My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 744

You Shiwen took care of her wounds, she has become like an ice cube, betrayed by trusted people, especially betrayed by Chuck!
“Miss, what are your plans?”
The man who received You Shiwen’s question was concerned.
The current situation is very optimistic for You Shiwen.
He already knew that You Tianle had become the head of the family, and he would beheaded if he caught You Shiwen.
You Shiwen is silent for three seconds, she intends to have!
Definitely, take back the home! !
She is the owner of the house! How can You Tianle destroy the family that has been passed down for thousands of years? ?
This is absolutely not allowed!
“Thank you, I left first, or you will be affected.” You Shiwen said, the sixth sense told her that someone should come here.
Must leave quickly because she is seriously injured now!
Let yourself live and have a chance!
“Miss, I have a little money, you hold it,”
The man took out some money, and You Shiwen refused, “Thank you, you have cleared all these traces. If someone comes over, you will say that you haven’t seen me, otherwise, you will have an accident!”
After talking, You Shiwen has already left, otherwise he will be really involved!
The man sighed, “You Tianle is too irritable, not to be a house owner, or to be done by a young lady, you will have a future…”
Sure enough, it was not long before someone from Youjia came, “Where are you?”
“Oh shit!”

Black Rose felt that she had a long dream. She actually dreamed of abandoning her parents and looked down on her parents’ faces, but her parents had been chasing Black Rose.
She fled in pain and woke up.
Opening her eyes, she first saw a person, Chuck! it hurts!
I was shot, shouldn’t I die?
When in a coma, Black Rose couldn’t feel it anymore and couldn’t resist it, but now he can still breathe. It’s incredible, but so real.
“Black Rose, you finally woke up.” Chuck breathed a long sigh of relief.
Black Rose’s face was not bloody, Chuck was distressed, but this woman had protected herself for so long.
But she hurt her.
“Black Rose, sorry,” Chuckcheng apologized.
“I shot myself, and it’s not you who hit me,” Black Rose shook his head, trying to sit up, but he didn’t have much energy to cover his body.
“Don’t move, I’m ready for you,” Chuck is already prepared here. The black rose just woke up after a serious injury. The situation is still very dangerous!
Now You Tianle will definitely deal with herself, so you must send away the black roses.
“What are you going to prepare for?” Black Rose wondered.
“Drink some porridge first,” Chuck feeds Black Rose to drink porridge. Black Rose shakes her head and refuses, but she has no strength to take it, she can only accept it silently.
After eating something, Black Rose felt a little strength.
“What are you prepared for?” Black Rose found Chuck’s expression very serious. What was it for? ?
Black Rose knows You Tianle and must start to act.
“This is a card, you got it,” Chuck took out a card and stuffed it with black roses.
“What are you doing?” Black Rose frowned.
“Let you rest well.”
“Is it right to expel me?” Black Rose was angry and angry, coughing violently.
“No, let you take a good rest. I have arranged a place for you,” Chuck certainly didn’t mean that.
Black Rose’s current situation, you must rest!
Black Rose lost the card given by Chuck.
“I want your money?”
Black Rose was indifferent. She tried to sit up on her own, even at this time, her heart was torn like a pain.
Chuck sighed, “Don’t do this, Black Rose, this is my heart.”
“You don’t know what I want!” Black Rose roared with all his strength!
“Then what do you want, tell me, I will give you all!” Chuck was stunned.
The black rose would have such a big fire, why? ?
Shouldn’t she be happy to give Black Rose money?
How could this be?
“You really don’t understand what I want.” Black Rose shook his head in disappointment.
She didn’t know what she wanted, now You Tianle had to deal with it. You Chuck said a word, even without you Chuck opening, will my black rose leave? ?
Even if you are seriously injured and can’t move, you can’t leave! !
Black Rose went out on his own.
Chuck caught up, “Airplane, I let Betty prepare the plane for you!”
“Without your kindness! Chuck, we will never see, forever!!”
Black Rose dragged herself out of the painful body.
Chuck was silent for a long time, and didn’t quite understand why Black Rose was like this.
However, during this time, Black Rose couldn’t forget the inseparable protection.
“Cer, what about black roses?” Karen li asked.
She happened to pass by here.
“She left by herself,”
“Ah? She…”
Karen li was stunned. She didn’t expect this to be the case, but it was normal and enough. Black Rose had protected Chuck for so long. This time it was almost dead. She could also leave!
Can’t you let the black rose give up her life?
Karen li is not so domineering!
“Let her leave, and see you later, you can also say hello.”
“I don’t think there is any chance,” Chuck shook his head. When Black Rose left just now, Chuck couldn’t forget that look.
It’s the kind that doesn’t communicate with each other until death!
In other words, he broke off from Black Rose!
What is this situation? Even if I saw it again, it would be a stranger!
It’s a pity that Black Rose’s character is like this, used to loneliness!
Chuck does not regret knowing Black Rose, but regrets that she just angered her.
Chuck followed her mother out!
Rumble! !
Black Rose’s face was pale. She drove away from here by herself. She felt uncomfortable and felt abandoned. Why did Chuck want to do this? !
I will never see him again, never see! !
This is the character of Black Rose!
She drove to a place, yes, she came back to the boss behind the scenes!
The boss behind the scene saw the black rose like this, she was surprised, in fact, she also knew the situation of the black rose, but did not expect the black rose actually hurt like this.
“Black Rose, you…”
“I don’t want to be a killer anymore, you don’t need to find me again later.” That’s right, Black Rose doesn’t do a killer.
She was going to a place where Chuck could never find.
She is also tired and can retire.
The boss behind the scenes did not think, “Why?”
Black Rose is the number one killer, why did he suddenly stop doing it?
“There is no reason, I don’t do it,” Black Rose left, and the boss caught up behind the scenes,
“What’s wrong with you?”
“It’s okay! Trouble you, if Chuck asked me, don’t tell him my situation!” said Black Rose! !

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