My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 754

“How is it? With a hand that I cut off, I put Alice, otherwise, I’ll let her die immediately!” You Tianle raised her hand!
Someone immediately pinched Alice’s neck.
She had already been tortured to death, and her neck was pinched. At this moment, she was already suffering from the extreme. She couldn’t tell if she wanted to do this.
Chuck is still silent!
“I count three times, don’t let my people do it! I only have to look at self-mutilation, which is interesting!” You Tianle said with a smile.
“Broken one hand, will let her go?” Chuck calmly.
“Of course, I am the most credit-worthy person!”
You Tianle laughed, “Just think about it, Alice can’t hold it for a few seconds.”
Alice’s neck was pinched tightly, and her breathing was particularly difficult. Her beautiful face was as pale as death…
“Stop it! Okay, I’m off!” Chuck is still so calm!
Alice’s painful look, Chuck didn’t want to see it again, even for a second.
“Oh, agree? Well, cut off one’s own hand! Start now! As long as the hand is on the ground, I will release Alice! Start, I can’t wait!” You Tianle urged excitedly .
“Don’t, Chuck don’t do this. It’s not worth…getting out of here!” Alice was pinched by her neck, she still exhausted all her strength and yelled out hard.
“It’s worth it!” Chuck calmly took out the dagger Alice gave, and he turned his head to look at one of his arms.
Alice closed her eyes, and in a flash of despair she had burst into tears again.
“Haha, hurry up,” You Tianle can’t wait any longer, he will not miss a point, even a second, in the next bloody picture!
Because, this is so cool for him!

Youjia! !
In the darkness, three people appeared quietly, and the three of them concealed.
It is Karen li, Logan and Yvette who are already close! !
Karen li is glancing at her. Among the three, she is the strongest. Logan will of course be obedient. Even Yvette, who has a blood feud with Karen li, will be obedient at this moment.
“The guard is very strict and there are traps!!” The sixth sense tells Karen li that Youjia has traps at this moment!
She was not surprised. normal!
Yvette, Logan was shocked!
“So what to do!”
Yvette is really anxious. At this time, Chuck must have seen You Tianle. If there is no result as soon as possible, Chuck will definitely die! !
She would really be out of control, Logan was also anxious, and the sixth sense told her that this place was not right!
“Be careful. I’m in front, and the two of you follow.” Karen li has too much experience with this trap.
“Huh…” Karen li suddenly turned back.
Yvette and Logan also looked back, leaving no one behind.
“What’s the matter?” both women asked.
“It’s nothing, maybe I thought about it more…” Karen li shook her head, didn’t look too much.
Yvette and Logan looked at each other, they did not find anything, it seems that Karen li was too sensitive just now.
But be careful, of course, there is no problem.
Three people are near the home!
Originally, Youjia was in the deep mountains. Many trees were monitored by cameras. Karen li brought high-tech and can accurately scan out wherever there is monitoring, then they avoid from where they are.
I can’t avoid it, so it’s enough to use interference. Interference for a few seconds is enough to get them to the next place.
Yvette felt a particularly great danger, but Karen li was expressionless and indifferent, which made Yvette lose his heart. The gap was still too great.
How can I kill Karen li afterwards? ?
“Don’t be distracted, there are some things, think again after this time passes!” Karen li reminded.
How could Karen li not feel the murderous moment?
Yvette bowed his head.
Karen li actually saw it, she felt complacent.
Obviously, there was more than she thought.
Yvette and Logan followed Karen li’s pace and moved closer to the home!
Suddenly, Karen li stopped!
Yvette and Logan felt the crisis!
“The two of you are waiting for me here!”
Karen li has disappeared into darkness.
The sixth sense tells her that someone in the front is holding the handle, and she must solve it as quickly as possible.
Yvette was stunned, and wanted to go with him, Logan sighed, “Yvette, we are waiting here,”
“Well,” Yvette looked at Karen li to solve the problem.
Still no movement.
“Yvette, still want to kill aunt?” Logan sighed.
“Can I kill? She killed my dad! I will always remember this hatred!” Yvette said coldly.
Logan sighed.
Thirty seconds later, Karen li returned. There was no sound during the process, and no one found it.
Yvette was surprised, and even more lost in his heart.
The gap is too large.
“Continue!” Karen li moved on!
Suddenly, a knife flew over!
Karen li took his cold face!
She wears gloves. This kind of gloves is made of metal like hair and hair. !
Yvette, Logan was shocked!
In the dark, come out alone!
“Last time there was no victory or defeat, don’t leave this time!” This is an old man.
The last time Chuck made a fuss about Youjia, it finally appeared, the strongest bodyguard of Youjia, but was blown away by Karen li with two punches!
He worked hard to forcibly improve his strength and decided to fight Karen li! !
This was his wish before he died!
Finally, I met a man who can play, how can he let it go! !
“The two of you will go first and wait for me one kilometer away a minute.” Karen li said solemnly.
Yvette and Logan felt the momentum of this old man!
This is definitely a master among masters! ?
“But…” Yvette wanted to stay and see how Karen li dealt with this person.
“Go first!”
Yvette, Logan remained silent for three seconds, and the obedient continued to deepen!
“One minute, it means that one minute can solve me?” The old man sneered excitedly as he stepped closer.
“Without one minute, thirty seconds!” Karen li lost the knife in her hand.
“Haha! Very confident, thinking that the last time I repulsed me, I think the world is invincible?”
The old man sneered.
These days, his old body is training, waiting for the moment now! ! The shame of the last time, today must be brought back with profit!
“I’m not invincible in the world, but for this old man, thirty seconds is a face!” Karen li shook his head and stepped forward!

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