My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 753

Three people shot, punching Chuck on the body! !
These are all masters of wrestling!
Amazing moves!
Chuck flew out!
Three meters away, Chuck fell to the ground!
Did he fall and stand firm? !
Blood, flowing from the corner of the mouth, three punches! Chuck hit the bleeding.
Alice shouted hoarsely, and Chuck came back step by step.
“Haha! Not bad, Chuck you can resist!!”
You Tianle felt very comfortable in his heart. He thought about the pain when he was beaten by Chuck. Today, he will return ten times before Chuck’s death!
“Go on, hit me until I am satisfied!” You Tianle lazily. boom! !
Three people kicked and kicked Chuck!
Chuck was kicked off and fell to the ground, embarrassed!
However, he still got up.
Come back step by step!
The three men sneered, not bad! kick!
The three kicked at the same time!
Chuck was kicked again!
He fell to the ground and spit out blood! !
Bright red blood spit on the ground.
“Haha, Chuck you are too garbage, vomiting blood so quickly? You can’t, get up!” You Tianle laughed!
Chuck could not get up on the ground.
“Chuck…” Alice was desperate, how could this be?

In a luxurious room, Wan Ziwen slapped her face on the face of her bodyguard.
The man has scarlet cheeks and kneels in horror! !
“What did you say? What did you say?” Wan Ziwen just heard the man’s careful report, and actually heard Chuck go to see You Tianle alone!
Is this enough? ?
“Chuck, go, see You Tianle.” The man was frightened.
This is the first time Wan Ziwen beat him!
At the moment of this slap, he had the illusion that Wan Ziwen would immediately kill him. so horrible!
This is the feeling of facing the emperor! !
“Do you want to die? Chuck is visiting You Tianle, can Chuck still live?” Wan Ziwen was furious!
The less she can get Chuck, the more she will be bothered by Chuck.
It’s been in the past few days. She is unhappy, and she feels that she hasn’t thought about anything.
“I, I…” The man couldn’t help it, she received the news.
“Don’t prepare a plane for me yet? I’m going to see You Tianle immediately. If he dares to kill my Chuck, I want him to die! Don’t go soon!” Wan Ziwen was frightened!
Her cold eyes were afraid when she touched them.
The man got up and hurried out.
After a minute, he ran in! !
“Miss, the plane is ready.”
Wan Ziwen’s ideas are changeable, so the plane is always ready.
Wan Ziwen swayed his long legs out!
Get on the plane!
Men make people drive!
“Yu Shiwen? Where did she go?” Wan Ziwen suddenly asked.
For a few days, You Shiwen is missing?
This really surprised her.
“She, she, I am still locked, please be assured that the lady can lock her soon, I think, that shot, You Shiwen must have been hit hard, she found a place to hide and heal, not to mention, You Tianle is still chasing Killing her, she will find a place to hide even when she is seriously injured,” the man was careful, and Wan Ziwen was really scared him just now.
He also knew that Chuck’s position in Wan Ziwen’s mind.
It is useless to envy him. Just a slap. He has decided that he can’t think of Chuckzai. If he doesn’t pay attention, he is dead! !
Wan Ziwen sneered, “You Shiwen, don’t underestimate her, she is definitely not as simple as you think!!!”
Yes, Wan Ziwen can make You Shiwen an opponent. Although it is a reluctant opponent, what does that mean? !
Explain that You Shiwen’s ability is very good! It is already very close to Wan Ziwen.
“Miss rest assured, I will not underestimate her, I will send more people to lock her position!”
The man said busy.
“Suddenly missing? You Shiwen, what are you doing? Are you really looking for a place to recuperate? I don’t think so. If it’s me, I can have other ideas… Would you think the same as me?
If you really just look for If you hide somewhere, then I will be very disappointed with you…”
Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed.
Suddenly she smiled, and the man was a little inexplicable.
What is Wan Ziwen laughing? ?
The man couldn’t figure it out, he couldn’t see through Wan Ziwen anymore.
“Karen li will actually let Chuck go to see You Tianle alone? What is Karen li’s plan? I know, she should be on the tour’s side at the moment and act separately, but this is too dangerous for Chuck, how can Chuck Take such a big risk??” Wan Ziwen said coldly.
She was very angry and felt that Karen li did this, no way!
“Yes, Karen li did something wrong this time.” The man agreed.
“Humph! This time Chuck is in trouble, I won’t let her go for Karen li! Let someone drive faster!” Wan Ziwen urged.
“Yes, Miss!” the man arranged.
“Chuck, I’m really so good to you, do you feel anything about me? You have to see how good I am for you,” Wan Ziwen’s beautiful eyes flashed.
… boom!
Three people broke their fists!
Open mouth vomiting blood, and completely climbed up.
Alice’s tears are about to dry up, Chuck, Chuck… she has been murmuring so hoarsely…
“Master, he doesn’t seem to be able to support it,” said one of the three men.
Just now, three people punched and kicked without stopping at all. If they were replaced by other people, they would have been beaten to death.
Only Chuck can hold on so hard.
To be honest, all three of them were surprised!
This guy is too good to fight? ?
Is the body made of iron? !
“I saw it!” You Tianle felt very happy!
Chuck vomited blood and looked embarrassed.
He didn’t miss a second, and he saw everything in his eyes.
“Chuck, can’t get up? Haven’t you really started yet. Why are you so garbage?” You Tianle grinned grimly.
“Leave her…” Chuck said hardly.
“Oh, I ask you, have you thought about such a day? Have you thought about the consequences of offending me? Do you regret it now?”
Chuck got up hard, “Let her go!”
This is a man’s yelling!
“Haha, you know what you look like now? A dog! You, you are now a dog. Whatever I want you to do, you have to do anything, not to mention you only have half your life, or a dead dog…” You Tianle said, “Let me let her go, but how do I think your hands and feet are intact? What about dazzling? Can I meet my request? Do you cut your own hand? If you cut it off, I let her go! !”
Chuck is silent, one hand! ?
“No, no!” Alice was hoarse to the extreme.
Chuck said nothing, but his fists were clenched! !

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