My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 763

“It depends on what you mean by Ceer,” Karen li said.
Chuck is considering, how to say, Chuck is actually very entangled. The misunderstanding between the ten articles in this tour will definitely be unsolvable for a while.
The home of You Shiwen’s home base is on the side of the United States, and the Wan Family of Wan Ziwen is probably also in the United States.
Then you may be in a lot of trouble on the side of the United States!
Chuck thought, why not return to China first?
For a long time, I haven’t returned to China. I don’t know Zelda and Murong Qing. Their situation is gone.
“Mom, I’ll be back in China.” Chuck decided.
Back to China, Yolanda should have done a good job. You can expand your business empire there, and then continue to expand in nearby countries.
Strengthen your own strength, so that you can confront You Youwen’s home.
“Well, you decide for yourself!” Karen li had no opinion.
Chuck has grown up and can make his own decision.
“So, Yvette, Logan, you two?” Karen li knew that Yvette’s thoughts should no longer be in China.
What she wants now is to surpass Karen li.
Yvette was silent, she looked at Chuck reluctantly.
Karen li understood.
As expected, she wanted to find a place to surpass herself.
Yvette didn’t answer, and Chuck also understood that there was nothing more than a sigh in his heart.
Logan does not need to ask another question, she will return to China with Chuck.
“Okay, Ceer, you can prepare for yourself,” Karen li said.
Chuck nodded and was already out.
Yvette went out in silence.
Logan hesitated. Now the situation is special. The hidden family is really a stone pressed against Logan’s heart. It is particularly heavy.
“You are in the United States, or you can go back to China, look at yourself.” Karen li said.
“Me, I’ll stay in the United States first. I also have a company here. After I’ve dealt with it, I will return to China,” Logan said with a bowed head.
Karen li had no opinion, she just sighed, “Are you afraid, if you go back with Ce’er now, will Yvette misunderstand it?”
Yes, Logan thought so.
Yvette didn’t go back with Chuck, why should he? !
This is Logan’s lack of confidence, because that drunk night happened with Chuck, and it happened naturally.
“Alas, I can’t control your business, just look at yourself.” Karen li can’t control.
Logan bowed silently. in the room.
Chuck was packing up and there was a hug in the back. This was Yvette. “Husband, you go back to China first, I will stay in the country for a while, or go somewhere else.”
Yvette wants to improve himself.
She can’t wait.
“Well,” Chuck gently continued to pack things.
“Will you blame me?”
“No, but if you want to duel with my mother, you must tell me in advance, otherwise I will be angry!” Chuck was extremely serious.
“I will, I will not attack her, I will tell you in advance.”
This battle is definitely inevitable.
At that time, what should I do!
Chuck has no solution at all.
After tidying up things, Chuck would go to Du Peixin’s side and tell her something. After the casino, she felt that her energy could be drawn out, then Chuck would give her the right to open a branch.
As long as she can manage it.
These are just minor problems.
Because Du Peixin has her own strength, but the premise is that you have to let go of her.
Let go and let her do it. Chuck believes that Du Peixin will surprise himself.
After staying with Yvette for a while, Yvette was going to pack things.
There are still a few places for Chuck to say goodbye. The boss behind the scene must say hello.
The two were reluctant.
Yvette went out, and Chuck went to Logan.
“Aunt Logan, don’t you go back?”
Chuck asked.
“I, stay a few days and go back in a few days.” Logan said.
At this time, Logan really wanted to give this person a hug, but Logan did not dare, he. . Should be scared.
“Well,” Chuck didn’t say much.
Recently, Chuck also felt that Logan was a little bit unhappy.
I don’t know what the reason is, maybe, there are a lot of thoughts!
Chuck doesn’t quite understand.
Ask, Logan, as a matter of concern, will not say more!
“Then… Aunt Logan, I am waiting for you in China!”
The two were silent.
Chuck gave Logan a polite hug.
Logan shivered, trying not to be discovered by Chuck. .
“Then, Aunt Logan, I’m going out first.”
“Okay, be careful on the road.”
Chuck came out of the house, and Betty was ready to fly Zhang Ze back to China.
Chuck first told her to go to Du Peixin.
Betty knew Chuck’s thoughts and went to the plane with a smile.
Chuck left!
Loganmei’s eyes were full of reluctance, she sighed.
Behind him, Yvette came over, “Aunt Logan, actually, I don’t follow him back, you can, I don’t mind…”
Yvette didn’t mind this. She knew that because Karen li was the reason for killing his father and his enemies, it was impossible for him and Chuck.
She doesn’t want to occupy, she wants Chuck happiness.
So gentle and understanding Logan is a person who can give Chuck happiness.
“I know, but no,” Logan shook his head. silent!
Yvette has nothing to say, so is Logan!
The two, just looked at the plane!
Watching it all the time.
Betty drove the plane and brought Chuck to the casino side. Betty waited and Chuck went down to make clear with Du Peixin.
Seeing Chuck again, Du Pei was a little happy in his heart and could not wait for the invitation,
“Chuck, are you here? Or go to my house to drink a bar tonight!”
“Uh, I’m going back,”
“Where?” Du Pei stunned.
“Back to China.”
“You…” Du Pei froze, back to China? So no more people drinking in the future? ?
Chuck wants to make her drink less. When she was drunk at home last time, if she changed to someone else, what would she do to her? ?
She woke up the next day and would definitely cry to death.
“Well, be careful on the road,” Du Pei sighed heartily, without a word, lonely.
“It’s okay to go back to Huaxia.”
“No, I want to work for you. I will definitely work to satisfy you in five years!” After saying this, suddenly, Du Pei felt like crying.
Why is this happening?
Isn’t Chuck going back? He went back, why did he cry?
Is it someone who hasn’t drunk in the future?
Well, it must be the reason.
“Du Pei, don’t put pressure on yourself, you are also a woman.”
“I’m not a woman, it’s not.” Du Pei shook his head, his heart suddenly sad.

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