My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 747

“Your grandpa is dead… committed suicide,”
Karen li wiped away her tears, and her heart fluctuated.
For her father, Karen li is completely indescribable. From a young age to a big one, she is not as good as a maidservant. Not only are she treated differently from her elder brothers, one day at a time!
He didn’t even come up with the money for studying. Anyway, he hated Karen li and unconditionally.
What Karen li does, as long as it is a penny from the flower family, he will say it!
When Karen li started to make money on his own, he was poor, and he didn’t support it at all, even if he didn’t have any points.
Karen li has no complaints, and feels that he can raise himself to grow up, which is enough, so that Karen li has grown bigger, done it, and secretly helped the Li family! Billions of dollars are brought to the Li family every year, and profits to hundreds of dollars are all released by Karen li himself.
For more than ten years, there have been thousands of dollars, which is brought by Li Qing’s humor to the Li family who gave birth to her.
Not long ago, Karen li was also kicked out of the Li family!
He was cruel and cut! !
Karen li, who has nostalgic feelings, can’t continue, even if she doesn’t, she will always make money for the Li family…
For family members who only think about their own money, just break it! !
Another thing Karen li cannot tolerate is that he has acquiesced to the overlord Li to kill Chuck!
Karen li cannot tolerate it!
Chuck is her biggest bottom line! !
Therefore, Karen li already felt worthy of him.
There is no affection in the future, and when you meet, you only need to nod your head, but, dead…
Karen li has complex emotions.
Chuck was stunned. Did the Li family suicide?
Chuck immediately understood what was going on. You Tianle was fooled. Otherwise, why would the Li family owner commit suicide?
What about those overlords?
Chuck wanted to think about it, it must be Guishun Youtianle.
“Mom, this…”
“Cer, I want to stay for a while, you go first, Betty is waiting inside,” Karen li said.
There is nothing comforting about Chuck. For this grandfather, Chuck has no feelings. When suddenly hearing this news, Chuck is not sad.
There is even a species. . Be happy!
Who asked him to push his mother out of the Li family like that?
You know, the strength of the mother at that time, you can destroy the Li family!
Now that he has turned his face and is a stranger, what is he doing to you? ?
If it is Chuck, Chuck will definitely not give it!
The mother is actually soft-hearted, otherwise you will not put black roses at that time, but also put Shi Shiwen.
It’s impossible to be soft-hearted. It was lucky for the Lis at that time!
Chuck went out of the car, Karen li was silent for three seconds, sighed, and called, “Hou buried my dad…Yes, Hou buried, I will go when I have time…”
Chuck came into the technology company by himself. Betty took Chuck to change clothes. Now she is improving her strength. In the absence of time, equipping herself is the most direct way.
This process did not take long.
Chuck already has a new set of equipment, and all hands and feet are protected by soft armor, which is safe and more capable of playing!
Chuck was packed and some first-aid pills were taken, anyway, the equipment was abundant.
At this time, the mother came in.
It can be seen that the mother is still sad, and Chuck did not speak.
He might laugh because he was not sad. That made his mother hear it, isn’t it embarrassing? ?
It’s better to shut up.
The mother went in without a word.
Chuck waited for a while. Mom, Betty came out of the technology company. Mom still said nothing. When she drove to a place, she stopped. “Cer, would you like to visit your grandfather now?”
Karen li still wanted to see her dad’s last glance, even though this dad never made her feel like a father.
The people of the Li family were gone. He walked alone, and Karen li still couldn’t bear it.
“Mom, yeah.” Chuck was unwilling in his heart, but Mom wanted to see, what could be done?
“Well, then go now!”
Karen li drove past.
Arrived at the Li family!
Karen li’s man was already handling the body of the head of the Li family, his throat was cut by glass, and he still grabbed the glass with blood in his hand.
Chuck looked expressionless, and Karen li couldn’t help sighing.
He personally carried him into the car.
Chuck was thinking, You Tianle thought about doing this, this is to let Master Li overtake himself and his mother!
This idea is really vicious! Anyway, Chuck felt ashamed!
After handling the body of the Li family owner, Karen li, Chuck, and Betty got on the train and left.
Karen li sent her dad through the rear-view mirror for the last trip and left here with gas.
Chuck said nothing.
Back home, mother, Betty is intensively preparing to deal with You Tianle.
How to say, You Tianle took the position of the head of the house, although it was advanced, but it is still in the plan of the mother, so just follow the original plan.
Chuck still has You Tianle’s handle in hand, thinking when to give him this handle? ?
It should not be far away, what expression would You Tianle have at that time? ?
Chuck didn’t think much about it. You Tianle’s mentality is different now. This kind of handle may not be of much use to him.
Instead, Du Peixin called and detailed the situation on the other side of the casino. The business was particularly good, and Chuck was also pleased. How can I say that this is my first business in the United States?
Chuck has arranged a lot of people there as security.
Make sure that You Tianle won’t make trouble there!
What Chuck does not know is that Alice is very dangerous here! !
That’s right, You Tianle knew last time that Chuck and Alice have a good relationship.
Otherwise, why would they start out for Alice? ?
So first, point the finger at Alice!
At the door of Alice’s house, a lot of people suddenly appeared, these are the elite bodyguards of the home! !
They came out, no one can resist!
“Emily, you leave first!” Alice discovered the problem long ago. Now that she knows about this situation, You Tianle called someone over.
When she learned that Youjia had changed the owner again, or was You Tianle, she already knew that You Tianle would come to find her!
Because of the last thing!
“Mom, what happened?” Emily panicked!
It’s raining outside!
Crackling, scared to death!
“You Tianle called someone over, you go first!” Alice Lamily came out.
Telling the bodyguard to send Emily away, Emily struggled to no avail, has been taken away by the bodyguard forcibly! !
Outside the house, just like the scene, Alice took out the gun herself and threw the trigger!
Kill one is one!
She is also a sharpshooter!
Suddenly, a bomb flew towards this side, straight to Alice! !

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