My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 764

Chuck didn’t say much.
“A safe journey,” Du Pei said softly. This was after she had been silent for more than ten seconds.
“it is good.”
Chuck left and went to the boss behind the scenes.
In fact, Alice, Chuck also wanted to go, but it was not good for Alice.
Du Pei stared at the leaving Chuck, she sighed, “What are you thinking? Alas!”
She turned around to work hard, and she was suddenly thinking about a question. Five years later, when the time agreed with Chuck arrived, how would she choose? ?
Will he continue to work for Chuck, or will he leave? !
She lonely went to work in the office.
“Hey, Du Pei Xin,” Chuck’s voice came suddenly.
Du Pei was puzzled, “What?”
“There will be time to drink together!”
“En.” Du Pei smiled, he still remembered this matter.
Chuck left.
Du Pei is sad, you are back to China.
Who to drink?
“I don’t want to drink with other people, and I drink with you, I will feel at ease.” This is the truth, and she is particularly at ease.
“Master, your casino business is very good. After a while, you can open a second one. No, you can open several at the same time.”
Betty feels that Chuck has found the right person, Du Peixin really has the ability in this regard.
“Hope.” Chuck got on the plane.
To the boss behind the scenes.
Chuck went to her bar.
Without saying much, going in is a hug.
I’m still alive.
“Little lover, are you going back?” The boss behind the scene is a smart woman.
There is Betty on the plane outside, indicating that Chuck is going back to China.
“Shall I go back with you?”
“Ah, no,” Chuck shook his head and refused.
Behind the scenes, the boss pinched Chuck, “You are not allowed to say no to me, I will say it next time, I will hit you,”
She was reluctant.
After seeing You Tianle, Chuck still had obvious wounds on his face.
Obviously, how difficult it is for Chuck to come back alive!
“Who let you go? Stay with me for a while, won’t it work for a while?”
Chuck shrugged and smiled, “What are you going to do with you?”
“Little guy, what are you willing to do? Sister and I are whatever you want.” The behind-thescenes boss showed Chuck’s finally “opening up” smile.
“Well, I dare not, forget it,” Chuck waved his hand busy.
He must not dare.
Besides, without this thought, he came to say goodbye.
The boss hummed behind the scenes, “Coward, afraid that I would eat you?”
Chuck was speechless. At this moment, the boss behind the scene is very beautiful. She is sexy and perfect, but it is a prickly rose. It will not hurt so much when touched, but it will be poisoned.
Poison that can’t leave, so forget it.
Chuck does not want to provoke too much.
The boss behind the scene was disappointed, “You are such a coward. Where did that courage go when I first met me?”
“Ah, hide it.” Chuck was extremely embarrassed.
“Screw you.”
“Sister, I’m gone,”
“Let’s go, don’t want to see you anymore,” the boss behind the scene drank himself, it was boring.
Chuck was also embarrassed. In the past, he was comforting and drinking. Suddenly, the boss came behind the scene and Chuck was busy backing away.
Then, embarrassed…
“Three seconds, disappeared in front of me, or I will end with you! I will kill you under the chase order.” The boss behind the scene was annoyed and aggrieved, how could this be the case?
You took the initiative, are you still hiding? !
Hiding you a big head ghost!
“Sorry, I was not ready,” Chuck said coughing.
“Go to death!” The boss behind the scene smashed a cup and hit Chuck, who didn’t dodge. She was busy and distressed. “I didn’t hide very well just now? Why didn’t you hide from finding you? Does it hurt? Let my sister see.” ”
“No pain.”
“Go away if it doesn’t hurt!!”
Chuck came out and got on the plane. Betty took Chuck back to China.
“If you want you to leave, just leave? Didn’t you see you as obedient just now?!” The boss behind the scene continued to drink sullenly.

“What are you talking about? There is a plane flying to Huaxia over Karen li?” Alice was stunned, what does this mean.
She wanted to.
He froze and put down his mobile phone, sighing, “You are back in China? Why didn’t you just come to see me? Alas… I don’t want to see me, or… safe journey.”
“Mom, what are you talking about?” Emily, who was pale, woke up.
The tongue was bitten, and Emily didn’t speak clearly.
“It’s nothing…” Alice continued to take good care of her daughter.
“Mom, where is Chuck?” Emily already knew that it was Chuck who came over to save her and Alice.
“He, back to China.”
“What? What did he do back to China?” Emily got up from the bed excitedly.
Chuck rescued her again this time, and she was grateful.
“Probably, there is nothing in this place that he is nostalgic for, or, if he goes to work in China, something is possible…”
“Mom, shall I go to China too?” Emily asked carefully.
“You? When you’re done, let’s talk,” Alice sighed silently.
This sentence exposed his daughter’s thoughts on Chuck…
What should I do?
Alice was in pain.

“Homeowner, Chuck is back in China!!”
Youjia, You Shiwen got the news.
“Got it, keep staring at him!”
“Do you want to run right? You shot me with guilty conscience? I won’t let you do what you want!” You Shiwen stood up and strode out, her beautiful face was indifferent! !

“Miss, Chuck is back to China,” the man said cautiously.
The lazy Wan Ziwen opened his eyes, “Oh, normal, Chuck’s mind is always in China,”
“Then are you going to China?”
“What kind of place do I go? I won’t go.” Wan Ziwen denied without hesitation.
However, a second later, she was stunned, “Go to China? Do not greet me, I really have you, I will not go… I… go, prepare for the plane, I will go to China too…”
The man was shocked! !
Wan Ziwen said to herself, what are you struggling with?
“Not yet?”

The people of Youtianle rested in a place, which was very ordinary, but suddenly, Youtianle saw a beautiful woman.
With a tall perfect body, beautiful face, Chinese people, yes, this is Ouyang Fei who traces the black rose to this side! !
You Tianle needs to vent his anger, he decided to talk to Ouyang Fei.
“Far away from me!!” Ouyang Fei said indifferently.
“Oh beauty, we can talk about it, my surname is surnamed!” You Tianle said straightly.
Ouyang Fei’s indifferent gaze, straight shot, “Your surname You?”
Yes, she was inadvertently heard of the hidden family while performing her task, and one of them was the surname…

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