Well, I can’t understand it. Anyway, what you said about Chuck, I don’t think it has any charm at all.” You Shiwen said his opinion about Chuck.
“You can’t realize it’s your business, my business, can you do it?” Wan Ziwen asked again.
You Shiwen remained silent, forcing Chuck to put pressure on Chuck, and then led him to find Wan Ziwen, asking for Wan Ziwen? is it possible?
Isn’t Chuck such a character at all?
“This, Chuck won’t beg you?”
“Yes, if you force his mother Karen li, force Yvette, Logan, then he will come and beg me, then I will let you do what you want, just do it, after Chuck begs me, I will give you what you want benefit.”
“I don’t want any good!”
“Then whatever you want!”
“Well, I will know how to do it.”
You Shiwen turned and left!
Wan Ziwen did not stop!
After Wan Ziwen left completely, Wan Ziwen’s bodyguard closed the door, and Wan Ziwen lay on the sofa, “Is Yuba Tian dead?”
“It feels…it should be almost the same. I gave You Shiwen the box of medicine last time. There was a sensor in it. There was no signal suddenly. It was estimated to be dead, but You Shiwen didn’t seem to know it yet. People don’t know yet,” the man said.
“Then die?”
“It’s hard to say, I think it was someone who started it, such as that You Tianle…”
“Oh, it’s him? Then he is brave enough,” Wan Ziwen actually smiled.
“Yes, You Tianle was already cruel, killing You Batian, I don’t think it’s okay… It’s too normal for people like You Tianle, then Yu Batian suddenly died, what do you think, Miss?”
“Why can’t I see the important things? I have new ideas…” Wan Ziwen smiled slightly, but her beautiful face was a chilling smile.
If anyone else is here, it would be surprising, why does such a beautiful woman have such a scary smile?
The man approached carefully, “Miss, what did you think of?”
Wan Ziwen’s sketched smile became more obvious, and You Shiwen seemed to be a good pawn…

Youjia in a luxurious room!
You Tianle’s father slapped You Tianle on the face, “You fucking bastard! He is my dad! Also your grandfather!”
On the hospital bed, Yu Batian’s eyes widened and his face was ashamed, he hadn’t breathed for a long time!
A generation of homeowners, died from now on!
When Yuba died, he never thought that he died in the hands of his own grandson!
There were tears on his old frozen face, tears of remorse, but it was useless, he died.
“Dad, do big things without regard to details, what does this count? I became the head of the family, and your status is not higher. What’s more, Grandpa hasn’t lived in a few days, and it’s also good for him to kill him. It’s hard work.” You Tianle was terrible. After he killed You Batian, he became violent.
I feel that the world is his!
You Tianle’s father raised his hand and wanted to slap, but he didn’t shoot anymore, he sighed,
“Fuck, shit! It’s a big deal!”
“Dad, this is the point. It’s useless to call me! Who told him to block me? Want to let a woman be the head of the house? He’s confused!”
“Are you saying that You Shiwen who was out of stock?”
“Yes! It’s her!!!”
“You didn’t kill her?”
“No, but now the home is already mine, I will send someone to kill her!”
“Stinky boy, are you confused? Kill her? Where to kill in a short time? Bring her back!”
You Tianle pats her forehead. “Yes, You Shiwen has seen Grandpa. If you tell Yu Shiwen at this time, Grandpa has an accident, she will definitely come back directly! By the time she dies, I will never threaten again! It’s Chuck, Karen li, they… Did they think that I would take this dangerous step?”
You Tianle laughed!
That is proud, and arrogant! !
“Chuck, Karen li didn’t help you? They certainly didn’t expect you to be so courageous. I didn’t expect it, let alone them, you guys!”
“Dad, now that it’s the case, don’t talk about me, I’m in desperation! Forget it, Dad, you’re going to call the trustworthy person now, I’m going to guide Shiwen!”
“Don’t mess it up!”
“Relax! I’m doing things, you dare rest assured!” You Tianle already has too much confidence!
You Tianle’s father arranged for someone to come, and You Tianle stared at You Batian on the hospital bed, laughing, “Old things, didn’t you think? You can go at ease, I will not only be the owner of the house, but also destroy the other two. A secret family! Especially the slut Wan Ziwen! Dare to threaten me before? I want…”
You Tianle said to herself, Wan Ziwen was his fantasy object before!
However, the fantasy object actually likes Chuck!
You Tianle decided to let Wan Ziwen regret it! !
He found Yu Batian’s mobile phone, which is a secret mobile phone, and you can contact You Shiwen.
He grinned and found out the number of You Shiwen!
“You Shiwen, don’t blame me. You won’t come back with nothing. I will let you go, but if you are not honest, then I can’t do anything. You must die!!”

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