My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 748

Alice is an arms dealer and knows all kinds of bombs all over the world. She knows this bomb because she produced it!
The explosion range is huge!
Seeing the bomb drop, Alice made a decision instantly!
When the bomb falls, she may have her hands broken!
She fired a gun at the bomb!
The falling bomb exploded! !
The horrible explosion wave caused Alice who had just found the cover to fall to the ground and her clothes were torn. His hair was messed up and his face was dirty.
Fortunately, you can survive! !
This shootout lasted more than ten minutes, and suddenly, it was quiet! !
Terrible quiet!
The only living Alice stood up, she knew what it meant, all the members of the family guards were dead, only she was still alive! ?
The heavily armed men approached. Come from all directions, everyone has a gun in his hand, and directly point the cold muzzle at Alice!
“Alice, put down the gun!!!” It was a woman who took the lead!
Indifferent to the extreme!
She is only obedient to visit Tianle now!
You Tianle’s command is to return Alice Ribbon! !
Alice was silent for three seconds and shot suddenly!
Five people were killed!
If you die, what are you afraid of? ? however! bump!
A bullet came and shot through Alice’s hand!
Alice’s gun fell to the ground. She endured the pain and wanted to pick up the gun.
The woman came over with just one foot.
Alice clutched her stomach and fell to the ground, her face turned white. Without the strength to get up, the woman’s foot, even a master of combat, can’t stand it!
Alice’s ability to not dizzy is considered to be of good physical fitness, and replaced with others, she has screamed that she passed away.
“Take her away!” The woman turned and left.
The fully armed man surrounded Alice and forcibly took Alice away.
For them, Alice at this time, the four big families at this time, are vulnerable!
The strength of the hidden family is not comparable to the four major families!
The guards of this family can be destroyed casually, as long as You Tianle gives orders.
“Oh, Alice, let’s meet again! Miss me?” You Tianle laughed aloud, Alice, who still had a charm, her clothes were ragged, and she had a wild feeling.
Alice said indifferently, the last time You Tianle asked her for a bomb. That’s it!
She is used to it. If it was not Chuck last time, she might have been tortured by You Tianle long ago, but now it is still here.
“Look, you have a good relationship with Chuck, did you happen to him?” You Tianle sneered.
“What are you talking about?”
Alice is angry, panicked, and Chuck’s things, absolutely can not tell others!
Can’t admit it!
“So. Chuck’s rubbish, how can I play with you? Alice, how do you take care of it? By the way, Alice, know what I’m here to let you do?” You Tianle reached out and grabbed Alice’s face!
“You let go!” Alice feared.
As a woman, she saw what You Tianle thought about her. She was afraid. She had already determined that Chuck was her second man. Even if she died, she could never let other men get their bodies!
This is a betrayal to Chuck! !
“Haha, you’re in my hands, let me let go? Why did I let you come over? For what? You know, last time Chuck was for you, so to me, it seems that you are in Chuck’s mind. Now, let’s try to see if Chuck will come over to save you!” You Tianle laughed terribly!
Step by step to torture people around Chuck, this kind of fun is very good! !
This is the revenge on Chuck!
“Call Chuck. Please tell him that you are in my hands, call me, and I will let you go!”
You Tianle laughed abnormally.
Why did he release Alice? !
Also in front of Chuck. Step by step to torture Alice, let Chuck see that the people he knows die in pain, so that’s enough! !
“I won’t call!” Alice is unwavering!
When Chuck came here, it definitely represented that he had stepped into the ghost gate. How could he do that? ?
“This is not what you can say! You know?” You Tianle smiled sinisterly, his hands have changed.
Alice feared, “What are you doing?”
“What do you say? If I don’t call, I will do something to you… Alice you!” You Tianle suddenly irritated, he found that Alice’s mouth suddenly bleed out, what is this? ?
Tongue bite? !
You Tianle let go, “Huh. I didn’t expect you to be so strong!”
This is really not what You Tianle thought of. How to say, Alice is also the head of a large family, and she can’t bear the burden? ?
Is this about to commit suicide?
However, You Tianle also laughed. Anyway, he had the wrong idea just now. How could Chuck touch such a stiff woman like Alice? !
This is impossible.
Without being insulted by Chuck, then there is a little play value.
Alice’s mouth is unconscious, her bloody eyes staring at him!
She had no regrets about what happened just now, and she couldn’t betray Chuck even if she voluntarily died. !
“Forget it, you come. Whether it’s a fight or a curse, I want her to call Chuck personally for help,” You Tianle became lazy.
For him, Alice still can’t die!
“Yes, master!” A woman came and used her means to make Alice succumb!
Alice closed her eyes!
Endure torture!
You Tianle looked more and more impatient, and Alice was too strong. If this continues, death will not let her speak!
You Tianle is terrible, he thought of another method that will definitely allow Alice to make this call! !

“Woo.” Emily’s plane was attacked by the bodyguards when she left, and the fuel tank leaked.
She was forced to descend in a wilderness, she is now going to find someone to help!
Chuck, the first person she thought of, was Chuck! !
She has to find a way to find Chuck!
She ran in the forest by herself. She was already injured. She was particularly worried about how her mother Alice was. Has it already suffered unexpectedly? ?
She dare not think about it!
Suddenly, there was movement. Emily was vigilant to find a place to cover, wow, la, someone rushed over, fully armed!
Emily was shocked. This is all the people of the home!
“Ah! No!” Emily ran wildly, but a man grinned and kicked over. How could Emily resist?
Screaming to death!
The man picked up Emily and got on the plane to leave!
“Oh, found it? Alice, I don’t think you can make this call!” You Tianle grinned grinningly!

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