My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 735

When the hotel receptionist said this, the boss immediately angered, “What are you talking about?”
“This Chinese is amazing, our people…”
The front desk looked more and more scared. How could these people’s security guard be so shocked in front of this Chinese man!
Shouldn’t this Chinese man lie down in the ground with severe injuries from a group of security guards? ?
“Assholes, are those people all waste? A weak Chinese can’t solve it. What should I do to raise them?” the boss scolded!
It’s so angry. Dozens of security guards can’t beat a single person?
“Boss, what should I do now? Ah! Another security guard was stunned, ah, all vomiting blood, this Huaxia is crazy!” The front desk feared that she had never encountered this situation. [Read Novels at]
Actually, a person with bare hands will be so powerful!
“What should I do? I’m calling someone to come!” The boss sneered, exasperated to the extreme!
The phone hangs up!
“A few of you called people over, there is a Chinese person in trouble below! Grab him for me and feed the dog minced!” the boss said coldly.
“Yes!” Several of his men immediately called to call someone!
They all ran out.
This boss has a great background in this place, so he is not afraid of anything at all.
Anyone can call it!
Isn’t this Huaxia powerful? See how many you can play! Caller.
One car after another, scaring you! !
The boss looked at the dying doctor and he laughed, “I will let you speak, and later I will let you watch a good show, see a person, how to be minced and fed to the dog, after you read it, Naturally will say.”
“The devil, the devil…” The doctor was in agony, and when it was unbearable, he would bite his tongue and kill himself.
“Haha!” The boss laughed, feeling proud, devil? Not bad!
“Do you still expect someone to save you?” The boss laughed.
This doctor is holding on, isn’t that still the hope in my heart?
“I tell you, you are taken by me, no one can save you!?” The boss grinned.
This hotel is not for ordinary people to come in!
There has never been a problem, and it will not appear in the future, this is a solid tower!
Hotel downstairs!
The front desk stared at Chuck with fear.
She was shocked by the scene in front of her!
Dozens of people are lying underground, some are covering their stomachs, and some are covering their faces, all wailing and screaming.
Is this a group fight?
This is clearly dozens of people, beaten by one person!
How could such a thing happen? ? so horrible. boom!
A person wants to attack from behind, but how can Chuck not find it? ?
The fist hit back, and the man’s stomach was sunken. He screamed and fell to the ground, his eyes wide and twitchy.
“I said, I want to see your boss!” Chuck is extremely cold!
He has a new understanding of his own strength, and these dozens of people are under siege, not his opponent!
“Ah!” the front desk screamed!
“Unbelievable, this Chinese is too powerful!”
“One punch! More exciting than making a movie!”
“I think he is so handsome, I am in love with him…I want to be his girlfriend.”
“I want, too.”
Inside the hotel, the onlookers marveled!
In particular, a few beautiful women were fascinated by Chuck’s rapid movements. They felt that if they were with a Chinese person like Chuck, they would have a special sense of security.
Chuck grabbed the front desk and lifted her from the front desk, “Call your boss!!!”
“Ah, no!” The front desk scared.
Chuck’s eyes were horrible, and his voice was horrible!
“Call, I will say it again! Don’t force me to hit you!” Chuck said coldly.
The front desk struggles with fear!
Suddenly, a lazy voice sounded, “Hey, the little man from China! Let her go!”
Many people rushed in from the outside, all in uniform clothes, this is a real mercenary!
There are more than one hundred!
Come in, like the dark cloud cover, full of majesty and oppression!
Everyone is fierce, with sarcasm!
Yes, so many people, just a small Chinese, what is it? No ants are counted!
Just step on and die.
The guests in the hotel were frightened and all returned! !
“So many people! Terrible!”
“Then this Chinese must be miserable!”
“Ah, sure, there are so many mercenaries, but this is the armed force of this place, and this Chinese can no longer fight, it will not be an opponent of these mercenaries, it is a pity!”
Many of the onlookers regretted it.
It was normal for Chuck to knock down these security guards one punch at a time, but now he came here, but they all killed people. They are really mercenaries!
Chuck is definitely impossible, like the security guard, against these mercenaries! !
The sigh kept going.
This is Chuck hit the steel plate!
“Ah, save me quickly…” The front desk was amazed. These people came. This Chuck must be miserable!
“I said, Chinaia’s short man, let her go! I said that the second time!!!” It was a scarred face!
Others are tall. The burly figure is so scary!
Chuckpa hit the front desk with a bang! what!
The front desk screamed!
The scar on his face flashed, “Good boy, dare to hit someone in front of me? Interestingly, I will play with you today!”
Hundreds of people are approaching in step!
This is a terrible breath like a beast.
Hundreds of amazing eyes, and all the onlookers were trembling, so horrible.
“Ah, are you still beating me? I will watch you die and watch you…”
The front desk is furious!
With so many mercenaries coming, are you still struggling to breathe? ? however!
Snapped! !
Chuck didn’t wait for her to finish, she slapped her face with a slap!
The front desk screamed, his cheeks were red and swollen, and he had passed out! thump!
Chucksong’s hand, the front desk hit the ground!
The scar is scary, “Interesting!”
“Who are you?” Chuck faced lightly.
“Ask me? Haha! What do you think?” Scarface grinned!
Hundreds of mercenaries show sarcasm!
This place, they are armed, they have the final say! !
“A bunch of little ones,” Chuck shook his head, still indifferently.
“Haha! You are really hard-mouthed! Tell you well, this place, I have the final say! I want you to die, you have to die, don’t you know? I don’t know what you look like, I don’t know the life and death stuff! Look You still have some skills, uncle, I will give you a chance, one-on-one, wild wolf! This person is given to you! No problem!” Scarface turned his head and glanced at a man next to him!
“No problem, three strokes, I will let him lie underground!” This man doesn’t care to stand up and think this is a fun, and Chuck is this fun.

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