My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 749

Chuck doesn’t yet know about Alice and Emily.
After he and his mother came back from the technology company, Chuck went to his casino side!
Also decided that the casino is okay, Chuck is at ease.
Du Peixin has been arranging strict guards, and there have been no problems!
But Chuck knows that once something goes wrong, this new casino is over! !
I made it clear to Du Peixin directly, Du Peixin said seriously that if something goes wrong, she will be responsible! !
Chuck doesn’t need to do this, she just needs to be careful!
Simple and Dupe heart explain!
Chuck came back from his casino. Logan and Yvette all came back. Let’s discuss together!
During this process, Chuck was absent, why?
If You Tianle’s strength to control your home is too strong, should he listen to his father and ask Wan Ziwen for help? ?
Chuck didn’t know what he thought, but knew that Chuck didn’t want his mother, Yvette, and Logan to have an accident.
At that point, Chuck would not hesitate.
Karen li suddenly received a call, she was stunned, “Cer, your partner, something happened to Alice.”
Chuck stood up suddenly! what? !
What happened to Alice?
Was You Tianle?
Chuck’s eyes were cold and suddenly angered, You Tianle, how dare you do this? ?
Migrated your anger to Alice?
“Mom, I know, I will go out.” Chuck said coldly.
Karen li was more stunned. Chuck’s look was terrifying. How could Alice also make Chuck appear this way?
“Wait!” Logan and Yvette, including Karen li, stopped Chuck at the same time!
“Since this step, there is nothing more to say, Ceer, You Tianle should control Alice, then you can see her, you can go, and I, Logan, Yvette go to your home!” Karen li felt that it was impossible. Dragged on.
You Tianle should be hit!
“Me, I want to be with Chuck,” Yvette said busy.
How can she be assured?
Chuck went to see You Tianle alone, so much danger? !
“Yvette, Alice’s side, should immediately call to let Ceer go alone!” Karen li shook her head.
Logan was worried, but Karen li’s words still made sense.
Chuck dragged You Tianle away, and they went directly to Youjia to control, which is also a good method.
Control Youjia, then You Tianle will definitely panic!
Chuck will also be much safer, which is the best way now.
“But, but…”
Yvette couldn’t take over, she couldn’t help but listen to Karen li’s words!
“Her husband, you have to be careful!” Yvette couldn’t control his emotions.
This time it was the hidden family!
“Well.” Chuck asked his mother’s address. The mother said, and Chuck remembered to go out.
Karen li, Logan and Yvette didn’t speak. Chuck left and silenced them.
“Yvette, you have to prepare! You are here to stay.” Karen li began to assign tasks.
She and Logan are both good at personal night raids!
The two of them are going directly to the home! !
“I don’t want it, I’m going too!” Yvette denied!
Karen li was stunned, Yvette lowered his head, his voice was much lower, “I don’t want it, I want to go too, don’t underestimate me, I will surpass you one day!”
“Okay! Go ahead and prepare!” Karen li agreed.
Yvette ran out to prepare.
Loganmei looked at the outside all the time, and her heart followed Chuck.
“Don’t worry, Ceer’s ability is better than You Tianle, so don’t worry,” Karen li said.
She is assured of Chuck!
In this case, she did not encounter it again. She met and survived, even a very big promotion.
Chuck also needed this!
No one can help him, all growth, still need him to come!
“Ah!!!” Logan sighed.
What’s the use of worrying?
“By the way, body armor put on, I think there might be an accident this time.” Karen li said.
Her sixth sense tells her that something will happen suddenly!
What is it, she is not sure yet, but definitely there is!
After so many years, Karen li can live to the present, she firmly believes in the sixth sense! !
Logan was stunned, “What do you feel?”
To Karen li, Logan believed 100%.
“Just think that there is an accident, so be careful,”
Karen li thought about it, only to say so.
“Well.” Logan didn’t feel this way just now, but suddenly Karen li mentioned that she also felt this way!
What kind of accident will it be?
The two went to prepare! !
The three came out. Karen li took the lead and flew to the home. Betty didn’t go. All the industries of Karen li were under surveillance. As long as there was a problem in the place, Betty would solve it immediately! ?
Chuck drove out of the house and went straight to the theme to go to the place where my mother said!
He had prepared everything, but after leaving home, Chuck suddenly stopped without knowing why!
A little pimple in my heart, I also feel that something unexpected will happen, what’s going on? !
Chuck didn’t think about what it might be? I thought about it myself! drive to!
Halfway through, Chuck received a call from the boss behind the scene and said something was wrong!
Chuck didn’t want to go, but Chuck went along the way.
Last time, the behind-the-scenes boss said, did she arrange a spy among the three secret families? !
But what clues would she give herself.
It will also make Chuck more confident in facing You Tianle.
“Little lover, where are you going?” When the place arrived, the boss behind the scene was stunned. Chuck’s expression was very serious. She knew where Chuck was going.
Too dangerous!
Chuck didn’t say much. The boss behind the scene was anxious. She didn’t care whatsoever, and took out the last three small bombs on her to Chuck.
In fact, there are still a few in Chuck’s hands.
“You keep it yourself,”
Chuck didn’t want it. The so-called trouble sees the truth. Now that there is no trouble, Chuck has seen her true feelings.
“No, you take it, you are my little lover, I can’t let you die, you know?” The boss behind the scene was all red.
How to say, she feels very good about Chuck.
Chuck couldn’t refuse, so she took one and let her keep two.
The boss shook his head behind the scenes. Chuckdao said, “Sister, don’t say it, you have to be alive!”
The boss behind the scene put it away, and she said, “I received the secret message that something went wrong with your home.”
“Things?” Chuck stunned.
“Yes, my man told me that a secret warehouse in Youjia was taken by you. You Tianle did not know about it yet.”
“Who was taken?” Chuck didn’t expect that the boss behind the scene would tell him this thing, could it be that this is his sixth sense, and the reason for the accident?

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