My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 734

Yes, everything, as long as you think, women in any country, boss, I think they are Huaxia people, so I told you this, we have newly arrived a Huaxia beauty, especially beautiful, with a very good figure, I will love it …” The security guard saw a drama, so fart was introduced.
Chuck was strange, but I didn’t expect this place. There was such a thing. Chuck thought I understood that my mom just bought it, not managed it, so there are some loopholes, which is normal. ! !
“How beautiful?”
“Anyway, I have never seen such a beautiful Chinese woman, tall and tall, especially with long legs, very beautiful, and not too old, almost thirty years old.” The security guard continued to introduce warmly.
“Well, no, I didn’t come to find a woman, I have something to do.” Chuck shook his head.
“Don’t, boss, Hua Xia doesn’t like it, that country’s.”
The security guard was disappointed. This generous Chuck must be a rich man. He could just sell the Chinese woman he caught.
Chuck walked in, no matter what country it was, no matter how beautiful it was, how beautiful it was, how good it was, he had no interest. He came here to find the doctor to save the black rose on the verge of death.
Others, Chuck didn’t want to do anything.
Of course, it is also possible to find the person who wants to catch the doctor.
Entering the hotel, Chuck found that this hotel is particularly formal, but security is very strict! !
But this place is all own, so what are you afraid of?
What’s more, there are a few small bombs in Chuck’s hands!
Chuck shrugged.
“I want to see your boss!” Chuck said to the front desk.
The front desk looked at Chuck a few times, revealing sarcasm, “Is it a friend of our boss?”
“No, I want to see him!” Chuck’s face did not change color!
“Sorry, our boss, I don’t see anyone!” The front desk shook his head and snapped his fingers. A security guard came.
For her front desk, she hates Chinese people.
Several security guards came!
Want to seize Chuck! !
Who is Chuck? Now the standard combat master!
Three times, five divisions and two solved a few security guards!
The front desk was shocked, “What are you doing?”
“I said, see your boss and let him out!” Chuck said!
The front desk screamed, she had never encountered such a thing, during the day, make trouble here, do not die? ?
Do you know who the boss is here?
“Come on, come on, someone is making trouble!!”
The hotel’s security system was activated, the security guard in the security room rushed out, and the department surrounded Chuck!
These people are very strong, with arms as thick as human legs, just like the beasts!
Chuck shook his head, these are all bait! !
Chuck’s fighting skills are really not enough to face these people!
“What’s going on? Why is this Chinese person like this?”
“Is it troublesome?”
The guests in the hotel were stunned. Chuck was so powerful that he overthrew these people.
“Hua Xia people, I counted out! Don’t make trouble here, I said, our boss is gone!!” The hotel security department came out, and the front desk was confident.
What are you afraid of? Can this Chinese be beaten again?
“Then I will fight him out to see me!” Chuck was extremely cold!
Fist smashed out, representing the power of terror!
Dozens of bodyguards besieged and the scene is in chaos! !
The beauties at the front desk sneered more than once, this Chinese man was looking for death!
Next, without looking at it, you will definitely be beaten up with blood.
She called someone, yes, it must be the boss!
On the top floor of the hotel, in a luxurious room, on a large bed, a few people were lying, and a man answered the phone lazily, “Hello…”
“Boss, watching TV, I sent the monitoring at the front desk, and a Chinese person said to see!”
This is the voice of the front desk.
“Oh, then pass it on.” The boss was stunned, his remote control turned on the TV, and the picture at the front desk appeared.
A Chinese person is dealing with dozens of security guards!
He was too lazy to look down. Many of the security guards in his hotel were mercenaries. This weak Chinese man was simply not enough to look at.
Turn off the TV.
“We deal with it ourselves, since this Huaxia man is in trouble, then you are welcome, grab him and give me mince and feed the dog!”
The boss got up from bed.
“Yes, you can rest assured! By the way, Bailey said, she caught a beautiful Chinese woman.”
“How pretty?”
He got out of bed and dressed.
“I heard that it’s very beautiful. Do you want the boss? I’ll tell Bailey.”
“No, I don’t like Chinese women, they are all ribs, it’s boring.”
“Bailey said that the Huaxia woman was in good shape.”
“Neither, remember to chop the Chinese people who are in trouble at the door and feed me the dog!”
The phone hung up.
The boss walked out of the room, and a few people stood at the door.
“That doctor said no?” the boss asked.
“No, his mouth is hard!” a man at the door answered carefully.
“Hard mouth? I personally see how hard he is!” The boss sneered, and a few men followed.
To a room.
A person was tied to a chair, bruised and tortured. If Chuck was here, he would breathe a sigh of relief, because this tied person is the doctor Chuck was looking for.
Ten days ago, the doctor came with a bomb and tied it up to show off with the boss!
What scene has this boss never seen? ?
He was stunned by the next shot.
When the doctor woke up, it was like this, the boss asked the doctor to help him do things, but the doctor refused.
Reluctant to say the formula of the new medicine, and the manufacturing process, the boss would of course tie him up and torture him. The doctor knew that he must have died when he said it, so he refrained from saying it.
“The devil is the devil!”
The doctor screamed with all his strength.
For him, a former drug researcher was suddenly tortured in such a way. Where can he stand it?
But you can’t stand it, you have to stand it too.
“Still talking? Call me!” The boss dragged his chair and sat in front of the doctor.
The boss’s man punched and kicked the doctor, and the doctor’s mouth vomited blood and passed out. splash!
Water splashed on the doctor’s face.
The doctor woke up confused and kept calling the devil.
The boss continued to fight.
At this time, the boss’s phone rang, and he frowned, “I didn’t say that, don’t bother me?”
“Boss, this Chinese is too powerful. Thirty security guards have already laid down halfway.
What should I do?”
The front desk was shocked. She was staring at Chuck, knocking people down with one punch!
This Chinese, this is going to hit? ?

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