My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 745

“Black Rose?”
When the boss behind the scenes was stunned, the black rose had already left. what’s the situation?
Don’t tell Chuck, her situation?
“Hello, why did Chuck ask your situation?” The boss behind the scene yelled at the black rose who left.
“Why? By the way… How could he come over and ask himself? In his eyes, he is just a bodyguard. If he is injured, he will give money to the bodyguard who left. He is useless to him now, he What are you doing with yourself?”
Black Rose shook his head, feeling uncomfortable and angry in his heart. What did he do?
Black Rose laughed at herself and left.
Behind the scenes, the boss is more puzzled. What is the situation?
“Boss,” At this time, Ouyang Fei came out, and she happened to see the black rose leaving.
She saw it just now, and the black rose looked pale!
During this time, Ouyang Fei was too fast, and the boss behind the scene was surprised. Ouyang Fei felt that her strength could solve the black rose.
What’s more, the black rose injured at the moment? ?
“Don’t move, Black Rose!” The boss behind the scene finished speaking!
Ouyang Fei smiled, his face was smug, “You said you wouldn’t let me move, you wouldn’t let me move? What are you? When I solve the black rose, I will deal with you…”

The Li family of four big families! !
At this moment, the head of the Li family is full of gloom!
Overlord Li was extremely angry, and there were other Li family members, all fidgeting!
“What did I say? Karen li, a bitch, actually offended the people of the hidden family, she was not going to die? Don’t drag us if you want to die!!”
Lord Li has just received the news, and everyone is in danger!
The hidden family can afford ordinary people? ?
What if you Li Qing died out of the Oak family? The Oak family, in front of the hidden family, is the unstoppable garbage! !
This is the case with the Oak family, not to mention the Li family, which has been seriously injured.
“Alas, how did Karen do this? Isn’t this affecting my Li family?” The other Li family shook his head and sighed.
The strength of the secret family, as one of the four major families, how could they not know?
Offended the hidden family, it is to find death! You can prepare the coffin in advance.
The owner of the Li family said nothing!
Li Ba preached, “Dad, let’s go to the family of the hidden family in advance, otherwise, Karen li will definitely affect my Li family! The hidden family is not a joke!”
“Master Li, did you actually say such a thing?” Master Li was angry!
Hate iron not become steel! !
Why are you so boneless?
“Dad, I am also thinking about the future of the Li family. The hidden family has to deal with Karen li. With our relationship with Karen li, we will definitely be implicated. We might as well give up in advance so that we can live!” Overlord Li is worried.
The other descendants of the Li family looked at each other, and the overlord Li said very spineless, but it was true!
How can the hidden family take root? The Li family is the root of Karen li, so the hidden family will definitely eliminate the Li family!
No one speaks!
“Sin son!!” The head of the Li family is angry!
He came over and slapped Li Overlord!
No one in the Li family dares to speak.
The overlord Li was blushing, and he sullenly said, “Dad, you have to think about the descendants of the Li family! Our Li family is out of the slut of Karen li, it is the misfortune of our Li family! We can only find a way to make up!”
Slap it out again!
Overlord Li backed away, his face was red and swollen, “Dad!!”
“I’m sorry for this daughter Karen, and now I’m sorry for her? I can’t do it! We Li family must have the guts!” Li family owner scolded!
No one answered.
“Dad, Karen li is not a member of our Li family anymore. What do you think about her?” The overlord Li was also angry.
He always hated Karen li and Chuck!
“Fuck!!” The head of the Li family was extremely angry!
“Slap, crack, crack!!!”
Someone was clapping their hands, and a group of people walked in outside, one surrounded by others.
“Master Li, you really know the current affairs, more than these old things!” You Tianle smiled slightly, harmless to humans and animals!
“Who, who are you?”
Everyone in the Li family was shocked!
Why didn’t the bodyguard outside move at all?
How did these people come in?
“Your bodyguards are too rubbish. No wonder Karen li could break into you before night.”
You Tianle laughed sarcastically!
For the Li family guards, it is a real shock to his home visitor and the secret family bodyguard! !
“Are you? Are you from a secret family?” Li Overlord was shocked!
The others in the Li family were also stunned, instinctively showing fear!
If it’s not a secret family member, how could it be possible to ignore their family guards and come in? ?
The master of the Li family flashes!
“Yes, Lord Li, you still have a little insight. I heard that you are on the other side of the wall.
Now it seems that you want to worry about that side? Which side of Karen li? Oh, dying, I’m much better here. “You Tianle laughed!”
Control the Li family, to deal with Karen li, let Karen li’s family to kill Karen li, then is it very interesting? !
This is Yu Tianle’s first plan!
Painful, he wants to let Karen li and Chuck fall into despair step by step! !
He will feel so little satisfaction!
Overlord Li was shocked, “You…”
He was red-faced and scarred, and You Tianle said that, he was not angry, what qualifications to be angry? ?
“I only ask you again, which side do you fall on!”
The voice was not loud, but it surprised everyone!
Don’t surrender to Youjia, die, surrender to Youjia, live! !
This is a choice between life and death!
Lobby, dead silence!
Unconsciously, everyone looked at Li Overlord! They are tangled to the extreme!
What should I do?
How should I choose?
“I, I surrender to you! Homeowner!!!” Li Ba Lord kneeled!
The children of the Li family were shocked.
“Fuck, wicked son!” The head of the Li family was so angry that he coughed.
My own son, kneel to others!
“Dad, you’re always confused. Karen li offended the housekeeper. It’s her business. Why do you have to harm us?”
“You forgot, we have a quiet thing?” Li family head resented!
“I don’t think I have any problem with her. Instead, it’s her. I don’t know what to do!” Li Overlord shook his head. Extremely indifferent!
Overlord Li said to other people, “Are you going to die or live?? Are you going to be affected by Karen li, who is not the Li family? I don’t want it! Who is she?”
He walked to You Tianle and bowed his head politely, “Homeowner!”

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