My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 751

Chuck drove to the place where the mother said, it was really secret. No one said that there was no navigation of the mother company in the car, and I really couldn’t find it here.
Chuck found a place to park, he was sure that he had enough equipment, and he quietly sneaked into this place.
There is also a big cave in it, how to say, there must be no cave in it!
You Tianle’s luxurious man, arranged inside the palace, Chuck believes.
Chuck is extremely vigilant!
He had taken out the dagger given by Alice, and according to all the attention that his mother usually said, Chuck successfully entered.
Maybe this place is too secret, there is no one at the door.
Chuck used signals to interfere with the monitoring in this cave, so that others could not monitor him temporarily, so it was easy to get in.
This is still taught by my mother. After trying everything, Chuck really came in so quickly!
Chuck came in, unable to suppress his heart, so he must find Alice quickly, Emily!
Otherwise, Chuck can think of what the perverted You Tianle can do.
For Alice, Emily hurt too much! !
Suddenly, Chuck heard the voice, this is Alice’s scream! ?
Chuckxin was so nervous that he rushed in exasperation!
When meeting people, they are resolved at the fastest speed.
Finally close to the place where the sound came out, it was in a room!
The base of You Tianle is simply hollowing out a mountain, which is full of high-tech rooms.
When he came in, Chuck also saw the Youming pool, and even there are various beauties playing in the Youming pool.
Is this the harem place of Youtianle?
Chuck secretly dropped a bomb in a place and set a time so that he could be safe.
However, Chuck was surprised, why?
Alice’s voice was not a direct place, and in what room was she going to enter, how did Chuck get in here?
Have! bomb!
The door can be opened by adding two bombs together.
Chuck is ready to do so! !
“Huh! Who? Actually came in here, you are so bold!” A person appeared suddenly.
The eyes are cold, I know at a glance is a master!
The aura is particularly amazing!
Chuck frowned, and he understood that this place has fewer people because a master is sitting here! !
Once married, Wan Momo opened!
“You can come here, be the first person! Tell me your name, I don’t kill the unknown!” In the dark, this is a burly man!
His cold eyes stared at Chuck, like two swords!
Yes, he is the most powerful person here, keep this place!
He just found out that the monitoring was abnormal, and his instinct feeling told him that someone came in!
After some searching, I actually found people coming in here.
He was a little surprised.
Can Chuck actually get here?
Chuck said nothing, there was no time to delay, let’s fight fast! !
“Huh, don’t you say? Take you to the house owner, you will say it!” The man sneered.
What he is really good at is fighting, what is Chuck’s primary reason for holding a dagger? ?
Compare with yourself?
Find it! !
He clenched his fists, Chuck various Chinese people’s body type, only one punch, you can hit him hard! He even killed him!
Men still need to control their strength, because Chuck killed him with a punch, how to explain to You Tianle? ?
The body moved, the man punched out!
At this speed, ordinary people have been shocked and frightened.
Chuck was unmoved, he was close!
The boxing style is scary, Chuck’s dagger is not vegetarian, wow la la!
The two met.
The man frowned and couldn’t solve Chuck with one punch?
Huh, then use the second punch!
Fist hit!
Chuck didn’t step back, hard-wired? it is good!
Scrap you!
The man sneered sneerly, but it was whimper, Chuck avoided this punch.
The dagger stabs!
The man sneered and stretched his hand to grab Chuck’s wrist. “With your power, do you still want to?!”
However, before he finished speaking, Chuck’s grasped hand shot a dagger and came over to his face.
This time, if you do not stop, absolutely dead!
The man was annoyed and let go of his dagger. Chuck seized the opportunity, and he was touched by him!
The man was stunned, “Want to run? Give me a waste!”
He chased his fist, but after Chuck stepped back, the expression on his face was cold, “It’s a pity…”
“What a pity?” The man was annoyed, he suddenly heard the sound, ding, ding, ding…
Is this a countdown sound?
Especially subtle, he still heard.
“What’s going on? What’s going on?”
The man looked down, at this moment, scared away!
In the place of his belt, there was actually a glass ball of the same size!
After seeing it for a second, he was stunned. What is this?
The next second, he was afraid!
What is this guy doing?
I still have to catch him to see the house owner to invite credit, I can’t die!
“Ah, bomb!” The man said nothing in fear, the little thing exploded!
Instantly broke him! !
The entire cave was shaken violently, like an earthquake.
“No time to play with you, but a small bomb!” Chuck used to pick up the dagger on the ground.
When he reached the door of the room, he took out two small bombs and pressed the explosion timer!
“What’s going on? The explosion just now?” You Tianle was angry, and his place would explode?
“Homeowner, there may be something wrong, the line,” someone whispered.
This place is secret, and no one else will come, even if there is, it will be solved by the most powerful bodyguard in this place.
So there is only a line problem.
“That’s not for anyone to solve. Damn? Scared to death!” You Tianle exasperated!
The explosion just now was amazing!
Alice, ready to commit suicide, stopped. Her bloody eyes kept staring at the door, are you here? ?
She was nervous and worried!
“Oh, Alice, what are you looking at? Do you think someone came to save you?” You Tianle laughed.
This place, but his base camp, often brings a lot of women here, others don’t even know this place.
Who can come? ?
“Are you thinking that Chuck came over here? Haha, don’t be fantasizing, Chuck is impossible to come here. You haven’t called him yet, you forgot?” You Tianle laughed.
However, it was just right to come, anyway, let him come.
The security of this place will be beyond everyone’s expectations, he is absolutely safe here!
However, he had just finished speaking, and suddenly, a violent explosion sounded again. The ground shook, the door was blown up, and among the dust, one came in!

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