My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 757

Chuck’s shot, You Shiwen will not forget, almost abandoned her hand, replaced by ordinary people, the pain that could not be tolerated long ago.
Not to mention raising your hand, you have a strong will, such as You Shiwen, who endured severe pain and even operated on herself.
Karen li was stunned, Logan and Yvette did not expect it.
“My son shot you?”
Karen li frowned, and Chuck came back at that time without saying this, because he only wanted to save Black Rose.
“Yes, a shot! Hit me here!” You Shiwen was indifferent to the extreme.
She finds it ridiculous. What if Chuck understands herself? In the end, for the benefit, don’t you point the gun at yourself? ? friend? !
Oh, how ironic!
Only benefits!
Karen li has nothing to say, it was really Chuck, she had no choice, but why did Chuck shoot You Shiwen? !
“You Shiwen, is there any misunderstanding?” Karen li said.
“Misunderstanding, do you think it is a misunderstanding?” You Shiwen squinted!
“I mean, it might be a misunderstanding,”
“I saw him holding a gun with my own eyes. Do you think this is a misunderstanding?” You Shiwen said coldly.
Karen li, Logan, even Yvette were silent.
The three of them knew how important the gun was to a person who shot it. Most people don’t understand it, just like a car, others can’t touch it.
Therefore, it is unlikely that someone else lost the gun and happened to be picked up by Chuck.
Karen li felt that this possibility was too low, at least she would not give up her gun.
Because of her gun, she has been following her for nearly 20 years, and she used it smoothly, not willing to lose, not willing to change.
“This shot interrupted everything! I have nothing to do with him!” You Shiwen said coldly.
“Okay, you let Yvette!”
Karen li is solemn, and Yvette is too clear about what Chuck represents.
If Yvette had an accident with her, she might not be able to face her son.
The gun in Logan’s hand was moving.
“Don’t move! Don’t underestimate me,” You Shiwen said coldly.
Logan’s expression was stiff.
Yes, You Shiwen has already surpassed her in some aspects, so she acted rashly and only hurt Yvette.
“Logan, don’t move, You Shiwen shoots very quickly,” Karen li said slowly.
When it comes to the life and death of Yvette, there must be no mistake!
Otherwise, she cannot face Chuck! !
“Well, I know,” Loganqian didn’t point to You Shiwen anymore, and continued to point to the descendants of Youjia.
“What do you want?” Karen li asked.
“This is Yu Shiwen who was released by grandpa that year? Has he grown so big?”
“What’s the use? She killed Grandpa!”
The descendants of Youjia stared at You Shiwen angrily.
“Hush, anyway, Shiwen is still a tourist. She suddenly appeared, maybe to save us?”
The wanderers are talking in a low voice.
This is the time, no matter whether You Shiwen kills Youba, is it important? ? unimportant.
Importantly, this You Shiwen may save them!
Suddenly, all the descendants of Youjia looked forward.
“You know what I want!” You Shiwen said coldly.
“Okay, I promise you what you want, but let me make a call. My son Chuck went to see You Tianle. If he doesn’t call, he may die…”
“He died? What’s the matter to me?” You Shiwen’s eyes were cold! !
Karen li was stunned.
“But he shot me, I still care about his life and death?” You Shiwen was extremely cold.
“You don’t care, I have to control, he is my son!” Karen li’s voice was also cold.
“It has nothing to do with me! I came here today to take back my place! The owner!!!” You Shiwen said.
Her voice echoed in the lobby of Youjia.
Everyone was shocked, what?
Do you want to be a housekeeper?
“You Shiwen, are you going to be the owner of the house?” an old man asked.
“Yes, this position is mine!”
“But you killed grandpa, what are you qualified to do?”
“I didn’t kill, You Tianle!” You Shiwen said one by one.
Hate, mixed in!
All the children and grandchildren are in an uproar!
“You Tianle killed it?”
“how could be?”
“You Tianle dare to kill grandpa?”
“Hush, I think it’s possible. You Tianle’s guy killed several people in the family? My cousin was secretly ordered to kill.”
“Of course, you think, a few people who can be homeowners are dead, and You Tianle is still alive, and successfully took the position of homeowner. What does this mean? Not sure yet?”
“Wow, why didn’t you say that day.”
“Did my mother say it?”
Everyone questioned that after someone broke the news, it was even more upset.
The scene is lively!
You Tianle’s dad was exasperated, “You Shiwen, you nonsense, how could my son do such a big deal?” You don’t have to say this kind of vicious slander as a house owner?!”
“Defilement is not defilement, you know it in your heart!” You Shiwen said coldly.
“I don’t know, the person who killed my dad is you!” You Tianle’s dad must maintain You Tianle’s position!
“I kill grandpa, let you chase me down? I was the heir to the owner, I need to do this?” You Shiwen sneered.
“Yeah, when I heard grandpa coma, they all called You Shiwen’s name. She, she must be the heir that grandpa wants. There is no need to kill grandpa.”
“I think so.”
The descendants of the Youjia are discussing, and the public opinion actually fell towards You Tianle.
You Tianle’s father was anxious, “You Shiwen, you are so vicious, at this time, actually saying my son, don’t you want to be the head of the house? But impossible, my son is already the head of the house, and you, killed My dad, my son will kill you, avenge his grandfather and my dad!!”
“I didn’t kill Grandpa, and I don’t have much to say. Those who are willing to follow me today, I will save you, those who are willing to follow You Tianle, I will not force it!” Why should You Shiwen say more?
At this time, she controlled Yvette and could easily save all of them. So, the position of the head of the family, needless to say?
They just have to be neutral and let themselves and You Tianle seize the position of homeowner.
The children of Youjia looked at each other immediately!
There is a choice between living and dying.
“I will follow Shiwen!”
“I follow too!”
“And I!”
Many people began to express their views, and only a few were still watching. You Tianle’s dad was furious, “You, you, when my son comes back, you are done!”
“Huh, where is You Tianle at this time?”
“We just want to survive!”
“That’s it!”
Basically, all the descendants of Youjia are on the side of You Shiwen.
The situation is abrupt!
Karen li narrowed his eyes, “You Shiwen, to be honest, did you surprise me?”

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