My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 755

The speed of Karen li, that is a light in the darkness, has already reached the old man after the shot!
The old man sneered, he revealed the strength of his strongest bodyguard.
Meet Karen li! ! boom!
The two fought fiercely!
If anyone is watching here, it will definitely surprise you!
Because of the speed of two people, most people can’t see clearly at all!
A second!
Two seconds!
Three seconds!
This fierce battle lasted fifteen seconds!
The old man was shocked! ! boom!
Karen li punched!
The old man couldn’t stop it, and he retreated. He was repulsed by Karen li. After he bowed his head, his chest was torn like pain. The ribs must have been broken!
Can’t help but spit out blood!
“You? Did you actually hide your strength last time?” The old man was shocked!
He is the strongest bodyguard in the house. When he was young, he was not as fierce as Karen li!
Master tricks often result in instant wins and losses!
Within fifteen seconds, the old man retreated!
Karen li really hides her strength. An old man of seventy and eighty can make her really give her all? ?
After the old man was furious, he chose to step back.
Escape, he chose to escape!
Fifteen seconds drove him back, even if he was a fool, he knew how wide the gap between the two was.
It is no longer in a level now, just keep waiting to die? !
“Escape? Can you escape?”
The indifferent voice thundered in the ear of the feared old man like thunder.
The old man who was confident just now, after fifteen seconds, was already scared. This is the conquest of Karen li’s powerful strength!
Karen li chased behind the old man, she punched it out!
Old man’s body shakes! !
He turned his head and found that his sternum was torn apart, “You…” thump!
The old man lay on the ground, the expression of fear still exists, but this expression of fear has been frozen, and it can never be changed…
“You must recognize the old when you are old. If you are still young, it is okay to fight with me.
You are going to die. You must fight with me? Then I will definitely send you into the coffin in advance.”
Karen li glanced at him and caught up with Yvette and Logan.
For Karen li, the fighting made her in her prime, and the old man stepped into the coffin with half of his feet. After running for a few kilometers, he would pant. ?
Karen li didn’t kill him in seconds.
Forty-five seconds passed when I saw them both!
The two were shocked.
Yvette was even more lost in his heart. This gap was already obvious!
Just now, the old man, let alone fifteen seconds to solve it, that is, if he can’t beat it, Yvette has no confidence.
Yvette bit his lip and vowed in his heart that it would definitely exceed Karen li! !
“Go, continue!”
Karen li said that the three had already gone deeper.
In the security room of the Youjia Family Guard!
Ding, ding, ding!
Suddenly, someone discovered the situation!
“Monitor closer!”
Someone solemnly commanded!
The huge monitoring screen was pulled in immediately. This is the picture of the forest. After pulling in, I saw a dead face with fear!
The people in the security room were shocked to see this picture! Shock! !
This is your strongest bodyguard!
Actually so dead with fear?
Everyone felt incredible, “What’s going on? What’s going on?!”
“Someone broke in, broke in!”
“No. 3 ambush team, report the situation, report the situation!!!” A sturdy man was yelling!
He is the captain of the family guard!
Traps have been designed in several places in Youjia. As long as someone appears, they will definitely be trapped!
However, at this moment, there is no alarm sound, is this a ghost? ?
How is it possible that all monitoring instruments are useless? !
“No. 3 ambush team is normal!” Someone was talking on the intercom.
“Answer No. 4 answered!!!” The strong man roared!
“No. 4 ambush team is normal!”
“Report No. 5 Ambush!” The strong man continued to roar!
“No. 5 ambush team… click!”
Suddenly there was no sound in the intercom, this click, this is the sound of a broken neck!
The people in the security room were sweating behind!
You know, there are many people in the No. 5 ambush team, and each one is an absolute combat master!
Actually? ?
The whole army was wiped out? !
Everyone was shocked beyond words!
The muscular man clapped the table angrily to vent, “No.4, No.3 ambush report!!”
“Number four… ah!”
There is no sound from the intercom.
The security room is so quiet that it is terrible!
Sorry, Sorry!
Everyone swallowed subconsciously, three ambush teams, but this is a trap arranged by You Tianle himself!
At this time, it didn’t work at all, and was wiped out one by one? how did you do that? !
No one can imagine.
Boom, boom, boom! !
After the sturdy man was shocked, he took the family alarm!
The entire Youjia is in a panic like a fire!
“What’s going on? What’s going on!”
Many people in the home are still sleeping, and they are awakened by the ringtone, and they gather in the lobby of the home.
“what happened?”
“I don’t know. I just heard this sound when I was sleeping. What happened?”
Many homeless people are sleepy.
I don’t know what happened!
Security room!
Athletic men are ready to tell these people that someone has broken in!
But suddenly!
A loud noise!
The door of the security room was blown open by a bomb!
A person rushed in first!
The two followed! boom!
Headed by Karen li, he punched a strong man who was about to speak!
The strong man hit the wall, he looked down in shock, his ribs had broken, and his breathing was uncomfortable.
“Ah, ah…”
After the scream, the voice was weak!
Ten seconds later, it was motionless!
Everyone is horrified!
Kill a person with one punch?
This man is still a master of fighting!
Has it become so vulnerable? ?
“Don’t move!” Logan held a gun in his hand!
Yvette also holds a gun!
Following Karen li and relying on her sensitive sixth sense, it seems to have entered the realm of no one!
Three ambush teams, all solved!
Too fast, Yvette couldn’t believe this was actually true.
Yes, Karen li has been trying to find a design for Youjia recently!
Karen li, who already knows her chest, of course knows the situation of Youjia!
It’s not too difficult to come in here.
This is what Karen li is good at!
No one in the security room dared to move. Karen li killed him with a punch, and has completely shocked them!
How could a woman be so scary?
No one imagines how this woman has grown to the present. They only know that if they move, they will definitely die in an instant! !
Because Karen li came in, it was death who entered the door!

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