My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 725

You Shiwen left, Chuck sat down for a while, and the black rose came out. [Read Novels at]
“Don’t go back?” Black Rose had already collected the gun.
“Doesn’t you fight back when people hit you?” Black Rose was particularly angry. You Shiwen just slapped Chuck. At this time, Chuck’s face was still red.
“It wasn’t intentional,” Chuck touched his cheek, feeling no more. He got up and looked at the direction where You Shiwen left.
“Not intentionally?” Black Rose was angry.
Just now she wanted to kill You Wen with a single shot, but she actually hit Chuck.
“Really not.” Chuck didn’t want to go back.
The text message received by You Shiwen, Chuck felt strange, maybe You Tianle was a ghost.
You Tianle’s man is very cruel and has no bottom line at all!
“I’m too lazy to care about you.” Black Rose didn’t want to say more.
Chuck doesn’t care about himself, so why do he get angry? ?
She herself felt baffled.
But when she saw Chuck’s cheek, she was still very angry!
I really want to catch up with the anger of going back to play Shiwen slap! !
“If she dares to hit you again next time, I will definitely shoot!” Black Rose said absolutely.
“Well,” Chuck felt he still had to talk to his mother, the situation might have changed.
You Shiwen, Chuck didn’t want her to die.
“Let’s go back,” Chuck said.
Black Rose said nothing, but nodded.
“Is there ice? I apply…”
Chuck’s face was still swollen, so going back, Yvette, Logan, and his mother would ask.
Avoid trouble, or deal with it in advance.
“There is no refrigerator in the car, where is the ice?” Black Rose became more and more angry.
The two went on.
“Will there be water?” Black Rose asked suddenly.
“Can it reduce swelling?”
Chuck was speechless.
Without saying much, I went directly to my mother when I got home.
The mother saw Chuck’s face swollen, she was stunned, “Ceer you…”
“Mother, I saw You Shiwen just now, she…” Chuck said all the doubts in her heart.
“So, You Tianle, may have killed You Ba Tian for the position of the head of the family?” Karen li’s eyes flickered!
“I suspect that this is the case. You Tianle also used You Batian to guide Shi Wen back! She is now dangerous!”
“Oh, am I understandable? You came here and told me this thing, did you not want You Shiwen to die? She is a girl who is not very good at thinking!” Karen li must have seen Chuck’s thought.
Treat You Shiwen as a friend. If it were not for this reason, it was impossible for You Shiwen to leave Karen li last time!
It is even more impossible to get an antidote!
“Well, I…”
“I don’t want to control this matter!” Karen li shook her head.
“Why?” Chuck was shocked to the extreme. Why did my mother say so?
“Everyone needs to grow, which is growth for her and growth for you!” Karen li said the truth.
She firmly believes in natural selection, and capable people can survive in this situation.
“But…” Chucklai was stunned.
Karen li sighed, “Ceer, what I told you is justified. You Shiwen has her own destiny. You don’t need to interfere. Your destiny, I won’t let her interfere, okay?”
“But I am a friend with her.”
This sentence was not in Chuck’s heart. The expression of his mother made Chuck speechless.
Do you have to look at You Shiwen and you might die like this?
You know, You Shiwen just didn’t kill herself at all. She regarded herself as a friend, and what about herself?
Chuck absently went out.
Karen li was silent for three seconds, let Logan and Betty come in, Karen li said this, Logan was stunned, “It doesn’t seem like you…”
Yes, Karen li pays more attention to feelings. You Shiwen is to Karen li. Regardless of the opponent or others, Karen li appreciates her more, because Karen li now sees her shadow on her body.
As before, she would shoot, but today, Karen li is too calm and abnormal.
Karen li is speechless, she is thinking about one thing.
Her sixth sense told her that something had to happen, so she decided to change!

You Shiwen arrived at the Youjia side, and returned to the secret passage to enter the Youjia.
Without much pause, she directly entered the secret passage.
She also knew there was a problem in this, but when she came, she was ready in the car.
Just in case a preparation!
She entered the room of You Ba Tian, there were tears in her eyes, and on the hospital bed, You Ba Tian no longer breathed! !
My grandfather is dead!
The door closed, and more than a dozen people came out, each with a cold face!
In addition to You Tianle! !
“I said cousin, why haven’t your mind become flexible when you went out? Knowing that it is a trap to break in? What are you stupid things, what is the qualification to be a housekeeper? You talk!” You Tianle grinously!
Finally, it’s time to confine Yu Shiwen!
It’s really not easy!
“Grandpa you killed?” You Shiwen left tears.
The eyes are all red.
“It’s wrong to kill, I think he is so painful, so I sent him a ride, I am kind!” You Tianle snapped her fingers, and more than a dozen people had surrounded You Shiwen.
Yu Shiwen Meimu is cold, “I will let you know that there is a price to pay for doing this!”
“Oh, is it? I’m fine, and you, dying, you haven’t realized your situation yet?”
You Shiwen took out a dagger!
This is the weapon that followed her for many years, killing too many people!
“I only ask you once, all of you are homeless, you must do it to me!!” You Shiwen is domineering!
The sound is not loud, but it seems thunder!
More than a dozen bodyguards looked at each other subconsciously! !
So full of sound!
You Tianle felt harsh, “Don’t talk nonsense, get started, kill me for me!?”
“Yes, young master!”
These people are siege, you are the top bodyguard of the home, their strength is outstanding!
You Shiwen shot, her true strength broke out at this moment, full of cold, she shuttled like a god of death, wow la la, solve a person with a knife!
Thump, someone fell to the ground, the face is unimaginable!
You Shiwen grew up in the heap of dead people, and these siege for her is just another test of life and death.
More than ten people besieged, wow!
With swords and swords, You Tianle sneered sneerly. For him, when You Shiwen died, he was the owner of Youjia immediately!
“Kill me, whoever kills her, I will give one billion!” You Tianle said!
More than a dozen people were immediately excited and full of fighting spirit. They all shot together and stabbed the knife at You Shiwen! !

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