My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 736

The man stepped forward!
The scarred face, the other mercenaries who came in together were expressionless.
This man is called a wild wolf, fights and kills, it really is like a wolf!
Let the opponent be frightened! !
This Chinese is a little capable, but in front of the wolf, it’s not enough to look at.
So three tricks!
Even in three seconds, you can determine the outcome!
The guests in the hotel are all nervous. In this case, this Chinese person has not changed his face? ?
You may know that you are going to die, and it’s useless to be afraid, so forcibly calm down!
Chuck was indifferent, raised his hand, and pointed at the wild wolf, “You, I will not fight you!
To fight, you come!”
Fingers are moving!
The whole audience was in an uproar, and then all laughed!
Because Chuck’s finger, but the boss of hundreds of mercenaries, scar face!
The strongest existence?
This is just looking for death!
Want to be killed in a second? ?
“My God, this Chinese man is crazy!”
“It’s crazy, maybe he wants to die happy, so find the strongest person!”
They are all marveling!
On the face of the scar, there was a trace of outline, “Do you want to fight me?”
He mocked without covering up!
He is nearly two meters tall and has a burly figure. It is no exaggeration to say that he is a tank among humans!
This kind of man has made many men’s subconscious fear!
However, this weak Chinese person actually challenged himself?
Scarface laughed! !
“Yes, fight with you if you want to fight!” Chuck is indifferent! !
“Haha, how many years have passed, no one dared to talk to me like this! You are the first!”
Scarface smiled!
“I should be the last one!” Chuck shrugged!
“Oh, why? You mean, no one would dare to challenge me again in the future?” Scarface didn’t have any interest in Chuckda.
“No, because you are going to die, so no one will say such things to you again.” Chuck said.
“Haha, haha!!”
The mercenaries behind the scar face all laughed!
This is a sneer mocking!
For Chuck!
“What did this guy say? He said he was going to kill the boss? Is this telling a joke? I’m about to die…”
Scarface is a fierce man who once fought against one hundred people!
How can a Chinese person kill? ?
Scarface grinned, and was really amused by Chuck’s words, “Huaxia’s short boy, you are not qualified to fight me! I am not interested in playing with a trash!”
“Are you afraid?” Chuck asked.
The scar on his face appeared, “Wild wolf, I don’t want to see him anymore, kill me!!!”
“Yes, boss!”
The wolf stepped forward! With a killer!
Chuck shook his head, “Well, one by one is coming, kill you first!”
“You are looking for death!” The wolf was furious!
In his opinion, what Chuck said just now is just a lingering panic that deliberately delays time!
Chuck should have just been killed just now, let him live so long! !
The wolf rushed out like a wolf!
This speed is enough to shock the guests watching the scene!
So fast!
Finished, let’s not say that this Chinese man challenges the scar face, even this wild wolf can’t beat him!
“Unrestrained guy, the wolf can solve you in three seconds!” Scarface was too lazy to look.
What does it mean?
There won’t be any suspense at all. What’s so good about?
Chuck will die, this is the result of no suspense!
However, something unexpected happened!
The moment the wild wolf rushed out!
He stopped!
The audience was stunned! what happened? !
“Ah, I saw it. Seeing this Chinese man suddenly shot, he drew a dagger and flew it out. Is this a flying knife?”
An onlooker wiped his eyes!
The face is full of consternation! !
What’s happening here?
China’s flying knife?
Dead silence, in the hotel lobby!
Everyone looked at this scene inconceivably. No one thought that it had just begun and it was already over!
“Ah, uh, uh”
The wolf felt his chest blankly, and he had a knife on his chest!
It has been deeply inserted into his heart!
He felt tingling and his breathing was uncomfortable.
“How could this be? How could this be?” He shook his head blankly, unable to believe it even though his eyes were getting heavier and heavier.
“You opened the door wide, it was you who gave me the chance! Three seconds, oh, are you saying that the three tricks solved me right? Then it’s me to solve you in one second! Are you accidental?” Chuck walked slowly , As indifferent as walking.
He reached out and grabbed the dagger in the wolf’s chest and pulled it out!
The wild wolf was lost, and fear appeared!
“This is not true, not… ah!!!” thump!
This powerful man fell to the ground like this and never woke up again!
The scarred face suddenly opened his eyes, he was stunned, and then he was furious, “You killed the wild wolf?”
The sound is deafening!
His people, the onlookers, were shocked!
“Illusion? Is it an illusion?”
“No, he really killed the wolf!”
“Why is this China’s speed so fast?”
The mercenary who is familiar with the wolf, the expression on his face is blank.
They can’t figure out why this is so.
Why can Chuck kill the wild wolf with a knife? ?
The audience was shocked!
Only Chuck was expressionless, “Yes, it’s quite simple. He stopped me from playing with you, so of course I will solve him with the fastest speed. Now, am I qualified to fight you?”
The scars on the scarred face twitched, and everyone looked at him!
Guests, including his men! !
Watch all!
Scarred face grinned, “Interesting, actually killed my men, it seems I can’t do it!”
He stepped out! ?
This is a battle of his dignity. This Chinese man actually killed himself. This is challenging his majesty! !
Then only scrub with blood!
“Huaxia Dwarf, you don’t know who you are facing, I will tell you!” The scar on the face is so extreme!
His men are excited! why?
As the boss of this team of mercenaries, Scarface has not shot again for three years, because no one can qualify him to shoot!
As their men, they look forward to the boss’s shot!
“You don’t know who you are facing now.” Chuck shook his head, his expression cold.
“Oh, isn’t it a short Chinese man? I know who you are! Now, you will know what you did wrong?”
Momentum explodes! !
In his view, Chuck had nothing, but a Chinese, even if there is, it is not useful in this place, because he is the boss here!
“I will let you know what you did!” Chuck’s face expression!
The atmosphere broke out!
Swords crossed!
Everyone knows that a war is about to begin!

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