My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 765

Catching the look of Ouyang Fei, You Tianle smiled smugly, “Yes, now have time to chat with me?”
“Yes.”[Read Novels at]
Ouyang Fei shrugged.
To the room.
You Tianle looked at Ouyang Fei’s perfect figure. The Chinese woman, besides Logan, actually had such a top quality! !
Too rare.
“Tell me, are you from a secret family?” Ouyang Fei asked.
“Oh, do you still know the hidden family?” You Tianle had such a surprise.
But he discovered and felt that this Chinese woman, capable of such a body, will definitely have overworked physical training.
This is also a fighting master! !
“Of course, otherwise why would I come in with you?” Ouyang Fei, a woman like this, now she doesn’t care about people who haven’t told her.
“I like your direct woman, what are you doing?” You Tianle smiled, satisfied with Ouyang Fei.
“Oh, the killer organization?”
“Yes, our boss, do you know?”
“I know, it’s pretty, it’s not bad.” You Tianle approached step by step. How could he not know the boss behind the scene?
He had some ideas before, but unfortunately he forgot later.
“Do you want me to be your boss and let you be the boss of the killer organization? I’m happy to do this for you.” You Tianle laughed.
He now has this strength! ?
The answer is of course no.
He pretended to be so obtrusive in order to soak up Ouyang Fei!
You haven’t used the card for Youjia.
He can’t use everything in the house.
After using it, the result is that You Shiwen discovered the trail!
Fortunately, he has left too much money while playing around the world for so many years.
The amount of money is not something ordinary people can imagine, enough for him to make a comeback.
This is the reason why he is in this situation, and can still feel Ouyang Fei.
“I don’t need you for this, I have my own way.” Ouyang Fei shook her head and held the handle of the behind-the-scenes boss in her hand. She kept hiding it useless.
“Oh.” You Tianle pinched Ouyang Fei’s chin.
Ouyang Fei did not refuse.
“So what can I do for you?”
“You are just a tourist, and I want your traveling ability to help me one thing,” Ouyang Fei said.
She now has a vision. You Tianle, the kind of noble temperament, which can’t deceive people, is definitely the descendant of the You family.
This is enough.
“Oh, what’s the matter?” You Tianle smiled, so easy to succeed, his name still has a great effect! !
He approached, Ouyang Fei wood did not refuse.
Ouyang Fei stared at the ceiling. She sat up and dressed. You Tianle was glowing red. “Are you in such a hurry to go?”
“Yes,” Ouyang Fei didn’t hesitate and put on his clothes and said, “I want you to use your wandering forces to help me deal with someone!”
“Beauty, who are you going to deal with?”
You Tianle was stunned, “You also have to deal with Chuck?”
“What do you mean? You have a grudge against Chuck?” Ouyang Fei did not expect.
“Yes, the hatred is great!”
“Oh, that’s together,” Ouyang Fei expressionless, why did You Tianle let her go?
Pulling her down again.
“When you have to deal with Chuck, tell me that I want to see it.” Ouyang Fei feels that it will be of great help to him later.
But, she has been overturned in the gutter for so long.
Ouyang Fei did not know that his relationship with his body was changed. In fact, this relationship is useless, because You Tianle has been expelled from the home, he is a dog for the family! !
“Of course no problem, but I am going to Huaxia now, are you going?”
Ouyang Fei chased Black Rose, but she was dumped by Black Rose. She was very annoyed that she couldn’t find Black Rose anymore. She was going to the boss behind the scenes.
However, You Tianle suddenly said that she also had the idea of returning to China.
It’s been a long time now that the transformed one is not the school flower Ouyang Fei who can be bullied by men!
You can go back.
“Okay, no problem. I’ll handle things well and I will go to Huaxia! After all, I am also a Huaxia!… You, are there any end?” Ouyang Fei was extremely angry.
You Tianle laughed.
Ouyang Fei’s superb figure fascinated him…

Town square!
Yolanda checked today’s work and inspected the square. Over the past six months, the operation of the square has already started.
Chuck’s vision was not wrong at all!
The flow of people in this place has been particularly hot after half a year of management by Yolanda.
No matter it is daytime, there are many people on holidays, the square has completely entered the profit mode, even, a few days ago, Yolanda has built a movie theater on the top floor, which was completed a few days ago, it is particularly luxurious, young people will like, This can drive more people.
The cinema is waiting to open!
If Chuck comes back, he should be satisfied!
Yolanda looked forward to this.
“Yolanda…” At this time, Lara ran over.
Asked almost once a day, Yolanda is also speechless. When will Chuck come back? Is it almost half a year? ?
Doesn’t Chuck come back in the United States?
How does this work?
Yolanda is going to the construction site. The land that Chuck bought before has already started construction.
She is going to see. In addition, after asking Chuck, she took over a nightclub, and the business is also hot.
She is also very busy and needs to be managed.
“When will Chuck come back, for a long time,” Lara dared not call Chuck.
After playing, Chuck certainly won’t take it!
“I don’t know, it shouldn’t be that fast,” Yolanda said this every time, Chuck didn’t call, she didn’t ask, how did she know?
“Alas,” Lara sighed in loss.
“What do you say about Chuck’s life in the United States?” Lara was dreaming about it.
She wanted to find Chuck in the past, but where did she go? The country is so big.
“How do I know? Lara, your business is so good, please invite more people,” Yolanda went downstairs.
Lara followed him down.
Yes, the increase in traffic in the square has made Lara’s tea shop business super good.
She has already opened a branch, and she is about to buy a car recently.
It was Chuck who gave her this opportunity at that time. Lara thanked Chuck in her heart.
Besides, after Logan’s introduction, she had already started to take the show. Although it was the kind of brainless female character, Lara is happy because there are still fans.
Many people in the school have seen the movies she played.
“Got it, then I’m busy. Chuck comes back and must tell me!” Lara went to his shop and was busy.
Yolanda is speechless, tell you what to do?
Unconsciously, Yolanda actually wanted Chuck a bit, after all, I haven’t seen it for a long time…

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